Friday, June 30, 2006

old tun is doing the bashing, what else is there for me to bash abt ?

actually this past few weeks i had very little gamen bashing to do. well since the old tun put on his armour suit, together with his jousting stick and riding his gajah, poking every single minister with it, there is nothing really much left for us to do.

the only bashing left to do, is the local councils and one royalty state.

i guess most of us get our news from malaysiakini. as to how authentic the news are, i guess we should all use our own discretion, like anyone would when reading the harakah. i actually read the harakah many years ago, which i find most of the news totally absurb and outrageously funny and senseless.

bandaraya wanted to senseless waste Rm100k to sent some 31 of its officers for some courses for i cant remember what, but was backfired by the public as it was told that such courses could be done for abt Rm40 per person. so the sum would only come to Rm1,200, lets round it up Rm2k. as to how such amount can be escallated to Rm100k is not that difficult to understand. what was not disclosed, would be where the function would be held. my guess it would be at a hotel, with that they would need a small hall to accomodate 31 idiots. and somehow it might run for 2 days. and since it is 2 days, and they didnt want to trouble their big fat asses officers, all 31 of them will get a night stay at the hotel. then if you get this fat asses to stay a night, they will one at least a dinner & breakfast, not to mentioned the lunch the day before. and to attend these courses, this fat asses wants to be properly attire for the fucnction, so tuxedo seems to be the order of the day. 1 suite comes for around Rm2k, so if you add up all these expenses, it will come around close to Rm100k.

still remember those electronic signboards dbkl bought which cost Rm millions ? which they claimed can reduce traffic jam ? the signboards are there, sometime they work, sometime they dont, but the jam is still there, everyday. good job dbkl.

i dont really like to go pj, as i am not familiar with the roads. but last week, i went to the A&W by the amcorp mall. took a turn before amcorp mall, so had to drive around there before i manage to reach the A&W entrance 30 minutes later. reach the entrance & kadawaleh, what do you know, its a fucking no entry. with cars all honking at me, i somehow manage to drive upwards and i turn on my 1st left, fucking no, its the train station. came out again. go forward, only 1 road to go, thats another 10 minutes wasted. drove by this and that again, lucky i got some sense of direction and turn left after epf building i think or someother building. past some hotel or club and damn finally reach A&W. now this town wants to be a city. i dont know what does it boast itself of, but the traffic direction is not very impressive especially the whole assunta till mppj side. the one way road seems to get ppl that are unfamiliar with it go round & round. i actually passed the mppj building twice. but what to do, khir toyo said that selangor is a develop state, so for pj not to be a city would be unappropriate. and we havent even talk abt the amount of money wasted of all this and that.

this, i felt a little too much. the johor state zoo cannot return one of their protected primates to the indon forest as the johor state royalties objected to it. the zoo authorities, said their hands were tied as they cannot go against the orders of the sultan. remember what i said about royalties in my previous previous post? you see ? redundant bunch of ppl that has nothing better to do.

now the old tun. what the fuck is wrong with the old tun nowadays ? why is he fucking everyone left & right, here & there? whats the logic, whats the purpose ? ppl dont go for retirement and all of a sudden come running with guns blazing in all directions. ducky think there is something happening more than meets the eye. its like a distraction. while all this is going on plus the world cup fever, the magician will work his wonders, and leaves before everyone realised what had happen. what the trick and whats the distraction for ? ducky has no idea, but ducky is very the suspicious. lets just wait & see.

tonight germany plays argentine, who will win ? the referee of course. how about italy & ukraine ? the referee again lah. the italian must be one of the fav with the ref, first it was the US, then the aussie, tonight the ukraines. goooooooooooooooool ukraine! someone taught me this, kill kill kill italy. ukraine kill italy!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

football has evolved

After last night brazil vs Ghana, I begin to realized, what a blardy fool I’ve been. football has evolved. Referees has become more cocky and arrogant. No longer will they tolerate verbal abuses and misconduct by the players. Not only bound as the duty as a referees, today’s referees also tend to be personal bodyguard to superstar players. Try giving any star football a push, and chances are they will tumble and fall ala tamil/hindi movie fight scene and the pusher, a warning if lucky, if not a yellow or a red card.

The linesman are just mere decorations that run up and down the field just like a locomotive union agreement that compel them to have a conductor at the driver’s seat.

And the best part of all this, are the players. It is not abt playing good football or having great skills. Its abt having the ability to fool both linesman and the referees that they are not in offside positions. Some even have the super ability to hide a handball from the referees. But the best players in the world, are from italy, these boys can fake a fall anyway anytime and they even practice their agony face. Its all abt the pain. No pain no penalty.

I have enough world cup. I think I’ll watch golf instead.

my world cup ends here

ghana 3 nil down to the samba boys, i had enough. bias ref, blind linesman. fifa might as well give brazil a free ticket to the 1/4 finals. the ghana players were booked beyond recognition. samba boys always escape scott free without a card.

i'm just going to watch germany play, thats all. any other game, i wont bother to lose sleep over it. if it is not a germany final, i rather sleep my nights away.

worst world cup i've seen and recall so far. there should really be someone to overrule the ref. too many questionable calls has the ref being making, and all to the benefit of the champs, none to the underdogs. its a conspiracy to keep the world cup to the existing winners, no outsiders allowed.

i'm going to sleep. i dont want to watch another cheebai match, where the ref makes all kind of ridicolous decisions. and with the standard of refering, the french might even beat the spanish.

