Friday, April 28, 2006

my american idol 6 prediction so far

i dont really like to brag abt it, but my prediction so far, seems to be correct. lets see so far i have 3 other post on AI, what-does-american-idol-have-to-do, what-i-tell-you-see-what-i-tell-you & american-idol-final-6 .

as you know by now, AI is like our MI has nothing to do with the ability to sing. it's the package that counts. and so far chris and katherine has the perfect package. chris is a natural rocker, and kat is just plain hot. by themself without the singing, they already have fans out there creating fan site after fan site devoting to their idols. cause at the end of any contract deal, is whether the artist is popular enough to increase sales, dollars and cents.

how about elliot, paris and taylor ?

elliot is weird, paris is way too young ad my idol taylor somehow dont just have the image, imagine they would need to dye his hair, lose some weight, change the way he dresses, its like his entire image. it would be too troublesome.

if they actually wanted someone who really can sing, then the clear winner was mandisa. she was even better than taylor. she somehow potray an aretha franklin, anita baker & tina turner combine, strong and powerful.

* arguments you might conclude.

1. kellie is as hot as kat.
yes, but she has been voted out. so that means american thinks kat is hotter than kellie, when kat has been in the bottom 3 more than kellie. so that part itself is evidence that the ability to sing well is not important.

2. taylor hicks has not been in the bottom 3 before compared to kat & chris.
yes that is true, but neither has kellie and other than taylor, mandisa was the best singer and she got eliminated as well. what didnt work for mandisa and kellie, wont work for taylor as well.

well enough said, lets wait for next week result.

genting city of sin & sex

i havent been to genting for some time now. last weekend we took a trip there.

1st time i actually drove all the way there, and i was worried my tin can wont make it. along the way there were a handful of tin can casualty, so i wasnt at ease. the funny thing about driving up to genting especially after the skyway section, it get steeper and narrower. it felt like monaco. and there was this particular sharp up hill turn, which reminded me of the loews in monte carlo, 1st gear turn at a slope that looks somewhat 45 degree. fun !

it sure must have been sometime since i was up there. genting now looks more like a cross between a miniature sunway lagoon and berjaya times square. rode some lousy rides in the indoor team park, as i have 2 kids with me. the only ride i actually enjoy was the flying coaster. you are strap onto this metal cage, and you all stretch flat on your belly, as you coast around like a roller coaster but lying flat down. the best part is when they rotate the cage 360 degrees 2-3 times before taking a curve. felt like in a fighter jet doing spins. the only set back was the speed. it was cruising. it should have been faster, then we can feel the Ggggggggggg force kicking in. and to make it more interesting, there shoud have been joystick for you to aim and shoot.

but you know and i know, that all this theme parks are just window dressing, together with all that shops and eatery. window dressing to cover the ultimate aim anyone that goes up to genting for, gambling.

one thing about window dressing is that it only works with non food items. because unlike merchandise, food need to have a taste and genting should try to improve on the eatery outlet. the food taste bad and they cost a bomb. my 2 dish chap fun of curry chicken and veggie cost me rm12. my relative had fried rice, all they did was fried the rice with an egg, it cost rm12. McDonald cost a whopping 40-50% more. my advice, eat maggie mee, they are cheaper and taste much better.

even the hotel's breakfast buffet was fucking bad. the last time i came there was like a million choice to choose from but cost more. now there is like 10 choices and slighty cheaper. lets see if i can remember what they had. white porridge with see-yau !, salad bar, some kind of soup noodle, veggietarian fried noodle, sausages, nasi lemak, bread and butter/jam, cereals, roti canai & beef bacon ! the only edible thing was the salad bar and sausages. the only eggs available was hard boil eggs for the nasi lemak.

now the casino, genting actually tried to make their casino look more classy. now they have 2 side of monte carlo casino, the other side is called latte monte carlo ! here they serve coffee, tea, snadwiches, cakes, just like your starbucks ! they even having sittings for those to watch football !

since now there is no more rm1 coin, the machine dont go to the sound of coins dropping anymore, but instead stored in your genting card, just like atm machine, some machines dispense receipt ! for you to collect your winnings at the cashier.

there are even virtual gambling now, some tables dont have groupier, but instead large plasma screens of an animated groupier dispensing you animated cards. one ingenuine idea was the roulette table, instead of squeezing ppl into 1 table, they put the roullete at one end with a camera pointing to it and shown on a big screen, and ppl now sit on their individual table at their own comfort and press their touch screen monitors to make bets.

but with all this modern technology to make the place more classy and sophisicated, you cant bet the chinese factor. whenever you see table full of chinese, you can bet you can hear this. "picture, picture, picture", "blackjet, blackjet", "knn boh picture" and idea of classy and sophistication just goes down the drain.

genting now even offer "sar kee pai" or 3 cards. saw this guy on his losing streak. lost 3 times in a row with cards of 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock & 3 o'clock. then he changed rm1,000, bet rm500, lost, bet another rm500, also lost, sat there looking at the ceiling for a while, took out another rm1,000, lost both time as well. friend genting dont work or probability. it work on winning. if there is one game ppl should not play is roulette. cause there is only 1 winner, 1 winner and 20 losers.

