Friday, December 29, 2006

now i understand why BOK house got torn down

at first i was shock that the BOK house was actually torn down.

i mean it did look nice, but some mother fucker said it had no historical value just some rich man's house.

during christmas, i balik kampung in taiping, and the house where my late great grandmother was staying has been sold.

the old house was rather old as well, not sure how old, maybe 70 years ? known to many as "KOTA" house along simpang road.

the relative sold the house as it was some kind of financial burden i guess.

i guess unlike our 'ah moh' brethen, a financial burden is a financial burden. irespect whether it has any historical value or not.

so which is why i can understand why the BOK house was torn down, if our own family houses are being torn down, what do you expect of other ppl family ?

Sunday, December 24, 2006

existing streamyx customer can upgrade to festive RM77 promo !

since i was being pissed off with streamyx, giving newbies special promotion, i wrote to streamyx asking the same for existing customers, this was their reply,

Thank you for your e-mail to TM Net. Firstly, we would like to apologise for the late reply.

With regards to your query, kindly note that existing customers can upgrade/downgrade their account to Streamyx Shock Festive Promo (Basic 1.0M RM77 per month) if the current Streamyx account has reach the minimum subscription period.

Kindly visit any nearest TMpoint for further clarification and assistance on this matter.List of TMpoint can be viewed at'.

Should you require further assistance or would like to submit any enquiry/feedback, kindly visit and click "Need Help? Contact our Customer Service".We thank you for taking the time to write to us and look forward to serve you better.

Wan Nazariah
Customer Care Support,
TM Net Sdn. Bhd.

so what are you waiting for ? i'm going down there next wednesday.

happy holidays

Thursday, December 21, 2006

its time to go fuck the gamen.

as 2006 comes nearer to an end, most anti establishment bloggers have somehow mia. maybe most of them are fed-up and cant be bothered anymore. as there is nothing anyone can do, bolehland is definitely becoming a one fraternity dominant country.

the current fraternity group has become so blatantly daring, by robbing us in broad day light by giving so much kindergarden explaination that has no logic and sense put together.

under the current fraternity group rulling, price of petrol has increase, prices of utilities both electricity tariffs and water rates has also increase after given assurance that both of these items will not increase after the surge of petrol prices. plus toll has also increase during the year, next year inter klang valley tolls will also be raised. with all these increase, some idiots in this fraternity group actually has the ballzs to say that prices of food will not increase. standard price of noodles has increase from RM3.00 to RM3.50-4.00 through the year.

and after increasing all the burden of the ppl, they pay a bonus to themselve some RM600 million, and if that is not enough, billions were allocated to bail out particularly mas, star-lrt & putra-lrt. and if that is still not enough, billions were compensated to toll operators of losses suffered from inadequate toll hikes.

i'm very puzzle, mas recently has been overbooked, both star & putra are packed like sardines since traffic coordination in klang valley is hopeless, toll roads are also packed with cars trying to avoid jammed road, with all these massive profits, why why in gods name, a bail out is still necessary ?

i know why, you know why, we all know why. what are we going to do about it ?


i have ask many ppl to support demonstrations and strikes, and these are the normal responses that i get,

1. there is no difference, it cant change a thing, why bothered.
2. i dont want to get whack-kau by the FRU
3. i dont want to be arrested.

unlike demonstration in those anwar days, these demonstration are VERY PEACEFUL, as much as sometimes, demonstrators get distracted by their own agenda, it is still rather peaceful.

the only unruly demonstration that happen this year was done by our umno youth at the US embassy lead by some vip son in law, i was dissapointed the US embassy didnt shoot him ! and yet that was still called peaceful.

the reasons i ask ppl to support demonstration is because it will affirm your hatred in the gamen as i have already.

support means not standing in the front line but to observe by standing around. and to report all the happenings in the blogs to tell the world how bolehland is being run.

some ppl might say that is no differnce from not attending at all, this is what i say, first i support, then i join.

the bigger the crowd the more attention it will attract. if the crowd is more by 10 times the FRU, the FRU will definitely not be beating any peaceful demonstrators, as logic prevails.

come this 7 jan 2007, at the LDP to bear witness and to tell others.

7 jan 2007 time to strike back !

