Friday, September 26, 2008

We are no difference from our corrupted politicians

I have been taking public transport more recently around town, so I hop around in the city trains.

One thing I notice is how selfish and self centered we have become.

Hardly anyone offered any seats to the elderly/pregnant/disable folks.

They can just seat there and not care about those around them, speaking loudly on the phone, talking loudly with their friends, always standing at the front of the doors, blocking the entrance and exits, and silliest of all can’t wait to get in the train before others can get out.

We all talk about our corrupted politicians/leaders how they seem to be putting their interest above us and not bothered about the rakyat at all.

How different are the politician then with us ?

We also ignore the needy people like they ignore their duty to serve us.

We act and serve our own needs like they work for their own gain.

In reality we are no difference from this corrupted politicians we so hate, only difference are the quantum and the impact.

If we really want our future leaders to be responsible folks, then we better change our attitude first. If we don’t change and continue with our tidak apa attitude, we will continue to accept our leaders tidak apa attitude.

Friday, September 19, 2008

They are COMING!!!!!!!!

I thought they would reduce the fuel price..........

But the release of YB Teresa Kok is a good news nonetheless.

As good as the 'unbanning' of Malaysia-Today website, right before the ISA detention of RPK.

In Malaysia good news ALWAYS precede the really bad ones.

DS Anwar, brace yourself......within 24-36 hours.....before Sunday.....something would happen.

Shit! i hope i'm wrong on this.......

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Anwar wants Sep 23 emergency parliament session, but Pak Lah kata jangan.......

Well that was quick. I was expecting Pak Lah to at least drag it a few days for deliberation and then wait last minute to decline it to buy him more time because afterall he is a man under siege.

Now all bets are off. The language of violent oppression is. Because the last best hope of a smooth transition is not going to happen. The best chance to broker a deal has been declined. Its either do or die for BN.

And if we follow the ebb and flow of the happenings since early September, there can be no mistaking that BN is very weary of PR having secured the required number of jumpers to form a majority in the Parliament. (Again it is not important whether Anwar has it but it is vitally important that BN thinks that Anwar has it)

Pak Lah says there will be no more ISA anytime soon. Flip-flop? Or perhaps an even more effective form of oppression could be utilised. A declaration of emergency (Darurat) would make ISA arrest unnecessary.

ISA or Darurat to keep BN in power which one would he choose?

And with Anwar neutralised, the jumpers list would be unimportant....i would even say that Pak Lah hopes that he would not need to look at the jumpers list. By Pak Lah not knowing, the would be jumpers would not be forced to confront BN. The choice is still open to them to continue to be obedient BN followers as if nothing have happened. And BN would manage to survive this near overthrow without any damage, to continue to pillage Malaysia until their next crisis.

Thats why i tend to agree that the list should not come out now. But the list should come out when BN commits themselves in to an(unpopular) action. By making the list public then, BN would have no choice but to confront enemies from within while trying to hold off the enemies at the gate.

So now would BN kindly make the first move?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pak Lah DID NOT call Anwar's bluff!!

Pak Lah said that he would not be meeting Anwar on Anwar's offer on showing him the 'proof' of defections. Which would thereby force Anwar to bring the 'proof' to YDP Agong.

When the YDP Agong then peruse the 'proof', he may have no choice but to call for the dissolution of the parliament and to call for a snap election. But then everybody knows that in the next election, BN would be wiped out.

Which would then give Pakatan Rakyat the Federal government without the worry of the ethical dilemma of governing with 'jumpers'.

Think about it, Anwar knows months ago that Sep 16 is during ramadhan and that parliament would not be in session. And taking advantage of BN being the 'bad guy' (which hollywood shows us that the bad guys are prone to double crossing and backstabbing their own brother-bad guys just so that they would be able to take control of the organisation and rule the galaxy or something) which translate to BN's natural fear of double crossings and back stabbing from within their own ranks, to compound upon Pak Lah's paranoia that he really is under siege.