genting city of sex.
in my younger days, this was what genting mean to me, too young for the casino, sex was all there to it. and till today, that is how i still see it.
you will see what i mean as well. you can see many young couples, the guy will be in long jeans shirt and a jacket, the chick will be in a short skirt, tube top or something small just to cover her tits or something like that. you be the genious. oh my fucking god, this is genting, malaysian coolest place, and there you are dressed up like a whore like in the middle of the sahara dessert. my imagination is going wild here, please tell me i'm wrong.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

city hall demolish century old Malaimel Sri Selva Kaliamman Temple.

there goes another milestone for our bandalaya, they seems to be in the mood of tearing up premises. latest victim, the century old Malaimel Sri Selva Kaliamman Temple.

while a much debated topic is still going on like the no kiss-kiss and hugging law, the Kuala Lumpur's city hall sent in bulldozers to flatten the sacred site. being a century old temple apparently does not hold any water at all. unless of course its a century old mosque of course.

and what are they going to erect in place of the temple ? shoping malls of course !

what i dont understand is why our local authority does not recognise a century old landmark, and further more its a temple of the hindu religion, its not some unlawful religion or sect of deviant teaching, its one of the religion that is embrace by the 3rd most majority race in the country, is city hall saying who the fuck cares ?

this one of the idiotcy of this country that i cannot understand. historical buildings that promote british colonial style will be demolish and be replace by sub-standard building of no historical value. its surprising they didnt tear down that temple when they built mid valley, its somehow still there, and very oddly place. my guess its days are numbered as well.

just look at malacca town, sooner or later all those deem "historical shoplots" will be down one day to make way for brand new shoplots. even historical town like my kampung are not spared, slowly those pre-war building will be tear down and replace by brand new shoplots and of course much to the delight of the local council, higher rates.

so thats it lah, money and cents. money and cents is more important than our historical value that can never be replaced by any damn thing that is built in replaced of it.

let me ask you a simple question, do you actually go visit a country that boast to have the biggest and tallest this and that, and they were all just built in the last 20 years or so ? no right. ppl rather go to scotland and marvel at the castles, or rome and paris, even japan for that matter. not forgetting our neighbours thailand and indonesia.

"City hall officials were not immediately available for comment."

my guess, tomorrow (saturday), city hall is going to say something in the line of they didnt know that the demolishing was done and the orders did not come from them and they will investigate the matter. and those guily will be brought to justice. what justice ? a century old building has been demolish.

the indians in the country are actually very powerful ppl and i'm not quite so sure they realised their full potential. if these indian were to react in the same manner the french postal reacted, this is what going to happen tomorrow.

1. only malay and chinese daily will be published . all the indian writers for the english daily and indian daily has gone on strike.
2. unfortunately there are no one to deliver them to, as the indian control newspaper vendors are also on strike.
3. only mamak stalls left.
4. no roads can be tar .
5. minimal trucks will be plying the road.
6. rubbish will not be collected.
7. the country will be short of lawyers and doctors.
8. will not be transmitting.
9. other happening radio station will also be effected.
10. shortage of dj in malls.
11. shortages of factory workers.
12. no rubber will be tap.
13. catholic churches closed.
14. old folks home closed.
15. brickfields closed.

* i dont see this as a discrimination, but if you do, you are not being honest with yourself.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

american idol final 6

apparently not everyone likes malcolm in the middle as much as me. hence the extreme low traffic. never mind.

i remembered correctly, i did mentioned in my 2 much much earlier post on american idol. 1 when taylor hicks manage to go to hollywood and the 2nd time when he enter the top 12. i'm not really a AI fan, but occasionally i checked in on my idol, and as far as i know, he was never in any bottom 3 and he is still going strong.

his strongest competition was originally mandisa, which i though was going to win the AI hands down, but apparently american dont like fat ppl.

ace got axe. so now thats 6 of them. 3 gals & 3 guys. so which one is it, that is going to be the AI ?

lets see, next on the list, is going to be elliot and then kellie, then paris is next, that would leave us with taylor, chris & katharine. or i could be wrong, and it could be paris in and taylor out. anyway, i do hope taylor wins, but just like mandisa, he doesnt have the package. so we are left with 2. rock star & hot babe. if you google katharine name, you might even read some ppl that want to slam-fuck her ! yes slam-fuck her ! i dont even know what slam-fuck means, until some ppl explain it to me. for those who are as ignorant as me, slam-fuck is to fuck a chick, normally a hot chick very hard until her ass bounce back to you. something like that. so that is how hot she is.

its difficult to say, as like the previous AI, bo didnt win. but can chris win. i find chris is more able to adapt himself to various kind of songs than bo. but at the end of the day, like our very MI, its whether who can sell more records, rocker or babe.

i'll go with chris, as this is to stablilize back what when wrong last year. bo was suppose to win but somehow didnt, so in order for AI to redeem itself, chris has to win. but on the wild side, paris could also win to redeem itself with mandisa. then why not taylor then ? there was nothing to redeem for taylor with. so he's neutral, which in a way makes him the most likely candidate to win.

so we'll see in a month time.

this (left) is suppose to be katharine some say at her prom,
some say its a fake, some say its not her

malcolm comes to and end

Do you know reese, dewey, francis, hal, lois, Jamie & malcolm ?
Of course you do, these are the 7 main characters of Malcolm in the middle
From 2000 to 2006, there has been 7 season altogether, and this season end will be the last episode of Malcolm.