Friday, December 15, 2006

we should all terminate our streamyx account

finally it has happen to me, after reading countless letters and post of disgruntle streamyx customer, my streamyx has finally failed on me. after slightly over a year, with hardly any problem and after downloading for more than 330Gb, my streamyx P2P is currently trickling at 3Kb.

plus my previous post on whether paying over RM1,000 for downloading all sorts of shit is worth it, it all come down to this. if this 3kb continues, i will definitely cancelled my streamyx. i will of course call up the 1-300 no. and give my shit to them before terminating my service. yes i will emphasize that the only purpose i got streamyx was to download via p2p, if you cant deliver i'm not subscribing.

there is astro anyway. heroes might come, maybe later, prison break season episode 14, i'll have to wait. battlerstar galactica 3, later as well. and i'm only paying RM50 for astro compare to RM90.

and lastly, no thanks to pak lah hush hush to the daily media on the toll increase,


Thursday, December 14, 2006

more bail out

more bail out, RM11 billion all together.

funny i thought MAS made a turn around and recorded a profit for the current quarter.

both putra and lrt are pack like sardines during working hours.

why the need for bail out ?

i'm curious, i'm sure the public is curious as well, but our ignorant MP dont seem to see anything wrong with that.

strangely, the bail out is seem more important than the 40% increase in salary by the civil servant.

it sure does tell me something if i'm a civil servant, the leader of the pack must feed his ever hungry belly, than the deputies, the assistant, the followers and finally the left overs for the civil servant.

you know what, maybe streamyx will be asking for a bail out as well, once they cannot support all the ever increasing phone calls they receive daily.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

RM1,400 for streamyx per annum ?

i've just realised that for one year of streamyx subscription, i need to pay RM90+RM26 (streamyx+telephone rental) per month. which comes to abt RM1,400.

come to think of it, its quite a lot of money just to serve the net and to download some shit.

is it really worth it ?

maybe for those that got all the $$$ coming in from blogging, wont mind, but for ppl like me that just does it for fun, come on RM1,400 a year ?

i think i got to think abt this seriously.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

malaysian radio station sucks

dont you find our local radio station a little stale ?

hitz - two dudes that laugh like some sick hyena, constantly playing the yes no game. has no information to provide, other than the latest craze around. has empty conversation and its not funny anymore. it was much better when jason lo was around. but ja lo nowaday can put u to sleep in the evening slot as well.

mix - janet ambrose meets ahpek. remember janet ambrose way back in radio 4 then, it was this irritating women that goes on and on on things that dont matter and stories that no one can relate to. thats what shazmin reminds me of. and with a combination with richard, its like east meet west, it dont blend. occasionally there are some useful talks like world whatever day.

fly - i suppose its a in-between of hitz and mix. but really i think fly has past his prime. he was very entertaining then with not so entertaining lil’ kev. and phat fabes ? he sounds something a little milder than the morning crew.

so i have now taken to listen to chinese stations, not that i trully understand canton

my fm - in the morning, where they fuck the gamen in the morning, thats all i like abt them

98.8 - where 1 hilarious gay like guy host with a chick. these duo for me personally beat the crap out of hitz, mix & fly morning show combine.

but i feel like the radio stations are quite specifically aim at a specific age/race market.

my kind of radio station,

maybe one that starts the day by going through the local daily and fuck off anything that is politically wrong and followed by some kick ass songs (i realised most station dont play black ppl songs), like public enemy, dr. dre, 2 live crew (yes i know censorship). then follow by call in on how to kick more gamen ass and follow by more kick ass songs. thats a morning show. "good morning vietnam - robin william" ring any bell ? i wonder if mr. kanineh patrick teoh still host radio show i'm not aware of.

Monday, December 11, 2006

when i die, i'm taking all my organs with me, stock and barrel

recently some of those organ donors volunteers approach me and ask whether i would like to donate my organs when i die. as usual as just wave my hand and head saying i'm not interested.

but now come to think of it, i dont think i would want to give any parts away when i die.

why am i such a mother fucker ?

firstly put it this way, when i'm alive i have to pay for my own ever escalating medical bills, but when i die they want to take it away just like that, just because i dont need it ? its like when i'm alive they ask me to go fuck off, but when i die, how may i serve you sir ? but of course i'm dead then and i wont be able to reply.

secondly knowingly malaysia hospital as a all profitable hospital, with their policy of no money go fuck yourself thing, how sure am i that my organ will go to ppl that trully deserve not all those corrupted rich mother fuckers ? worst still my organs end up with some umno mofo like the nazi guy. why the fuck would i want to help those ppl that dont deserve to live but can because they have zillions of money ?

and lastly, only if they can assure me that my organs will only be donated to my family members, i'm not interested.

Friday, December 08, 2006

if we were more socially concern the 3 brothers wont be dead

funny, i cant seem to stop thinking of the 3 brothers that died last week.

it kinda stuck in my head, which made me think why nobody help them. not financially but emotionally.

why didnt anyone care enough, to look into thier plight. why didnt anybody came and see when the kids was suffocating to death ? its not a bungalow, its a freaking low cost flat, the walls are razor thin, shouting and all sorts of commotion normally attracts ppl.

i'm sure the parents has quarrel before. heated arguments no doubt. its normally loud and threats are occasionally made. why didnt anyone care ?

