Wednesday, August 30, 2006

is that too much to ask for ?

things must be really bad

petronas has 2 advertisement on tv prior to merdeka. i have not seen tenaga or telekom or other blue chips company's merdeka advert. times are bad ?

most of the dbkl flats have large giant flag been hoisted or stretchfrom one side to the other. but the only thing missing are those tiny flags on cars and bikes. gamen not given free flags this year ?

ever wonder why school holidays are always short of a week before merdeka, i guess its obvious that if merdeka were to coincide with the school holidays, most ppl will be on holiday somewhere other than celebrating merdeka in homeland.

rumours has it, passport will be more expensive after the budget this friday, something like Rm300-Rm500 and Rm600-Rm1,000. thats like a 67% increase. so a normal family like mine to go out of the country will cost me extra Rm2k.

why is it so important to promote local holiday ? we've been to local holiday, its the same every where, traffic jam and rubbish every where. why must out of the country holiday be limited to those that can affort any more. or is it a way to curb air asia cheap fares ? or is it our gamen do not want us to see how advance our neighbours have become. and by the way, june/july/aug the country already has a large influx of middle east tourist.

we want to see ice there is none in malaysia, we want to see historical sites there is very little left in the country. we want to see different culture, eat different food, we want to expand our thinking and broaden our horizon. we just want to experience something different. we want to experience changes which our present gamen do not agree to as it does not benefit them.

is that so much to ask for ?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What does merdeka mean to you ?

In light of the merdeka month and numerous merdeka post and pantun being circulated around. I thought I write something on it as well.

What does merdeka mean to you ?

When I think of merdeka I think of wars being fought, rebels and guerillas, oppression of the minorities, death and sorrows and the victors (survivors) of the chaos will raised their war torn flag to claim merdeka.

The thought of some pencil pusher going to London to sit with the Queen and then some time later shouting merdeka at the dataran don’t actually feel like merdeka.

You might not agree, or maybe I wasn’t there in 1957 to feel the mood. But are we actually better off being merdeka ?

Were the British oppressing us ? torturing us in some dark chambers so that we speak the queens english ? I don’t hear my parents complaining about the british mistreating them. Or maybe it’s only a certain quarters of ppl that wishes more political and economic gains from the departure of the british.

49 years later, are we any better ? are we really merdeka ? if you ask me, the same group of ppl that push for merdeka then is still holding on to that political and economic gain but with much bigger share of the pie now.

I believe merdeka would be much more cherish, if it was during the fall of communist in Malaysia and with the construction of the tugu kebangsaan to represent the war fought to gain merdeka, then I believe it would be much more remembered for than what it is today. As many races fought together for that single cause.

So what does merdeka actually means ?

The selfishness of a group of ppl that were only thinking of their wealth and power then and now but did it by claiming it was actually for the good of the rakyat.

have we really progress since 1957 ?

Happy merdeka 49.

Monday, August 28, 2006


they make me sick....To divert the recent bad light on BN, they, UMNO and MCA youth are trying to create their own racial ¨hatred¨ and try to suck everyone into it. Their oft repeated chants of ¨semangat barisan nasional¨ in resolving things could mean that they would sacrifice everyone to acheive their objectives?

Friday, August 25, 2006

hari ini jummaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

friday is the best day of the week. not only it is the last day of work before the weekend, its fucky the gamen day.

but before i start fucking the gamen i like to ramble abt ppl like us. i think ppl like us are a dying breed. we liked the 80s, the 90s was for partying and we settled down in the 2000s. we are not rich, we are not poor either, which is neither good nor bad, not poor enough to receive subsidies help and neither rich enough to make our investment grow. we are in a way stuck, glued to our balls on the pavement. we complain abt a lot of things because we are not in the receiving end of all these so call rakyat benefits, we are a bunch of disgruntle lot that has a lot of anger and hatred buried deep down inside us, and one day, we will explode.....or maybe its just me.

ok, lets fuck the gamen.