Like most family oriented sitcom, its life span depends solely on its children un-ability to grow up, such like once ago child actor gary coleman. Hahaha.

I think Malcolm has already hit a snag from season 6 onwards, Malcolm its not like 12 anymore, when Malcolm start to talk to the camera, he seems a little odd, imagine you’re 16++ years old and you still talk to your self. reese is pretty grown up now and his bullying tactics seems a little childish. and dewey its not that adorable anymore he is even smoking now.

Even malcolm’s friend stevie, that black asmathic cripple boy, is still talking at 1km/h is not amusing anymore. The only ppl worth watching is dad, hal and mom lois. Which stills bring out the original flavour.

Overall, Malcolm was very entertaining all this years until the kids grew out of their characters. The script was well written and very original most of the time, especially in the 1st 2 season. Like all good thing comes to and end, like cheers to friends and now to Malcolm.

We salute you.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

scenic bridge or is it ego bridge

it is very strange that every once in a while, whenever the national sovereignty is deem to be at risk, ppl tend to get patriotic. and they seems to be blinded by ego and false representatives other than logical sense and responsibilites. dont you think so ?

i mean this not a quarrel with your neighbour or colleagues or friends, where you can show your animal instint behaviour around, just like king kong, beating your chest and proclaiming you are king of the jungle. this is a nation to another nation. our action and reactions are being watch and monitored by ppl all over the world. and what do we have to show for it ?

our big fat ego and a bridge to nowhere just to show our neighbour who's boss.

i cant imagine how the world is looking at us right now. or should i say laughing at us right now. soon enough, the next time when you leave the country, ppl wont recognise you as that country with the highest tower anymore but instead of that farking country that built a bridge to nowhere.

the only imagination of how the bridge would look like is that of a middle finger pointing towards the island.

tell you what, draw a dot and then draw another dot some 5cm away, then connect both dots, what you have is a line. now draw the same two dots again but this time dont connect the dots, just draw a line halfway there and stop. what do you get ? a line and a dot. what is a line and a dot ? i dun know, i failed my add maths. you tell me. logically it can be a work of art or just something incomplete. i rather go with something incomplete. thats what our bridge represent. our gamen is always A OK with incomplete work. and furthermore, you get paid for doing incomplete work. its part and puzzle of our 9th malaysian plan. you didnt know that ? you didnt read the fine print ? where is the fine print ? its on the pm ass of course !

school bullies beat other student up just to show who is boss in the school.
road bullies abuse other civic drivers just to show who is the king of the road
old tun insisting of building the scenic bridge just to show who is the actual boss in malaysia.

school bullies, road bullies & old tun, do you see any difference there ?

(ducky 1+1=3, ducky's own highly wild but sometimes true observation)

the jalur gemilang bridge

my, my, all of a sudden, we have missilles flying from every single directions. left, right, top & bottom. we have the former pm, the current pm, the dpm, the foreign minister, ppl on the street, ppl not on the street. ppl that dont know anything, ppl that know something, ppl that wrote 14 volumes on it with 1,500 pages. come to think of it, i think lord of the rings have abt 1,500 pages. emm nope, my paperback version says 1137, wait plus the silmarllion 443 odd pages, the hobbit was only like 285 pages.

wait a minute, something seems to be wrong here. why all of a sudden the scenic bridge is soooo important. even the national sovereignty is dragged in. i guess its not about the ciq, nor the economy of johor, nor the air space, nor the sand, nor the demolition of the old causeway, it seems to be something more personal.

1st time old tun man seems to get very agitated and pissed, just because his project didnt get on the way, why is he so kay-poh ? what is it for him ? money ? promises ? show of power ? lets do a quick summary of our old tun here.

1. the national tin can, his 1st pet project, seems to be going down the drain with afta creeping in more and more. i guess in another 10 years, parliament will be deciding whether to keep it or scrap it.

2. msc. seems more like a 1/2 utilised white elephant to me.

3. twin tower ? i think that belong to that aneh.

4. putrajaya. thats like a force to succeed project.

5. sepang international airport. we lack the volume. malaysian prefer to drive as linkage of public transport from door to door does not exist.

6. sepang F1 circuit. this i dun know.

7. my guess the list goes on and on.

but what is with that bridge, that the old tun seems to be on defcon 3 and his former political secretary is already on defcon 2. maybe the old tun is worried that the old causeway, which by the way is as old as he is, might collapse, or maybe the increasing volume of traffic and cars, in which the causeway cannot support anymore.

if this was simcity, i would have built a carriage train to transfer passenger to and fro from singapore and vice-versa, this would definitely ease congestion. actually, i think city planners should play simcity and ceasar type of games, to give them a grasp of simulation city building.

sorry, got carried away, the bridge, why is it so important, ducky guess its a legacy. with points 1-7 mentioned above, my guess is that he wants to have something ppl can remember him by everyday. cause like 60,000 vehicles ply through that causeway every single day. the bridge could even be named jambatan tun mahathir or more glamour name could be jambatan jalur perdana (jalur for jalur gemilang and of course perdana for PM).