And with the best way of calling the bluff by moving a motion of no confidence unavailable due to the parliament not in session, everyone would give Anwar the benefit of the doubt and believe what could possibly be just some letters with some signatures on it.

Now, if Pak Lah were to meet with Anwar, he would be able to somewhat ascertain the validity of the list of defectors. By looking at the list of names, he may be able to recall if that someone have been acting strange or maybe look at pak lah in some sort of funny ways or that he had on occasions seen the particular MP winking at someone before and that the MP treats Pak Lah especially nice to make up for the guilt of betraying him.

But no. Pak Lah is too afraid to call the bluff. By being afraid he is actually folding his hand and letting Anwar take the pot. And soon Anwar would go to YDP Agong and again because the parliament is not in session and due to Pak Lah having chickened out, the benefit of the doubt would be given and a snap election would be called. BN would then be defeated soundly and everybody lives happily ever after.

Then maybe a few years later, Anwar would be giving a speech on Malaysia Day 16 Sep 20xx that the country was freed from the clutches of BN because a certain somebody chickened out and did not call his bluff.

Later on his deathbed, Anwar would then let it all out that on that day 16 Sep 2008, he actually have less than 10 MP defectors but because someone is too chicken to call his bluff, he brought down the goliath just by his exceptional poker face and would then give his very stale(at that time) joke of "Tengok ini muka. Saya umur 90 tapi muka nampak macam 60"

But then again, if parliament convenes and vote of no confidence on Pak Lah goes through, Pak Lah would have lost the ability to utilise the power to crakdown on Pakatan Rakyat.

So how now Pak Lah, crackdown now and risk being extremely unpopular and losing the government slowly but surely? Chicken out and risk gracefully losing the the government in a short time? Or meet Anwar and risk being suspected by your own people of striking a deal with Anwar?

See, actually i think BN is overwhelmingly out maneuvered by Anwar and for every move Anwar make, BN is stuck with moves raging from bad to worst. And then come Mahathir which is coming to eat Pak Lah up if he refuse to move.

Sudahlah. If i am Pak Lah, i would quickly strike a deal and call it a day.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Teresa of the Faint Smile

No one knows what happened to Teresa..... after being ambushed in a trap set by the Creature of the Abyss, One-Horn Demon and Rigardo the Lion.

For those that do not know who the Creature of the Abyss, One-horn Demon and Rigardo the lion are, here are some of the pictures i stole from the net.

Rigardo the (kodomo) lion in his non-awakened form

Rigardo in his awakened form

One-Horned Demon also known as the No.2 who will one day take over and become No.1 (non-awakened)

C4 One-Horned Demon (awakened)

Creature of the Abyss (non- awakened)

Creature of the Abyss (awakened)

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Sting or Erik Seidel 1988 WSOP

Ocean’s 11, 12 & 13 was ok.

But my personal favorite is that 1970’s The Sting, Robert Redford & Paul Newman.

I guess in between Newman’s The Sting & Ocean’s 11, 12 or 13, there must have been dozens of films with similar themes, some are more dramatic or more horrific. But at the end they all share the same theme, someone got conned into believing something else.

Such shows are great, I remember watching The Sting, not in 1973 but later, don’t recall when, and I actually bought the scheme until the end, when another scheme was brought up, like the Malays would say it, sudah kena kantoi.

This makes me wonder if this September 16, is what The Sting is all about.

We have Anwar saying all the while he got 30 odd defectors in his hands.

The ruling coalition say it is impossible, but just to make sure they sent some 40 odd suspecting candidates out of the country.

And just like The Sting, the opposition played along and sent four of their troops there to cakap-cakap with them.

Come September 16, Anwar revealed his 30 odds candidates names which for all we know, doesn’t even include any of those buggers holidaying in Taiwan !

We will just wait and see, whether it is The Sting or Erik Seidel in the 1988 WSOP Final Hand.