big rain yesterday, flood was all over in the city. traffic came to a stand still. the only mode of reliable transportation, the trains. but some trains work better than others. the flood was so bad, some police station actually closed its gates.

who's fault for the bigflood ? you can point as many fingers you like to the authorities, at the end it will only come back to us for being a litter bug. none of the developers will admit it neither will any local council nor glc will say its their fault. it is always our fault. remember when penang was flooded once many years ago, who did they blame ? us litter bugs.


its like an annual event now, come june/july/august the haze from indonesia will fill our skys with wonderful dark gloomy whether. even the morning and afternoon sun cant penetrate the thick strong indon haze.

what does our gamen do ? nothing. absolutely nothing. we got the doe to give us the haze reading and i think its a big conspiracy. haze is at its thickest in the morning, but gets better by afternoon, to give us a reading at 11.00 am its like there is no bad haze, just moderate haze, if that is not a cover up, what is it ? and then the 5pm reading after the big shower/cloud seeding, where got haze problem ?


with merdeka day coming up, we have been told to fly the jalur, and if we do no, we are consider not patriotic, its that like a communist comment, saying we are communist if we dont fly the jalur ? i dont know, i done really feel like we are merdeka after all this years. i dont even feel like our independence was something to shout abt, maybe unless you were there in 1957. there was no blood shed, no real struggle, just some pencil pusher went to england and talk to some ppl, then some years later we got our independence, the british dont really mind, cause by that time they already had robbed us off most of our natural resources for the next 10-20 years. does merdeka mean anything to you ? i dont, all i know since i was a little kid, was some 20-30 retards would dress up in some uniform and sit for some hours while some dozing off to watch more retards parade in front of them.


we get dirty water from our taps and we need to use filters to filter through our water before boiling them. when we get foul smelling water, they said its a fucking chemical reaction. on top of all this, they have the balls to say that they need to increase water tariffs because there are ppl stealing water, they need to change existing pipes and the cost to treat water has increase, while all the while they keep selling water to singapore for dirt cheap price (yes i know, i know, singapore buy raw water, today its friday mah, cut me some slack lah). while doing all this, there is never a mentioned that our water will be clean. where is the clean water ???

electricity ? have you seen how this tnb ppl work ? i've seen a couple of times. to change a anything that resemble a tnb pole will require like 2 trucks. one to carry their personel and the other a utility vehicle. other than the man power they need to plant that pole, most of the time, you can see at least 5 of them sitting sown doing nothing. i even saw one got drunk in the afternoon and need more tnb personel to carry him into their van. splendid. reasons to tariff increase ? for their forex losses of course.


now they have this advertise in most petrol station, harga runcit sebenar, harga subsidi, the subsidy is around Rm0.50. i say do away with the subsidy and lets us pay the full Rm2.50++ and dont say you subsidise our petrol anymore.

that is about does it.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


DISCLAIMER : In the spirit of Merdeka, in which i traditionally celebrate it by observing the whole month preceeding it like April´s fool day, (i dont want to eat kali peng) i give you the following post....

After the world cup predictions, lets look at Budget 2007 predictions and probable reasons as well as the ¨beneficiaries¨:

1) Personal relief will be increased by another 2k
Reason: to reduce the general feeling of pissed-off ness of the rakyat
Beneficiaries : BN. Because the person with the income level of between RM 3 to 4k per month will be less pissed off.

2) Reintroduction of GST
Reason: To increase the cost of bribe and therefore hope to lower corruption(hehe). To make it more attractive for youngsters to opt to work in customs instead of police. Windfall every 2 months.
Beneficiaries : Customs department

3) Lower the tax of petroleum product
Reason: Reduce govt subsidy of petrol.
Beneficiaries : Santa Cruz Operation Microsoft Inc.

Three only so far. Will get more during the run up to the Budget. Although i am not remotely even well versed in Tax(ducky is but he is laying low for the moment), i would like to think that i can make some accurate guess as to the content of the budget. The secret of me being able to do this is that i observe.