(ducky 1+1=3, ducky's own highly wild but sometimes true observation)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

no where bridge - nowhere man

remember that song by the beatles, nowhere man ? sounds a bit like our no where bridge right ?
lets change here and there and then we can all sing along.

There's a real nowhere Bridge,
Sitting on a Boleh Land,
Making all the nowhere plans
for nobody.
Doesn't have a point of view,
Knows not where he's going to,
Isn't he a bit like you and me?
Boleh Land, please listen,
You don't know what you're missing,
Boleh Land, the world is laughing at you.
He's as blind as he can be,
Just sees what he wants to see,
Boleh Land can you see me at all?
Boleh Land, don't worry,
Take your time, don't hurry,
Leave it all till somebody elselends you a hand.
Doesn't have a point of view,
Knows not where he's going to,
Isn't he a bit like you and me?
Boleh Land, please listen,
You don't know what you're missing,
Boleh Land, the world is laughing at you.
There's a real Nowhere Bridge,
Sitting on a Boleh Land,
Making all the nowhere plans for nobody.
Making all the nowhere plans for nobody.
Making all the nowhere plans for nobody.

Monday, April 17, 2006

top gun is a gay movie ?

i read this sometime ago, when i was searching for quentin tarantino. then i thought danny trejo was quentin, cause i didnt know how he look like, and when i see the end credits, i always see trejo name there.

anyway you can read the full thing here

...It is a story about a man's struggle with his own homosexuality. It is! That is what Top Gun is about, man.
You've got Maverick, all right? He's on the edge, man. He's right on the fucking line, all right? And you've got Iceman, and all his crew. They're gay, they represent the gay man, all right? And they're saying, go, go the gay way, go the gay way. He could go both ways.
....All right, but the REAL ending of the movie is when they fight the MIGs at the end, all right? Because he has passed over into the gay way. They are this gay fighting fucking force, all right? And they're beating the Russians, the gays are beating the Russians. And it's over, and they fucking land, and Iceman's been trying to get Maverick the entire time, and finally, he's got him, all right? And what is the last fucking line that they have together? They're all hugging and kissing and happy with each other, and Ice comes up to Maverick, and he says, "Man, you can ride my tail, anytime!" And what does Maverick say? "You can ride mine!" Swordfight! Swordfight! Fuckin' A, man!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

lose oledi tarak puas hati

everybody talking about it, crooked bridge, scenic bridge, sand, air space. rm0.03 water, sovereignty, international law, mahathir, custom complex, etc.

now you are going to hear more of it.

but a very short one.

after scrapping the bridge idea, the gamen realised that the world look at it as such that singapore called off the malaysian gamen bluff, and the malaysian gamen look stupid. so in order to save the gamen pride, all this after bridge scrapping bull shit arose.

1. we did not lose - najib
2. bridge beneficial to both - najib
3. international court on our side - syed hamid
4. act of war - mahathir

sound familiar ? of course. like hokkien ppl say " soo liao boh kum buan " or canton " shi chor emm kum yin" and " ai bin" or "oi min". typical.

just like how we would say it when we are lying down on the ground bleeding " luckily the policeman came, or else just know i no shadow kick you oledi"

that is how the big boys say it, both political and economical. either way it is the same. "sei oi min" how many more "sei oi min" project have the gamen done ? countless.

and lastly, Gerbang Perdana is going to be compensated rm100 million. what for ? do you think this is a boxing match, where there are no losers ? the winner get plenty money, and the loser get slighty less.

lets see.

26-09-1998 - date of incorporation

27-12-2003 - date of incorporation

27-12-2003 - date of incorporation

looky looky here, gerbang perdana ciq, build the complex but gerbang perdana didnt build the bridge. found this ciq . i dont really understand, but it seems to me, like it's a no loss project. wow! no experience needed, to do gamen project, just incorp a new company and walah, rm1 billion project.

you know what sunat my kkc, i'll be a bumi, incorp a construction company and i'll make billions. it's that simple.

rm100 million compensation ? come on read ciq , there are no loses, why should they be compensated.

let sign a petition, no compensation ! no compensation ! no compensation !

Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani ?

yoda brought to my attention that i seem to have 2 kinds of readers.

1 is the laughing kind, they wany funny ducky.

the other is the tiu the gamen type, they want ducky to fuck the gamen all the time.

thank you yoda.

to day is easter sunday. and as usual, most churches will preach on the crucifixation of jesus christ. but i just want to touch on one matter, which was the dying our of jc, when he cried out in hebrew "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani ?" or in English "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"

being, a not that great christian, i did a brief checked, and found 2 most common answer, 1 is that he was quoting psalm 22, for which the prophecy came true and 2 that at that moment he was at his most human form.

i rather like to go with the 2nd option, that he was at his most human form, and was crying out for help.

blardy hell, the pioneer dv383 dvd players dont really play windows media format files on a dvd, it only play it on a cd. strange thing was that it played on the dvd fine for 3 days, but on the 4th day, it decided not to anymore, but it still plays up to 6 movies (divx, avi, etc) on a dvd.

must be some short circuit.

happy easter.

