Monday, December 31, 2007

What is the correct price for oil?

Our DPM said that if the petrol price is decreased, it would bankrupt our country. He further said that should the petronas profits at 70 to 80 billion('000 millions) be diverted to subsidise oil, there would be no money left for road building, etc. et al, among other things...

After reading the statement from thestaronline, the only thing that i felt was that i am damn pissed off.

Not because of him wanting to make some political statement or something, it was the standard of things that is said to his audience.( that would make you and me his audience)

A hypotethical scenario to illustrate my point:-

Say there was a serial killer running away from the scene of a crime carrying a bloody knife and bumped in to you and your friends. Instead of turning the around and run away, the serial killer look at you and your friends and say "this is not blood on my knife. I have just use it to cut tomato. It is actually tomato sauce on my knife."

What would you do in the above scenario? Run away? Running away is the smart thing to do probably. But not me. No way in hell.... I am going to beat that serial killer to a pulp. And i am not the heroic kind and neither am i too concern that i am being lied to....

The simple reason being that the serial killer THINKS THAT I AM STUPID ENOUGH to believe that tomato sauce comes out from tomato by cutting the tomato.

OK...Coming back to the DPM statement about 70 to 80 billion to finance the oil subsidy, can anyone remember our PM said that by increasing petrol price by 30 sen, the govt could save 4 billion?

Using what our PM says, 30 sen for 4 billion, at current price of RM 1.92 p/litre of petrol, if the price were to be subsidised to RM 1.02 p/litre, petronas would have to absorb just 12 billion. Thats a lot of money but it is nowhere near fucking 70 billion.

Actually from what i understand from oil economics, the higher the crude oil price, the more able petronas can subsidise. No, really. No bullshit. A typical oil price...

40% crude oil
40% conversion of crude to oil
20% govt tax

A rough estimate : say crude is 3 times more costly than it was a couple of years ago, when it was RM 1.10 p/lt. Probably crude was 50 sens and the remainder 60 sens is the conversion cost plus tax. Hence we could say that crude is now RM1.50 and that conversion cost plus tax maybe 70 sen which makes a grand total of RM 2.20 p/lt. Which is probably close enough to the billboard we see everywhere.

Then comes Petronas profit. Petronas as we all know is taking the crude in Malaysia by just paying 5% royalty. Hence a 95% profit on crude minus extraction cost which should be roughly constant throughout the years. By doing simple calculations, we could safely say that the higher the crude price, the higher Petronas profit is. And most importantly the proportionate increase in profit of Petronas is higher than the price of oil paid for in petrol stations.


Monday, December 17, 2007

Why you must vote against Barisan Nasional

The problem is that those that already know why they must vote against Barisan Nasional has internet connection.

Those that are not reached by electronic media has to rely on local bogus media to read about the one sided political climate in the country.

Lets not even compare countries.

We have a ruling government that is so fucking arrogant about their leadership that they refuse to listen and accept changes. Having not lost election for the past 50 years has further boosted their arrogance.

We know from history that Barisan Nasional is a sore loser. May 13. Self explanation.

Any form of change/criticism from the component party even though right is not acceptable. Change/criticism from rakyat to opposition will forever be considered creating a racial tension.

Component parties members that do not agree with the Dollah's ideas/policies are advised to resign from their party or sack or suspended.

Rakyat and opposition parties will be prosecuted with any damn thing under the sky and strangely the court decision always side with Barisan Nasional.

Rakyat and opposition can be charged with various ridiculous charges with vague arguments and evidence and most times illogical reasons that once again the courts will side with the Barisan Nasional.

Its like working a project in your company, but you somehow did not manage to complete it. So your reason to your boss is that you did not have enough time to do it. And your boss say it is ok.

It is not OK, how can a fucking judge take an answer without a reason. It is full of shit.

The reason why you should vote against Barisan Nasional is simply yo reduce their majority in parliament, you can be assure that no where in hell Barisan Nasional is ever going to lose in the elections. Your uncles and aunts with 6 bungalows and millions in banks and investment will make sure that Barisan Nasional will be winning election for the next 100 years.

I dont know about you but I cant take the fact that my Government treat me like a child, by lying and telling me tall tales all the time and every solution seems to be either May 13 or ISA.
Even a child ask why to all your answer.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Save Malaysia from further embarassment

A couple of days ago...or was it yesterday, our DPM remarked that US should look at their Guatanamo Bay first before criticising BN govt use of ISA. To me, after reading the rebuke by the DPM to US, i got this uneasy feeling that it was a big mistake. I would have prefered the DPM to give the US the middle finger or even show them the keris rather than tell them to look at Guatanamo Bay first among other things and for the US not becoming like the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.

What now after DPM made this rebuke? What concessions will we have to make? What price are we going to pay for the international community to overlook BN's indiscretion?

For one Malaysia would lose its voice regarding world matters. Malaysia would risk being called a hypocrite or be embarrased by being hit back with our own statement * look at your ISA first before you comment on our xxxxxx. * if Malaysia were to make a stand against some other country's unjust policy.
For example :
IF Israel were to detain some palestinians without trial, WHEN Malaysia were to give a protest statement, Israel MAY reply that Malaysia should look at ISA first instead of Palestine.

OR risk being labeled a hypocrite if they were to urge Myanmar to free Aung San Suu Kyi.

On our domestic side, would the govt give immunity to criminal who detain people illegally such as kidnappers? Would the kidnappers argue that the govt should look at ISA first before prosecuting them?

I would like to think that the above would not happen but political precedents seems to support the above scenario.

