Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Now move aside enlighten, have you heard of best-lock pulak?

(Best-Lock pirate ships, 500 pieces at RM70)

In my quest to seek for more enlighten products, i found another lego like brand.

This one is called Best-Lock Construction sets.

The different is this is not a fake lego, in a way. Unlike those fake chinese lego, Best-Lock bricks are not the same size with legos even though it is mentioned as compatible in their boxes.

The price ? Got my self a 500 pieces pirate ship for RM70, though i was hoping for RM60.

The shop that I got it from, only had 2 pirate ship models, the rest are military sets, which i'm not interested.

as i was seeking out lego models, the previous ship that i got apparently is the exact replica of the original lego, size and colour ! see for yourself. So the ugly colours originated from lego !

Friday, March 09, 2007

Have you heard of enlighten ?

Recently i was at this shop and i saw this lego like bricks. As far as i knew, only lego had bricks like that, the other kinds of bricks were slightly different in sizes and variation.

So i picked it up, and wtf, a 310 pieces set of a red coat ship cost Rm37.50 ! So i bought it lah of course. Went home and expect some hard to understand china converted instructions, and to my surprise, the instructions was standard lego.

Other than the fact that the ship colors is rather colourful, red, blue, white, yellow ! there is also mast and sails !

So decided to google the name of that products enlighten, and true enough, it is a fake lego product. the pieces are not that perfect fitting but it fits, other than that the pieces looks identical to that of lego. and it has been around for a couple of years now.

The same time i found quite a number of forums expressingly unhappiness that such fake products are being allow to be sold across the globe. Most demanded that these fake lego be incernerated.

Personally i think this ppl only feel this way is because they are from the US or develop europeans countries where their currency exchange are much stronger than let say us. how can you compare when a set of lego cost like USD40 for them but cost RM150 for us. And that is like alot of money to most people.

Yes i agree that china is now the world no. 1 faker of goods, but to a certain extent it has brought some good to it. without china, poorer families will not be able to afford toys that was once only for the rich kids. i believe its a balance.

So now, i'm on the hunt to search for this enlighten sets, i wont mentioned where i bought it from, for fear of some sob and mofo that decides to crush them up with a bull-dozer.
edited, pictures of course!
i think this is @ Rm40.00
i think this is @ Rm50.00
i got this for Rm5.00

Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Fucking

Since today is Friday, and you know what ducky writes on Friday, ducky decides that since most people would already have more or less the same opinion on some topics, why not just link the topics to bloggers that already have wrote them, thus saving the readers time from reading the same old thing again and again. Only difference is ducky would add some Friday fucking power on it.

Links are to The Malaysian

1. Minister Nazri rules out inquiry on aca
Which ducky has said many many times before, if it is against them, then by all means an independent inquiry is STUPID ! If it is against us, an independent inquiry is justifiable, as the Ministries would not want any personal conflict.

2. Autopsy reveals NS trainee dies of drowning
Again another NS trainee dies, i did catch a night news on NTV7 last night, where Lee Lam Thye was crying like a fucking baby, saying something like "i also suffered...?" or i could be mistaken as there was no repeat in the TV3 midnight news.
Is the question of how many NS need to die before actual action is taken or is it before some VIP child dies and action need to be taken. But are VIP children attending NS ? I believe some Ministries said something like they cannot reveal the names as it is for their security ! That is like if i tell you that i have RM1,000,000.00 in my bank account but i cannot show you my bank statement as you might want to rob me !
Drown in toilet ! How do you drown in toilet ? long bath ? I thought this was a camp. And since the trainee did not reveal full details of her health state no one knew. So in short it was the trainee fault, no fault of the NS. Tell that to the parents.
Say this, "Anak awak mati sebab dia tidak memberitahu sesiapa yang dia mempunyai penyakit sawan, ketika dia sedang mandi dia di serang penyakit sawan lalu mati akibat di tenggelami air"

Parents stop sending your kids to NS, they might die. Until the NS can give somewhat a higher safety aspect, NS training must be suspended.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Holidays always mean free time, free time always means watching all the movies i had downloaded from axxo and had not the time to watch it yet. In total i had downloaded like 6 movies in a dvd multiply by 30 dvds = 180+- movies.

Flyboys was rather good, imagine WW1, real dogfights, not real dogs fighting, WW1 planes, german vs british/french.

Unlike modern dogfights, with weapons lock on and homing missiles, those WW1 dogfights were real to the last bullet, no locking on to targets, just manual aim and fire, imagine using manual aim for Carl in GTA ! That was how tough it was. They would have this round aimer thing which they tried to aim at the enemy's plane and bam ! bam ! bam ! miss or hit depends on your accuracy and aircraft maneuvering skills.

Summary - bunch of americans went to france to join the Lafayette Escadrille . Some died and some became heroes. Inspired by true story. Soundtrack is by Trevor Rabin (National Treasure), so you know is good. Included in one of the pilot is David Ellison, son of Oracle Larry Ellison.