Friday, April 14, 2006

my gi joe

i find parents nowadays are very over-protective of their kids.

if you have been to the public playground, you would notice, some parents, would practically behave like a guardian angel. standing where the kid is playing, making sure he/she never fall flat on the face or on the bum or anywhere else that matters, if some kids get a little too rough, they'll take their kid away, cause it's deem too dangerous !

some richer one, got their kakak to take care of their kids, this are even worst, as the kakak has to make sure absolutely nothing happens to the kid, thus a double over-protection.

me and the other hand, is trying to train my 1 year old son to be like a g.i. joe, the all american hero. currently it seems to be working fine. if he is going to climb up some chairs and tables at home, by all means, climb and sooner or later you'll fall. hoping that falling and hurting him somewhat would deter him, how wrong i was, as g.i. joe started scalling the tables & chairs again.

out in the playground, i just sit down to make sure my son behave himself. he climbs the stairs well enough, and slide down the slide well enough, to the amazement of some parents, that were so worried that he might hurt himself.

that's what i get most of the time from other parents, they stare at me, as if i have no idea how to take care of my kids, they gave me the stare that actually means " what kind of parent are you, letting your 1 year old, climb the stairs all alone and then slide down unsupervise", even the kakak gave me that kind of stair ! some even shook their head in disbelieve and shock.

has my kid ever fell down while playing in the playground before ? yes, plenty time, and all the time, he just pick himself up and continue to play. that's my boy. he seldom cries. only when he wants something, like "nen-nen" or he wants to bath longer, something like that, then he'll beat the floor crying, which is very amusing.

maybe, you think my kid is big in size, no he is just the average size 1 year old.

when one fine day, your kid grows up to be a little sissy boy, you can blame yourself, while i continue to play with my g.i. joe.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

daughter broke the rhythm

mr. lack of sex here, got lucky 2 nights in a row the other day.

on the first night, while ducky and the mrs were busy getting in on, and ducky was on his all time high, going for another record breaking feat, my nearly 4 years old daughter woke up, sat on the bed ! i turn around and saw her sitting on the bed. first thing i did was took the blanket and cover me and the mrs. then my mrs, slowly crawl up the bed and put her to sleep again. and that was that.

on the second day, ducky and the mrs was going at it again, but this time in the showers, there we were screwing our heads out, when daughter, once again banged on the bathroom door, shouting "nei day chow me yeh ah, kam loy keh ?" first time we heard it, we just ignored it and continuing with our floor exercise, then she persisted, "kam loy keh ?, nei day chow me yeh ah, fai tik lah ", with that we both break out in laughter and that was that.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

KL young lads & ladies got no taste when it comes to food & pioneer dv383 kick ass.

yesterday was a holiday of the holy prophet birthday, i was told. as far as i know, its just a public holiday. makes no difference to me.

as usual, we went over to our usual mall. midvalley mega mall. was there i little late, just abt 11am (normally about 10am, to get the best parking spot !) at 11am, the place was already pack ! holiday waht to do. since we have not had breakfast, we decide to eat at madam kwan. since we were rather early. and most of the time, the place is jam pack. luckily we were 1/2 hour earlier, as by 11.30am, there's a long que by the entrance already. so we ordered and eat.

one mouth full, and i looked around me. everyone seems to be enjoying their food. peep at what they were eating, looks just like mine, but why arent they complaining. complaining you say ? yes ! for rm12.00++ a bowl/plate, it dont taste much better than canteen food ! prejudice you say ? since i have a tendency to complain over overpriced hawker food at fancy restaurant. i'm not prejudice, because what i say is plain truth. i think young lads and ladies and rich young lads & ladies are just suckers for all this fancy hawker food restaurant. nice decor, nice environment, air-cond wah -lah, perfect. food dont have to taste that nice, cause it dont matter. all they want is the setup.

i just dont get nowadays youngster, it's like taste dont matter, as long as the place is happening, it's fine. no wonder all the coffee outlets are having booming business. but there is a catch. this overprice food shops only can survived in specific locations only. places where ppl go for setup over taste. so my guess is klang valley, johor, singapore and maybe penang. i'm not so sure abt penang, though. thats not much of a challange does it ?

try opening one in my kampung in taiping. my bet, it wont last 3 months. its not that kampung ppl wont pay, it's just that kampung ppl wont pay for that taste. if you want me to pay that much, then justify your food. nice decor can kiss my ass.

but there are, i think 3 food items, that kl fancy restaurant/restaurant/food stalls can never do, if you are from the northern states.

