Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Can we compare Christianity & Islam ?

Hell No !, why read on.

I have read some books on comparison between islam and christianity.

But of course this books are written by the christian dude.

Summary of all this books are like this.

The Bible tell tall tales. The historical facts dont tied up. The last days of Jesus are inconsistent. The diciples are liars. Jesus is scared of dying. The Bible consist of many books written by many people, so it is not sacred.

And when you want to compare notes with the quran, this is their answer.
The quran is a holy book written by something something (i dont remember), it is sacred and cannot be judge ! period ! if you do i will kill you or something like that !

My summary, tolerance, quran has none. and thus the followers.

You make your own judgement.

But you know whom am i actually talking to, right ?

Lina Joy denied freedom

After much wait, the verdict came out.

Lina Joy remains a muslim.

Very smart move by the authorities to pro-long the decision, as you know in Malaysia, the longer any issues are being pro-long, the faster we forgot. So the question, have we forgotten about it. Personally ducky is not that mad. Just thought of it as an election decision. You know that famous phrase by that youth leader waving his keris and all.

But is it a smart decision ?

Rather i would say, since the chances of Christians rioting on the streets are much slimmer than say a muslim burning an efigy of the cross with JC on it. Not to say the christian would not revolt, but chances are less.

So lets say, out of the blue, you go to church this Sunday, and your pastor says that we have to fight this injustice that is happening to Lina Joy, Who will join me in a protest march.

Would you do it ?

I'm not going to church this week.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

An accident much awaited for

Ah, finally an accident on the highway that makes people who drives accordingly to the speed limit, put on a big fat smile. I was coming back from Taiping on Sunday afternoon, after the Tapah pitstop, and there was a kiss-kiss-bang-bang of some sort. Since i dont really slow down to look at accident, i just had a glimps, and i was happy with what i saw.

I believe a Camry, 4WD & more 2Litres++ cars were involved in a kiss-kiss-bang-bang.

Why am i happy ? dont you get annoyed, when you drive at the speed limit and you want to overtake that slower car/bus/trailer come this asshole from behind that thinks he owns the highway and drive up your ass with flashing lights, asking you to move over, if the driver had notice, i am trying to do some overtaking here. And no, i do not want to overtake at 140km/h, i am confortable at 110km/h.

When such beautiful things happen to them, i think they just deserve it.

Friday, May 18, 2007

A Noble Royalty at long last

As we thought all those casino ROYALe in this country are as useful as that green goo in my nose, a carpenter's cup was found among the many glittering golden cups.

Now all we wish for is for him to ascend to the KING kong throne one day and kick all those sorry ass mothers out of that public zoo complex near the statue of the fallen heroes.

This is about those time that really makes you feel proud from which of the 14 states you are from. Feels great to be from the town formerly knows as Klian Pauh isnt it ?

Long live the DR and his harley DAVIDSON.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chinese commentating in F1 is SUPERR !

Even with my half past six cantoenese, I have been listening to 98.8 in the morning and in the evening nowadays. And just out of curiosity i wanted to know what & was talking about. While 98.8 as usual was talking about current economical/political/social issues, was talking about pointless sensesless issues like 'do you like your partner to choose what you wear or something like that' and after waiting for the duo to finish doing their hyena laugh i couldnt take it anymore. after passing through mix & hitz, i wasnt interested in what fly had to offer.

who the fuck actually wants to know all this irrelevant issues, its not humurous nor educational, not even a slight entertaining. it's just rubbish and more rubbish. which makes me wonder, if that is all the english speaking rakyat of malaysia is interested about. learn to laugh like hyena, make irritating phone calls, dress your partner or anything else like that 20 Q&A that you can find from those women magazines.

i have 1 young 20+ boy in my office which irritate the hell of me. its like listening to jj & rudy and that whatever in

and furthermore, i took a step more by switching the commentating of sports broadcast in astro from english to chinese, after my friend told me what the chinese commentator said during michael last race for ferrari last year when he did one of the most spectacular overtaking. i dont remember what the english commentator said but apparently the chinese commentator said this which was very true and ever lasting "che san, chan hai che san" which simply translate as F1 king is trully a F1 king.

so i watched last sunday spanish grand prix in chinese and it was superr. if you understand chinese, i suggest you make that switch if you havent. you wont regret it. the english commentators are by the way hopeless. unfortunately tv3 & 8tv dont bring in the live telecant anymore, as the commentating by martin brundle & co. is worth listening to.

have you got your may 13 book yet ? you can order from suaram.

Friday, May 11, 2007

That big new leaking building in Duta

My 10 years old something apartment is not leaking. It doesnt cost a bomb, and its not a shack. The only works i did was for my toilet floor. Which after paying 1K for it, doesnt leak to my downstairs anymore. And that was 1 in a 10 years repair.

Even my Dad in Law house which is like 50 years old does not leak a single drop.

