Monday, May 14, 2018

Malaysia General Election 2018

This shit has to be documented and made into a film.

The drama before elections, the numbers of Malaysian overseas that came back, the tension, the predictions and the waiting. Ah the waiting in the wee hours of the morning.

On Sunday night prior to Election Wednesday, attended a ceramah.

This part of the ceramah caught my attention.

If by 11pm TV3 have not made the announcement that Barisan Nasional has won, it's good news.

If by 12am TV3 still has not made any announcement, you know and I know it's going to be a very good news.

If by 1am, still TV3 has not made any announcement, ladies and gentlemen i tell you, we have won, kita sudah menang.

But those that stayed up until 5am to watch the final results still knew it wasn't over yet, until the new PM is sworn in. We were sceptical and we were worried of the shit BN will pulled out of their Ass.

An 11am sworn in was delayed until 9.30pm.

Finally at the awaited hour, it happened. Barisan Nasional was finally defeated.

Few quotes that I heard that tickles me during the nomination day to election.

1. The MP that forgotten to bring along her NRIC on nomination day, would had forgotten to bring her Cheebai if it was an attach accessories.

2. We came back "kow kok-kah" in cantoenese which literally translate to "we came back to save the country".

3. On election day while waiting for the school gate to open, an uncle was calling his friend "hei san thong kai ah" in cantoenese translate to wake up and gut the chicken.

salam 1 Malaysia, majulah sukan untuk negara.