I observe the changing of equities/policies/contracts in companies with Xtreme networking as well as trying to figure out Da Vinci Code-like clues from those policy makers. Example:

Da Vinci Code-like clues is when Bank Negara did not increase their intervention rate when the petrol price increase. (I actually missed this one. Damnit.)

Xtreme Networking ones are like when ECM libra shares kena sapu.....or when BCB eats up Southern Bank...

Finally remember my disclaimer before this post and dont come looking for me if this spoils your rice bowl ok.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ducky is unavailable for the time being...

Hey its me, the more famous of the two three contributors of this blog. As the title to this post refers, Ducky is currently not in the country. So quit asking him fly the national flag ok? It is not like you have a share in the company which produces the flag...

Now back to the topic, ducky is unavailable right now so social visitors of this blog should refrain from putting in complimentary comments such as :

1. - Hey welcome back / welcum bag / welkambek Ducky


2. - Ducky i hate you / (whatever other similiar variations)


3. - god / (anyother supreme beings) is great / bless you / damn you

Please keep it for when he comes back. Ok?

Meanwhile please feel free to go vote at the poll i created on the top right of your screen. dont worry about eating kali peng (curry rice). Afterall we undi BN only wat.

Monday, August 21, 2006

missing no more

girl found.

thank you for everyone support and prayers.

lets not ask her what happen between last friday till now.

just be glad that she is now FOUND, SAFE and HERE.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

have you seen her ?

this is like a public service announcement, ok.

this girl michelle tai, apparently has been missing since yesterday afternoon, her parents are worried as she has not contacted them since. she has a blog, and you can read in detail here, i wont go into details. if you know her, do somehow inform ducky that she is ok if she doesnt want to contact her family for whaever reason. well it is kinda serious as her family has already lodge a police report.

03-77811819 (home)


apparently, her handphone has been found around leisure mall, which in away doesnt bring goods news to the parents, as the thought of her running away seems to be less apparent. lets us all dont be like sherlock and just assume, girl call ex, girl mad, threw handphone away, girl ran away. her parents will be circulating photos and pictures of her by tomorrow.

its time like this that ...................

Friday, August 18, 2006



jumaat, lets fuck them up again !

i'll make it a short one.

Penang majority are chinese, would it be logical to put a malay CM just to apeace the minority malays ? how about the indians ? and the other races ? should we also rotate with all different races as well.

there was this guy who wrote into malaysiakini, and suggested that the post of the PM be rotated as well between all the races, how about that ?

logically, this is malaysia, so whoever that sits at that throne wont make any difference. they would all be just sitting there with strings attached to them (heads up to you yoda).

want a malay CM in penang, take lah. while at that, why not a malay president in mca & mic as well.

tell you what, why not all the chinese in malaysia stop working and take a 5 years leave, and lets this jokers take over for 5 years and we will see whether there is anything left in the coffers after that, my bet , they will be begging us to come back to work, with the post of penang CM of course.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

my lunch is sacred, so dont bother me !

since tomorrow is going to be friday, we'll just keep the bashing for tomorrow, ok ? fine.

lunch time is sacred to me. i like to eat with known ppl only. not strangers not external auditors. else i eat alone.

one thing that really annoys me the most during lunch time, is those pesky salesman, charitable org, beggars, buddhist monk, etc that would bother you while you are having your sacred lunch.

worst of all this bunch are the pesky sales ppl from china, you tell them to go away, they show you something else, say you are not interested, something else pop outs from no where. and it goes on and on.

i read somewhere, that those "monk" are not suppose to beg for money, that alm of theirs is to put food in it, not money, being ducky i always wanted to put in some rice when they walk by me, but not wanting to be beaten unconsciously by my fellow colleagues or the majority non christian chinese strangers, i refrain my self from doing so.

so now, i have the perfect solution, my wife says it's rude, but i find it perfect. i'll just sit down eat my lunch, and when they come by, i just ignor them and continue eating my lunch. if they are still there, i'll just wave my hand off still while eating lunch.

so say anything you want, being rude or obnoxious, it's my lunch and i deserve right to eat in peace.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

what do you think will happen if lina joy won her case ?


