Monday, August 25, 2008

The last lap for Sodoman

If this was like a boxing match, then Anwar would be like Iron Mike Tyson during his finest moments, as what people seems to indicate.

Ducky personally has no idea how this Permatang Pauh by-election is going to turn out.

From how I see it, it can indeed go either way.

For Anwar, he must win, there is no doing a Lee Chong Wei, I did my best and a silver was all I can do. It is the gold or bust. All the while he is out there preaching that people are behind him, people are willing to switch political party for him, he got the numbers, he got this, he got that, but till very now, no one saw any thing. So to prove some points that he got something, he got to win one way or another.

For BN, the burden or winning is not so great, it was after all a lost seat in the opposition state. But bringing the gold here, would show to the Malaysian Public that Anwar is not that powerful as he preached. And that would do wonders for BN.

I don't like China, I prefer Russia, but as long as team USA didn't win, it works for me just fine. Next 4 years you can bet you are going to see a very much changed team USA.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Thank you, Sodoman!

Thanks to the by-election, the price of fuel is being reduced after tonight midnight. In order to appease to the voters in Permatang Pauh, BN is willing to take a corruption-pay cut by reducing the fuel price for all Malaysians.

With this, lets hope that Sodoman will be voted in with a higher majority and then, maybe, BN would be so desperate that they will reduce it further.

It seems like a win-win situation. Vote Sodoman, if he forms new govt, price decrease. Vote Sodoman, if he does not form new govt, BN would be rakyat-phobic and would further reduce fuel prices. Whereas vote BN, they will increase the fuel price a few months down the road(it happens every single time)

For shit sake it is only a fucking concert !

Malaysian are easily deceived and tricked.

Much as some of us think we are mature enough to understand all this trickery, most of the time we tend to react to news with our reflexes less by our deep thoughts.

Long have we lived in this country blinded by racial and religious curtains.

The banning of Avril either by PAS indirect actions is good enough for the BN government to relay upon its quite message. Vote for PAS is a vote to censorship and end of fun and entertainment.

Young people at heart and yuppies my guess would feel the uneasy feeling of their freedom being encroach upon.

Not that young people at heart with kids and all that are trying to bring up their children with those 70s & 80s loving kindred spirit may find all this hoo-hah as noises.

Does a handful of ban concert so important in your life that banning it makes your blood boils with hatred for PAS and whomever concern that had a hand involve in banning it.

There is more things in life to be more concern about then some chicks singing on stage sexy or not.

My relatives in US told me that kids there have their privacy as to whether they want or do not want their report cards to be given to their parents or guardians.

I have no intention to preach to anyone about freedom of this and that, as I realized in my own life journey, the definition of our own freedom changes as we mature in life.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Devil or the Sodoman

Have you ever actually seen a Mat Rempit doing a suicidal superman stunt on his bike on the highway ?

I have and it must be the stupiest thing I have ever seen in my entire bike riding life.

Not only must you balance yourself on the 2 wheels, you now decide to lie on the bike with practically no balance whatsoever and riding yourself to hell to meet the Devil.

But maybe the Devil is already here, in Permatang Pauh.

So what is it going to be the Devil or the Sodoman ?

Change need to happen in our country for it to prosper further.

Many nations in the world had took that bold step to make that change.

Some died, some are suffering, but many believe if they had not done it they might not know what was behind door no. 2.

There is no guarantee in life just the decisions that we make and accept that make the difference.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Some BIG ass accident in Taman Connaught

I peep out of my office window, and noticed that the highway heading towards the city was pretty damn slow.

So I check Malaysiakini and PPS thinking it was some roadblock again. But found nothing.

So during lunch time I went down and still notice the traffic heading towards the city was still very bad, so I decided to ask some of the kay-poh traders downstairs.

Apparently, according to them, from whichever sources they got it from, a big long ass trailer, coming down from the Taman Connaught MRR2 exit lost control and ramp straight ahead into the steel divider bringing along with it a handful of cars, some say 7, some say 8, and finally slamming into the concrete wall of Giant CMC.

Some say many people died, star-online said 2 with many injured.

No pictures as eventually, many other more famous bloggers might write something about it with pictures.

Thinking about the accident, I might actually died today since I passed by there everyday to work, but by luck or whatever unseen natural forces, I was late/early and was lucky.