sometime ago, a family that live a floor down from mine, was quarelling rather loud, too loud for all concern neighbour, some of us came down and to our surprise, the father was holding a knife, while the rest of the family was huddling to one corner of the hall. the man made no attempt to hurt anyone, but he didnt look like an angel either. soon we call the guards and with the help from some elderly couples, the man drop the knife. some time after they moved out.

as much as asians are suppose to be friendly ppl, but whenever there are issues concerning family matters, most ppl shy away claiming that its non of our business as it concern family.

put it this way, if some ppl were to be more concern that day, that 3 boys would not be dead, yes the parents might hate you but the innocents are saved.

come to think of it my new neighbour seems to shout at their kids a lot, and the kids would beg the parents not to whack them, maybe i should call social wallfare. before its too late...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

there has been much talk in the neighbourhood abt that couple that killed their 3 sons.

it is difficult to understand how someone can actually kill off their own off springs. not an unborn child, not a few hours child, but a fully grown 8,10 & 12 year old kid, with a total combine of 30 years between them. in which you actually feed them and care for them once ago. now nothing.

to actually look them in the eye and to convince them that it was for the best, make them drink bleach and rat poison, then watch them suffocate and suffer before dying slowly right in front of their very eyes. taking a sword or shooting them with a pistol would be much less painful, but to actually cause slow painful death under your watchful eyes is just plain hitler.

its cruel and in-human for parents to commit such hideous crime, as you must understand that young children look up to their parents for guidance and love. and to have such parents to convince them that death is the only solution, its parenting 101 gone 100% wrong.

the only punishment these animals deserve is life sentence, hanging or shooting (i dont think we have that in malaysia) them will be too easy. lethal injection would also recommended. but a life sentence without parole would be the best, as they must now live out their eternal life knowing very well that they themself killed off their own children, not the ah long or other family members or relatives. and how do you recover from such dramatic experience, i have no fucking idea, and for the mother i wont be surprise if she kill herself.

so does this mean the parents deserve to die now ?

that is not for us to decide, if we decide that, than we are no different from them, as the parents decide to play god and murder their own children.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dressing down in kelantan

Once again, the kelantan msp are making headlines again.

And whenever they are making local headlines, you can be sure its something on making a women life more difficult in kelantan.

From separate payment counter to banning traditional dances, the kelantan govt has practically done everything to convince the world that it is the least eye popping place on earth. Its like a direct opposite if you were ever to stroll down the beach in Rio de Janeiro.

But honest to god, I don’t know what is the real issue here as most of the grumbles I hear is from here not kelantan.

Yes I am not from kelantan and I do not know the culture well there as well, but neither do you. Maybe most kelantanese actually like the idea. Less provoking outfit.

I don’t really see a big issue here. ask youself this question, would you like your daughter to dress to kill ? or your husband to ogle at scantily dressed women, well do you ?

So what if the kelantan gamen requires women to dress down, no life is lost, no sacrifice is required, actually it does more good than any harm.

human rights ? well some ppl might agree that it is that human rights not to see scantily dressed women.

Friday, December 01, 2006

why ppl still vote for BN

yes, why do ppl still vote for BN.

they never kept their promises. they lie. they squandrel all you tax payers money for their own pleasure. they go for holidays to places you can only dream off with your money. then every 4-5 fives, they come and visit you and ask for your support, and you gladly support them.

why, why do ppl still vote for something they dont believe in.

i guess it has nothing to do with believe. believe its just a fairy tale story. ppl continue to do so because they have no choice.

not everyone lives in a city like KL or penang or JB or even shah alam for that matter. they live in small township with maybe 4 streets. like kampar, bidor, tapah, gopeng, sitiawan, lumut, (sorry i hail from perak).

but look at this small town nowadays. its not small anymore. its quite large now.

then sitiawan was only famous for its kg. koh. now sitiawan has practically all the banks in malaysia. kampar, the only thing i remembered was its 3 streets and the chicken biscuit, now unitar is there. and i bet there are many more towns like that. even my home town taiping has grown rather large now, with some residential houses costing RM1 million, so i was told.

without the BN this township would never has grown.

just take salak south, i remembered they re-tarred the road some years back because of some formal function. and the ppl there said it must have been at least 50 years since they last re-tarred the road.

and another obvious reason is the may 13 incident.

personally not being there in 1969 i must say i have no say in this incident and all those that werent there should also have no say in it. if you read abt it, it just sound half bad. even the papers then were already practising censorship. but if you were to ask any chinese that was there k.l. in 1969, you would definitely get a very gross picture. i was told they burn ppl in the cinema. torch them alive.

my guess ppl that live through that incident wont like to talk abt it nor would it like to repeat itselves. best option, vote for the BN or dont vote at all.

so does all this means to vote for pak lah ?

this is what i can say,
in salak south there is a MCA hall. and there is a kindergarden organised by the MCA, most of the residents in salak south sent their kids there and they attend any function held by the MCA, normally free makan. but when election comes, all the votes goes to DAP, every single time.