1. popiah
2. lohbak
3. who pau

if there is one, do tell me where, i'll go try it out and give my honest opinion, i swear.

actually, my main topic for today, is that i bought a new dvd player. got carried away.

anyway, i've read some great reviews and a post about it, by Willwolf’s Den, so i decide to buy one for myself. quite cheap you know. rm298.00. its a pioneer dv383. it plays divx and windows media player format. that is actually quite a lot already.

so the first thing i did was to check out whether it plays my lost season 2, which i downloaded off the internet. it did ! all 12 episode in a single dvd ! some say it wont play windows media player format in a dvd but on a cd only, but mine did. then i tested with my four seasons of malcolm, damn cannot, check back on the pc, malcolm's not in a windows media player format. it's just a .avi, so tak jadi.

next i tested the divx movie, burned 6 movie into 1 dvd, loaded it and wa-lah, it showed all 6 titles, i played 1 only, it worked. wonder will it work for the remainder 5. if it worked, it will be my greatest player of all time.

picture quality ? the picture is as crystal clear, as if you're watching a dvd title. audio wise, that would depends on the source right, whether it supports dts or not. else it will just be your basic 2 channel. got picture quality already cannot ask for surround sound right ? somemore 6 movies title in 1 dvd. uncle ho also lose lah.

what you waiting for, go get it lah, before it runs out of stock. i got mine from best denki. there is another similiar model but slighty more expensive by rm70, i think at rm368, the addition is for karaoke !

Monday, April 10, 2006

thaksin resignation big blow to malaysia gamen

ducky 1+1=3 (ducky's own highly wild but sometimes true observation)

the recent resignation by the thai pm, is actually a big blow to the gamen. you dont know leh, let me explain.

we in malaysia actually had large coverage of the whole event, either on tv or paper, we were supplied with abundant news of the protest and rallies being organise by the opposition parties. while our fuel protest was not even worth being mention even a couple of sentences, but never mind, good news is coming. what am i rambling on and on about ?

we were shown all ths coverage, because the gamen had a plan, they wanted us to see and understand that protesting against the gamen is useless and pointless, somemore it can get you arrested. thestar carried a headline of a picture of a thai man tearing his voting papers and later was arrested. but this plan backed fire. yes it did, because the protestors won with the help of the great king.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

ever been to thailand ? ppl there put up the picture of their beloved king just like you would put up a picture of pamela anderson or jay chou. it is indeed a great king indeed.

back to my theory,
so now with the winners being the opposition parties and the protestors, what is our country gamen going to say ? that protesting is not going to change anything ?

you tell me.

more klcc fuel pictures

i dont know why, but i only posted 2 pictures of my kl fuel protest event.

never mind, here are some more pictures.

these riot police, seems to be sound activated

water canon truck, up close, seem to be manned by 3-4 ppl

i dont know why, i just like to take pic of the horses

see ! there are chicks in there as well

this guy was distributing free t-shirts quietly !

the fru is actually holding a video camera

our own local bad boys

eyes in the sky

my obsession with horses

just count the number of fru trucks

and this as well

Sunday, April 09, 2006

great job bandalaya

i was very angry in the beginning. as someone said a hungry man is an angry man. but now being not that angry anymore, i realised how stupid i was being angry with the legalized ah longs.

because if my memory serve me correctly, this restaurant ppl has been fucking around with us everytime the price of petrol increases. so let me re-arrange my mind set and start saying, yes served them right for not having the appropriate approval for all their illegal extensions.

to the ppl that sold me the rm1.30 leong sui, hahahahahahahahahahahah, padam muka. to my rm3.50-rm4.00 noodles, hahahahahahahahaha pei yan tiu and to my other chap fun seller, that overcharge ppl all the time hahahahahahahahahahahahah sek chee kei lah.

no roof no stalls ! these are the bak kut teh, claypot chicken rice, yong tau foo

all the stalls sumbat inside the coffee shop, where got place to sit ?

if cannot dismantle, pecah saja lah, mass of destruction

you, see another restaurant got no roof, this one house even more stalls.

worse hit restaurant, even the tiles are not spared

thats's for overcharging ducky

even on friday itself most of the coffee shop has already commence business as usual. no stalls on the walkway, just table and chairs. one unfair part was that, there are 2 side to connaught, our side has not been spared, but the giant side all the coffee shops has been spared and they actually have more coffeeshops. i guess thats the strategy, the side with less coffeeshops will be demolish, the other side having more, seeing this will quickly pay up to the legalized ah longs. great plan hor ?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

you get fucked for kissing in public

much have been said about showing your affection in public, nowadays, somemore with the ruling by the federal court. furthermore this is old news.

i believe i saw 1 episode of some local talk show (i dont have astro), and the topic of censorship arose with the finas officer. apparently, the finas officer said something in the line of double standard. he said, for foreign films, the censors are not so tight to remove kissing scene, as foreigner are more font of kissing ! where else for a local film, kissing in public is not a manner in which the ppl are acustom to ! my, my what idiotic words again coming from our local authorities.

remember louis armstrong strong "You must remember this A kiss is still a kiss,.." that bugger even said that ppl are used to watching foreigners kiss each other, but when we see local ppl do that, we get shock !. our authorities seems to be stuck in some age old zone, where they only come out once in a blue moon to mingle with ppl.