my fav topic of the moment. lina joy.

what do you think will happen if lina joy won her case ? like yoda said out of the frying pan and into the fire. true. before any decision has been made some idiots has already made a police report against the pastor that baptist lina joy. so if she were to win the case, my guess all hell break loose. another may 13 incident. churches burnt, pastors and christian killed. but what if lina joy lose ? some noise, buts thats all. no may 13 incident, no mosque being burnt down or muslim killed. unlike muslim, most non-muslim are much level headed ppl.

maybe its not the religion of islam but the muslim themselves that is mis-interpretating the qoran. how can any religion for that matter not allowed their fellow believer to change their believe if they no longer profess that faith anymore ? it plainly doesnt make any sense.

but what disturb me the most is this, "the position of Malays and Muslims which are guaranteed will be challange" does any one actually takes a gun up to a muslim head and force him/her to be baptist and be converted to any religion ? it's called a free will. every religion in this whole wide world has free will. but most of this muslim seems to be saying no. i dont believe it.

the actual fact is that the position of the malays not bumiputera that will be challange. the malays knows very well that they are only large in numbers but not in economic sense. the only thing that is left is their race and religion, if they cannot even hold on to this 2 thing, they have nothing left.

so dear beloved countrymen, lets us know what we are fighting for, its not purely religious, but the survival of the malays. and you know as well as i know they will "tidak melayu hilang di dunia" and by the way is this the right phrase ? i say just sacrifice lina joy, and live another day.

Friday, August 11, 2006

its friday again !

we are being told to fly the jalur gemilang for the national day 1 month celebration.

ok here's my jalur gemilang.

didnt see anything ? precisely !

Saturday, August 05, 2006


well we so much shit going around and at the same time with dead lines approaching, i was totally stress out. i need some thing to whack, gamen was on friday only, that wasnt enough, my sis took back her ps2, so i cant use carl to whack the police with the baton. cant kill demon gods with gods of war either, cant race F1 and GT4 cars as well. need some kind of tension reliever.

then i found

remember cheers ? 1/2 hour sitcom back in the 80s. dont know how to put those media player thing or else you can listen to the theme song "where everybody knows your name"

cheers ran for 10 seasons, 1982 - 1993. i started watching when there was the dumb bartender, woody, played by woody harrelson. apparently, woody and clive wasnt the original cast. clive was just a guest then! but norm has been sitting in his corner ever since !

so i found torrents for cheers season 1-8, and now i'm downloading season 4.

most 80s shows watched now are lame. but i guess cheers stood the test of time. the jokes and humour are still as funny as it was some 20 years ago.


the original cast

angel, i now have complete set of satc

Friday, August 04, 2006

its friday !

today is friday, and friday means fuck the chibai gamen day.

why is friday fuck the chibai gamen day ? because on friday the chau cheebai gamen closes for lunch for 3 fucking hours. in that time they are suppose to be at the mosque. but lets not talk about that. because if there were all at the most, then i be telling a fat lie. and the polis would want to question me and all that shit.

blogging is an expression of someones thought and feelings. to regulate bloggers is to tell us to shut the fuck up. how do you like someone to walk up to you and tell you that you cannot have an opinion if it is on islam, race or fucking the gamen. thats is just plain rude.

from my most humble opinion, pak lah is going down as the worse Pm in this country.

and in my most humble opinion, i feel like this country is getting more islam. if ever this country becomes a really islamic state, i would want to leave. i HAVE NO FUCKING INTENTION TO LIVE IN AN ISLAMIC COUNTRY.

in my most humble opinion, as a christian, i find islam a total nonsense especially when you have bloggers like menj and friends describing it. all it sound like to me is, islam is no. 1, every other religion sucks. if you insult islam, you must be condemn to death. as much as i think my religion is the no. 1 religion, i wont go around preaching it, because there is something call common courtesy.

by the way, can someone tell me how to migrate to another country just in case.

ok, i have said my peace, now i have to get back to work, the lhdn was humble enough to extend the tax deadline to 14 august.