Tuesday, October 28, 2008

800 and closing down

Sell ! Sell ! Sell !
KLCI plunge 50 points at opening bell !
Sell ! Sell ! Sell !
Since you can't short sell.

The drop could be adjustment to Monday Asian market drop as the Bursa was closed for Deepavalli, Pak Lah must be kicking himself on his head, if he had agree to two days Deepavali celebration like Raya & CNY.


But since 10 this morning, the KLCI had recovered some 10 valuable points. Brownie points I think. Now it just around the 815 mark.

So get your charts out and start drawing those resistance lines. If you can find one.

Our new Finance Minister might tell you that it is cheap to buy now.

Yes it is cheap, but it might be even cheaper next week.

Crude oil is around 60 bucks a barrel. Experts says it will drop to around 40 bucks.


Does that mean we get to pump below RM1.92 ?

I don't know, the government seems to be more concern  about the welfare of the petrol stations owners.


Well well what do you know, KLCI is heading south again, 802++.



Friday, October 24, 2008

KLCI free falling

Now that it is below 900, 800 looks not that distance.

In terms of Stock Exchange value, RM10 billion is not really a huge sum of money.

But to put money in a market that has no certainty of a base is kinda like borrowing money to gamble while on a losing streak. 

Valuecap can blow like RM1 biilion in a day. Then what ? Circumstances beyond their control ?

Better buy emas with RM10 billion then blow it up in the stock market.

Do YOU gain anything whether the Bursa is bearish or bullish ?
tell me this does not flame racial tension 

mykmu forum on the topic of UTUSAN MELAYU DI KEPUNG

this was by Sutradari "FRU patut sembur jer mana-mana imigran yang buat kacau kat Malaysia. Sembur dengan petrol, bukan dengan air. Lepas tu bakar dan humban dalam lubang"

Thursday, October 23, 2008

mykmu forum is a hilarious read

On Monday it did deep below 900 before clawing back above 900.
Then Tuesday & Wednesday was like no activity.
Boom! Finally it fell below 900 today, It looks like it is going to stay around this time around.


Is one hilarious website. 
I always make sure I read this site before I sleep, so I can have a good laugh and then tidur.
Try the forum, it is even more hilarious.
Most of the writers seems to be living in caves or the dense jungle of Taman Negara.
As they don't seem to have a graps of reality.
The only reality in their lifes are Melayu are Kings and the rest of the folks (Chinese are call pendatang and pigs and Indians are labeled as keling and pariah) are commoners.
This mykmu folks seems to feel the commoners owes them since they are the land of the soils, originally born and bred in this country since existence. And anyone labelling them as immigrant from Indonesia are told to check their History facts correctly.
I thought the orang asli were the first folks here together with the Indians up north in Kedah.
Most forum topics are written to ridicule all the commoners in the country with ugly racism comments and like the Utusan it seems to be immune from being label as "National Threat" as how our Government like to term it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

You can do it, you can break that 900 line

Ok fuck my last post, I change my mind. 

I hope the KLCI break under the fucking 900 barrier.

Yes you can do it, you can fall below the fucking 900 points.

KNM is still falling, I hope TNB falls as well, those cock sucking son of a bitch refusing to reduce their fucking electric tariffs when crude oil has fallen below USD70 from that fucking high in June/July of USD147.

Die die die you fucking nazis blood sucking mother fuckers. And that goes the same to all those chinese food traders. 

Get ready to TUMBLE !

KNNCCB save by the fucking bell again. 905.

KNM drop 10% & TNB fell RM0.15, just great.

Well there is still next week. 

Friday, October 10, 2008

I think we will do just fine

I don’t know, I find this a little reassuring, prices coming down to terms with reality.

Banks collapsing, exchange rates breaking resistance lines, stock markets free falling to new lows, but in Malaysia, after running on auto pilot during the Ramadan month, the country continues with its auto pilot mode as it decides who is going to run it for the next 4-5 years.

Kangaroo dollar is now around 2.30, sterling pounds following suit to below 6.00, Indian rupees is also at new low hovering slightly above the 7.00 mark however we can’t even get 100 bhat for RM10 and the fucking dollar will be hitting the 3.50 soon enough.

No I don’t read the WSJ or any much economy journal, nor do I understand much of the cnbc squawk box jargon. It’s Friday.

Call it undemocratic, call is race based, call it NEP, call it anything you want. Say we are uncompetitive compared to South Korea, Singapore or even Taiwan.

But right now, all this unfair policies are our resistance lines.

But if it breaks ? I don’t know I only scored 51 on my economics paper.