do you get shock, when you see local ppl kissing each other ? i dont, i just wish i can do that as well. and to trust our local officer to determine whether our action is decent or not, is fucking around wth my rights. if i so blardy want to kiss my wife in public, so be it. what is that of your fucking problem. if you dont want to show your affection in public, find nobody is forcing you. everyday, when i sent my wife to the lrt station, i gave her a peck on the cheek, is that an offence too ? if that is an offence, FUCK YOU ! do anything you want, but you will feel my foot up your ass, anytime soon.

you know what we should do ? a couple of thousand of married couples (just so it is legal) gather in front of the fucking court house, and kiss our partner, just to show, what we think of your fucking rulling.

so with this new law, i guess you cant kiss your partner when the pastor say, "you can kiss your bride", how about beauty pageant contest winner, when the winner get a kiss on the cheek by the previous contest winner, how about foreigners ? they kiss each other all the time.

come on mr. authorities, wake up, are you living in the same time zone as we are ?

Friday, April 07, 2006

ducky's crazy world cup prediction

i dont really like to watch football, but once every four years, i will be losing sleep, skipping work and giving all kind of lame to sick excuses to make up for my loss sleep.

in about 2 months time, it will be here, so who is going to win, this time around ? most said home support sure win one. so the cup is as good as germany. but this is football, and the ball is round, and the strategy they use is as complicated as in formula 1. there is no longer love of the game, the beautiful game, but just winning, whether in style or not, which most of the time is not.

so ducky's knowledge of the world cup is as little as politics, but nevertheless, ducky is going to make a prediction of this year world cup winner. so here goes. by the way, you should already know which team is in which group ok ? if not click here group & standing .

first round winners
1st & 2nd of group A - germany & poland
1st & 2nd of group B - england & sweden
1st & 2nd of group C - argentina & netherlands
1st & 2nd of group D - mexico & portugal
1st & 2nd of group E - italy & czech
1st & 2nd of group F - brazil & crotia
1st & 2nd of group G - france & korea
1st & 2nd of group H - spain & ukraine

then we go to the 2nd round
germany vs sweden, argentina vs portugal,
italy vs crotia, france vs ukraine,
poland vs england, netherlands vs mexico,
czech vs brazil, korea vs spain

then we go to quarter final
germany vs portugal, crotia vs france
england vs netherlands, brazil vs spain

then we go to semi final
germany vs crotia
england vs brazil

then the final
germany vs brazil

and the winner ? i like brazil.but truth be told , i would prefer this

quarter final
germany vs argentina, crotia vs ukraine
england vs mexico, czech vs spain

semi final
argentina vs crotia
england vs czech

argentina vs czech

Thursday, April 06, 2006

hypertune hot chick 2

i still havent got over victor chen's hypertune hot chicks yet. i just have to share it with you guys, if you havent check out his site yet. i checked hypertune's site and it's only updated till 2003 only.

i'll call this oogling shots and where can like that posing one.

whenever any chick poses this close together with little cloth,
my imagination will sure go wild one.

where can pose like that one, and this one sungguh menjolok mata.

that one on top of the brabus is rose, chun gila, my fav lah.
that one on back seat of carrera, also can lah.

this 2 doing no no posing, meaning see already, kkc go wrong parking.

i think this top one and below one cheap shot lah.

this two also doing no no shots, one pull down top, one more pull down bottom

day 2 of still got no chap fun to eat

second day since the bandalaya torn down the illegal extension of the coffee shops. and i have been on a diet for the second day running.

i've taken some pictures, but unfortunately, my office computer is a age old dinosaur, and i cant download my pictures into it. specifications ?

intel celeron 500mhz, memory 64mhz (luckily manage to scrap for an old memory chip of 64mhz, so now running at 128mhz), windows 98se, 8gb hdd. try to beat that.

so what the bandalaya did was tore down the roof and supporting steel and some coffee shop even has part of their tiles/floor whack kau pecah. so its not as bad as i thought it was. i was also made to understand, that the bandalaya has already issued notices to these coffeeshops owner. but the bottom line is i dont have food to eat. whether notice was given or not is another issue.

another funny thing, was those that sold along the kaki lima, didnt kena. the malay chap fun girl, that sold along some pavement with her make make shift table, also tarak kena.

so while i was walking around taking pictures, some owners ask me wtf was i doing, so i said i was taking pictures, he ask me where i'm from ? since my canto is half past six, i said "ngo chee kei yeng song chek", the man didnt buy it, so i said "ngo seh be-lo-ger", look at me even more confuse, finally said, "nei chong yee, ti mong seh, tow ti mong seh loh"

word on the street is that is just money 101, just like yoda said. so after all this hoo-hah, the owners will have to meet the bandalaya ppl, sign some papers, then re-build ! what a waste of resources, dont you think !

connaught area is a highly chinese populated area. there is hardly any malay food stalls around. so why lah is the bandalaya picking on the connaught chinese ? i'm very tempted to play my racial card here, all i need to do is go down to kampung baru and snap a couple of hundreds of pictures, and make some comparison.

should i ? i guess not yet while the pejabat setiausaha kerajaan negeri pahang is still lurking around.

i'm a big fan of formula 1

not known to many, ducky and yoda are great fans of formula 1. while ducky was already watching it in the 80s, yoda was still in his diapers.