So how on earth can a spanking new building which on another hand is suppose to be the world largest court house be leaking ? The part which is mentioned world largest should have put some significance to it. But unfortunately in boleh-land, only the word that mentions "world largest" is important. Whether it was build on the swamp or smack in the middle of no one land is irrelevant.

So we come back to my house which i believe is built by reputable contractors since it did not leak in the first place and that the new court complex is built by non-reputable contractors. So why are non-reputable contractors are being awarded to built the world largets court complex ? I believe our twin towers are being built by somewhat the best of the best, being tallest and all.

Unless there is no significant in building the world largest court complex, but why must it be the world largest ? Its not that we have outstanding judges that pass extraordinary judgement that make world class headlines for other like commonwealth countries to follow as precedent. But instead we have dickhead judges that seem to have no thinking ability of their own but to blindly follow likewise dickhead judges judgement.

In short all malaysian now whether BN supporters or not can clearly see how their Govt spend their tax money - Cheapest contractor + Big Project = Maximum Gain.

So what the fuck are you waiting for, lets go start a construction company, get ali & abu as director and shareholder, we'll get our shovel ready !

Monday, May 07, 2007

Flags of our fathers II

Finally finish watching Foof.

And this quote from the show taken from IMDB quotes just about summarise both Flag of our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima.

"I finally came to the conclusion that he maybe he was right maybe there are no such things as heroes maybe there are just people like my dad, I finally came to understand why they were so uncomfortable being called heroes. Heroes are something we create, something we need. It's a way for us to understand what is almost incomprehensible, how people could sacrifice so much for us, but for my dad and these men the risks they took, the wounds they suffered, they did that for their buddies, they may have fought for their country but they died for their friends. For the man in front for the man beside him, and if we wish to truly honor these men we should remember them the way they really were the way my dad remembered them."

Friday, May 04, 2007

Flags of our Fathers

Who the fuck would have known that Mr. Dirty Harry made 2 war movies last year and made it sorta link to each other.

Apparently Letters from Iwo Jima ("LfIJ") & Flags of our Fathers (FooF) are both movies on the battle of Iwo Jima, with the later focusing on the Americans and the former in my previous post.

Just watched 40 minutes of it before i was too tired and felt asleep, this is not an indication that the movie is dull, ok. Kinda reminded me of Saving Private Ryan with the beach running and all.

Strangely, LfIJ focused more on the individual and not the strategic warfare, which i felt should have been the primary focus. FooF showed how well the Japs fortification were on the Island. But you dont feel and see that in LfIJ.

One thing that really made me wonder is the american life savers and protectors ie, the police, fire fighters, paramedics, coast guard rescue swimmers, etc, they seem to be able to put the life of those that they are going to save above themself, which i doubt any Asian can.

Just take the Medics from FooF, they risk life and limb running into the battlefield to save lifes, carrying them, with their backs against the enemy.

In Conclusion, a universal known fact, wars are not about helping helpless countries under tyrany, its not about getting rid of oppressor, its just personal gain for power and money. Power gain by winning wars and conquering mountains and hills by sacrificing millions of soldiers that went to war under the impression of "Uncle Sam" needs you. And next to power, money, the money made from selling of guns and mass destruction weapons to the highest bidder whether they are your enemy or not.

And lastly, when you see a soldier being shot or blown to pieces just as they sat foot on the battlefield, you can see and feel the pointlessness of war.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Why Japan lost WWII

Last night i watched Letters from Iwo Jima.

Depending on the accuracy of the show, if that is as real as it was, then it would have been obvious.

You would need to see the show yourself to see why. But of course everyone has their own point of view. And history books put it as a very fierce defending by the imperial troops.

After losing out Mt. Suribachi, the remaining troops were told to regroup at the northen part, but what did the leaders felt that they should do ? take a grenade pull out the pin and placed it at their heart and blow themself to pieces. That they call dying in honour.

There is a certain aspect of honour i think this japanese soldiers fail to understand. Like some of those jihad warriors, that has cross their religion boundaries. Why die now, when you can regroup and reenforce to become stronger and have new plans.

I mean if you really want to die in honour, those kamikaze fighters really proof their point. They died and they brought along many others with them, that is real honour. That is war not civilian, ok ?

Talk about wiping out the samurai in "the last samurai", this action of theirs is no different from their samurai brethen, right ?

So why did Japan lost the war ? Obvious right, instead of planning for counter attack or reenforcing their forces, this jap warriors did the only thing that was drilled into that thick skull of theirs, dying for your country is an honour. So instead of trying again, which they felt was a retreat of cowardness, they blew themselve apart.

ok, maybe this could been only in iwo jima, troops were tired, dehydrated, low on morale and a one time thing. maybe i'm wrong. i didnt do any detail anaylsis on the history of japanese war during wwII. but it is a thought, nonetheless.