Now let us remember Zakaria's Palace. I remember that in order for BN to save Zakaria's Palace, they have to forego prosecuting hundreds of thousands(as stated by Toyo) of similiar and thus, illegal buildings.

Who would have guessed a simple reactionary rebuke would have such embarasing concequences? But by blogging the problem, i would also offer a solution...

Here's my two cents worth on how to avoid further embarassments....

The DPM should go and sit down with his counterpart from US, Israel, UK and Myanmar and get them to agree not to mention ISA. Then the DPM would agree to not to mention Guatanamo Bay, Palestine, Diana, Aung San Syu Kyi.

THEN, if the US were to whack Iran or Israel were to whack Syria or UK were to discriminate against muslim or Myanmar were to kill journalists, Malaysia could still make some noise and PRETEND to be righteous.

Of course you all may also agree to have a clause for mutual support if, say, when one of you make a statement while giving a left eye wink to the camera or, say, having a keyword like "security". Meaning like when say, Israel were to whack Syria, the statement by Israel if it contains the key word "security" then you may not voice your objections. But if the keyword was not in the statement, then you may wave the keris. In this way, you would look good most of the time( unfortunately not all the time) and you would not invite an embargo by pissing at the superpowers, all in all, basically a win win situation.

On second thought scrap the idea of the eye wink. You may not have a problem but your boss with his habitual beauty sleep problem may give your friends all the wrong impressions.

For the sake of clarity, or if you do not understand the above, i will give you the following example :

Say, if GW Bush were to say in a statement that Osama bombed WTC, your reaction should be, if the keyword was "Osama", you should jump out and say that you agree with him 100%.

But if GW Bush says in the statement like Operation endurin freedom to catch terrorist, you may pretend to, if the keyword was "Osama"(and no mention of Osama anywhere in the statement), kick up a fuss on them waging a war on another country for no reason etc. etc.

Fuck BN again

Did you hear that right ?

Guantanamo Bay ?

And its was from Najib ! If it was from Si Dollah, then it is fine lah, since Dollah cant differentiate from Guantanamo Bay or The Gulag per say.

This is from Najib the defence minister.

ISA equivalent with Guantanamo Bay ?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Not so great dictatorial minds think alike?

The government came into power promising a "new order". Then the government proceded to rob the country blind while declaring that his predecessor left him an empty treasury. After these deeds were found out, the government promptly announce a state of emergency and detained arbitrarily any dissident in the name of national security. And then by interfering in the country's judiciary and other branch of government, including amending the constitution to extend the retirement age of a certain friendly office bearer to the ruling party, the government manage to solidify its cleptocratic hold on to the country. The country mass media was also tightly controlled by the government to prevent people to know the truth. But eventually the people found out.... then there was mass demonstrations which forced the ruling elites to flee the country.

Yes you read that correctly. The ruling elites were exiled. Of course if you have ommited reading the last sentence, you might have thought i was referring to the BN government. But i wasnt referring to them although there are striking similiarities.

I was actually referring to Ferdinand Marcos's Philipines in the 1970s.

Now for all the things Malaysia have achieved, with all the resources, with the biggest government(minister to population ratio wise), all they can do is to plagiarise a thirty year old political manouver from the Philipines? But luckily they copy from Philipines and not from Indonesia or else we would have gotten an earful like when we copy their songs and dances.

While on the matter of foreign influence, do you know that our national service was copied bulat bulat from another country? Many would think that we copied Singapore, but the fact is, we copied this from none other than Israel. Of all countries.

Then there is RELA, the personal army of BN which was influenced by Nazi Germany's Gestapo.

Lastly the FRU. Now these guys are really tough. Needless to say they were definately inspired by Spartans(as seen on 300). They form a human shield and there is absolutely no way that anyone could get past them. And when they advance, they leave a bloody trail in their wake. They are so badass that you half expect them to shout " this is Malaysia" before they start whacking people. Unfortunately, they recently suffered some reputation hit when an injured dude wearing an arm sling got past them on the occasion of an american chick visiting Malaysia. Also an unconfirmed report of FRU almost losing someone when they crackdown on some temple devotees in Batu Caves.

I would like to mention that this list is of course, non exhaustive but as it is, it is already too long a post.

Friday, December 14, 2007

How to fuck BN

Very simple.

First google for BN image

Save the image

Then you open the image in paint

Then you spray paint the word FUCK on the image

Then you save it

Then you post it on your blog

A few days later, you will be visiting some Indian friends in Kamunting

Vote for anything under the sky other than BN.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Vote against BN

The kerajaan BN cannot be wrong.

Any accusation of wrong doing will be label as questioning the almighty kerajaan BN

The kerajaan BN cannot be criticize.

Any form of criticism will be consider a threat to national security.

The kerajaan BN cannot be challenge.

Any form of challenge is illegal and must be silence off by any means necessary.

Ducky would like to cast a no confidence vote on the kerajaan BN.

How can I do that.

Can I tear up my ballot paper.

Simpler yet why not just boycott the coming election.

Or is it not wise to do as old people say BN sure kalah teruk one.

Say no to BN and vote for anything under the sky other than BN.

Old man say

Old man at the mamak stall say that this election BN sure kalah teruk one.

Old man at the mamak stall say that after BN kalah teruk sure kecoh one.

Old man at the mamak stall say better buy food and store now.

Old man at the mamak stall say yesterday he receive sms ask him go Kampung Baru this Saturday with his parang.

Ducky say go for an oversea holiday during the coming election.