F1 has definitely changed in recent years. one significant changed would be the safety aspect. less ppl die nowadays.

i'm not sure when was refuelling initiated, but definitely new. tyres change has been some time now, which is one of the highlight in the pit stop, you take the tyre change out of the pitstop, there is nothing really to watch in a the pitstop other than the chicks.

even speeding in the pitlane is new, new meaning around 10 years or so, some time meaning since time zero maybe. fia started 80km/h rule after some ppl was knocked down and died in the pitlane, they didnt listen to their mother when they were young i guess, look to your left, look to your right, then cross. but an F1 is super fast, my guess is when you look at your left, the car wasnt there, but when you look at your right, the F1 car has already appeared on your left, by the time you cross, crash, bum, bang, you're dead !

and the most significant changed fro me personally, is the gear changing. now it's just push button. then it was manual shift. imagine monaco in manual gear shift. one hand constantly on the gear knob and one hand on the steeing. i believe it was ferrari that started all this push button gear changing. ferrari then wasnt a leader at all in F1, world champion in 1976 with james hunt before michael gave them their long awaited constructor championship 7 years running, willaims and mclaren ruled F1 then.

another changed i've notice, is the strategy, if you look at renault, i'm not very sure how good alonso is, but the team management strategy is very good, the two cars are playing vital roles in the circuit. its like a tag team. i feel they are winning not because they have good drivers, but they have a good winning strategy. williams and mclaren the dominant of the F1 sport until recent years still follows the rule of thumb, race and win. which of course is what makes F1 racing interesting.

current williams rookie, nico rosberg, is 1 time world champion, finnish Keke Rosberg, keke actually molded some great finnish drivers, like ice man Mika Hakkinen. nelson piquet jr in A1 racing is the son of another world champion brazillian Nelson Piquet. Damon Hill a couple of years ago is the son of legendary Graham Hill. hot headed Jacques Villeneuve is the son of canadian Gilles Villeneuve, i believe 1 part of the montreal circuit is name after him. not so great F1 driver David Brabham is the son of Jack Brabham .

and of course the greatest driver ever live is my hero ayrton senna. the who held the most pole position in the lifetime of F1 at 65 was finally equalled by schumacher. but do that percentage wise, michael has a long way to go.

while most F1 cars has changed in colours in the years as they changed sponsors, ferrari is the only car that remain the same. red and marlboro sponsored.

1995, since from time zero, mclaren has been spotting this colour

then came 2004

then now, 2006, this is the most weird coloured mclaren i've seen in my life,
it look more like a stealth then a F1 cars, maybe thats the secret.

now lets take a look at ferrari, from time zero red until now red.




2006, see no change ! maybe just the shade of red !

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

i have no chap fun to eat today because the bandalaya torn down all my food stalls

i dont know why, but every single day our authorities/local authorities must somehow, pissed us off one way or another.

today, as i walk out of my office for lunch, i notice all of the food stall/food shop are closed. why ?

because the fucking bandalaya has torn down their fucking premise which are outside of their restaurant. you know, those illegal extension. so i have no food to eat. no lunch. i'm fucking hungry, and there is only mamak to eat.

why, why must the bandalaya be so inconsiderate ? where do you want me to have lunch ? some fancy restaurant ? unlike malays, chinese like to have a variety of food to eat for lunch. we dont eat sambal everyday or ayam masak merah. if you cramp all the stalls into the restaurant, there will not be enough sitting place, if there are too little stalls, there is no variety, if there are less stalls, the restaurant owner will charge higher rental, as now there will be a shortage of available space for food stalls.

my fav uncle chap fun, was also not spared, his stall just along the lorong was also torn down. my uncle chap fun is one of my chap fun hero, for 5 years that i've been eating there, he did not increase his price, just recently, he increase rm0.20. normally, my meal is only rm3.00 for a piece of chicken, 1 veggie & and 1 egg, and not forgetting my shit char. where to get ?

might as well go on diet today.

fucking lanciao mahchouhai motherfucking cheebai pundek kannineh tiu.

chun chicks !

since i remembered, that kelab disney malaysia, had some hot chick, i decide to google her for some pictures, but first i need to get her name!

Syahreezan Johari thats her name. her picture ? a handful of her pictures seem to appear in some dude named Victor Chen . all this pic below belongs to him. so dont fark me mr. victor, cause this photos are too good not to be shared. i dont know who he is, but he sure took a lot of hot chicks pictures.

how in the world can someone so hot be a kelab disney host ?

we all like to oogle at jinjang girls or chicks that dressed up like jinjang girls, but the funny thing is, how do we clasify a chick that is hot looking and dressed to kill, is dressing up like a jinjang chick or not. lets borrow more pictures from Victor Chen and decide shall we ?

i'm more confuse now.