if this keeps up, i wont bother abt the next world cup either.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


the man of steel. till this very day, i dont think the porn industry has actually made a porn flick on superman or any other super hero for that matter. strange right ? who wouldnt want to see wonder women, or cat women or supergirl get laid. and of course how does the man of steel fuck, is he fast like lightning ? or can he last the whole night. does he has super cum, does his supercum also shoot like a speeding bullet ? can he masturbate ? will the masturbation friction cause his dick to be lighted like a fire ? so where did all this started ?

well, this guy was a superboy, the he graduated to superman. well this is way before my time, i think you would need to be a senior citizen by now to know who this guys are.

then this chap came, which ppl my age group knows him very well. we have his pencil box, playing cards, etc, but no toys, toys back then were not made in china, all usa made. very the expensive.

then came tv series superboy, to gayboy and back to superman in a way, the farm boy was somehow to poor to get a costume and cape and had to resort to body painting, hence the S on his upper abdomen.

then there was much hoo-ha as to who was going to be the new superman, i believe in the beginning, they even had nicholas cage as the man of steel. that would be way cool, with his cowboy accent and his facial hair.

cage would definitely be the first swearing superman. if all fails, the action figures and the marvel character has been a fav all time long.

then they finally found superman, as they realised, to be a superman, like robinhood, you need a british accent and be gay.

more ugly world cup

more ugly world cup finals continue as team kangaroo was cheated off by the pundek referee, by allowing a penalty on the last 5 second defeating their chance to enter the 1/4 finals. once again the fifa officials shows no mercy to the underdogs. usa was shown similiar treatment when their goal was disallowed. then the south koreans were also denied a place in the last 16, by allowing another bad referee call that overruled the linesman.

it is apparent, that fifa has no liking to the the underdogs. and fifa always shows favourable treatment to the establish european & south americans teams. yes i always support the underdogs, as they are the real winners of the world cup, compared to the fuck-up star players of the europeans and south americans, the underdogs played with everything they got, always giving their 110% to the very 90 minutes. not just jog around the field waiting for a beautiful ball, so that they can create another historical goal.

tomorrow i'll be rooting for ghana. and i do hope the africans beat the shit out of the high nosed brazilians. but i wont be surprised, when the referee starts giving favourable treatment to brazil.

in my books team usa beat italy 2-1, south korean drew with the swiss 1-1 & the aussie beat the italians 1-0.


Monday, June 26, 2006

the world cup is not for asians & i had vegetarians

it was a good world cup so far, until now. koreans lost to the swiss and the french made it to the top 16. and to top it off, england beat ecuadar for the 1/4 finals.

if you realised, the british commentator is rather pro for any fucking europeans country and of course england. asians and africans countries are regarded as 3rd world to them and the south americans are the fleas they cant get rid off. they feel that football rightfully belong to the god damn queen. and they and they alone should be the lone winner of this prestigious cup. but fucking boo-hoo this is not so.

personally the referee made a very bad call by allowing that 2nd swiss goal. the linesman had its flag up for a off side and that swiss fucker has been there all night long, trying to curi ayam. just because 1 korean guy had his foot touch the ball last, it was not an offside. comeon lah, all the koreans stop playing, and the cheebai referee still allows that. fucking unfair. how abt that handball swiss made and nobody saw it at the penalty box ? the koreans was demoralised by that goal and after that being 0-2 down, things werent just the same. i guess they had it coming. since they won a much controversial 4 years ago. what goes around comes around.

and that cheebai england 1-0 win over ecuadar. not deserving at all. and after that goal, there was a non stop repeat of beckham's goal just like that previous goal against the sweedish. then the fans couldnt stop singing god save the ass.

i might not know much abt football or maybe fifa fairplay, but it would have been better, if the koreans walk out of the stadium when that cheebai goal was allowed. officials might not have liked it, but at least the south korean pride was intact, and i'm quite sure, the red devil fans would understand as well.

some ppl are a little too sensitive to words i must say. yesterday at church, the speaker was saying that he was offended once when his colleague exclaim "jesus" like a swear word or an exclaimation. i guess he hasnt heard a women shouting "oh my fucking god" or "oh my god, oh my god, oh my god i'm coming" while fucking. i guess if he had heard that, he would have stop fucking and ask, "is god coming now?" god damn idiot.

i'm a certify meat eater, and personally i dont like vegetarians. i remember when i was in college back then, and in the class was 2 vegetarians, the lecturer used to make fun of these 2 veggie ppl. since they were a little dumb, so the lecturer made a conclusion that veggie eaters are stupid. i agreee 100%, much to the disapproval of 1/2 of the class. and during the whole term the lecturer would make fun of the 2 veggie ppl.

i find veggie eaters as bad as muslim eaters. we used to have all meat eaters in the office and ordering food was so easy. then later we had some malays, and we had to ordered food from 1 of the malay colleague so it is halal. then now we have a bunch of veggie ppl, so when we order food is halal & veggie. that is actually insulting my diet. i dont attend veggie dinners, weddings or whatever occasion. i persoanlly dont give face for all this shit. since you made it a point not to serve meat and alcohol, i dont need to go. like wise, if i had a dinner and its all meat, and for sure you wont come along for obvious reasons. so its the same.


Mawi, ppl seems to idolize this man like a demigod. I cant seem to understand why. I guess its a teen thing. Just like the last Malaysian idol daniel something. I’m surprise he hasn’t got caught as a pedo yet, since most of his fans base are like kids.

Back to this mawi character. This man has appear in more advertisement I can mentioned. Just turn your back, and I wont be surprised if you would see some kind of advert with his face on it. From instant noodle to printers ? is this guy really so damn keng meh ? by putting his crew cut like face in any damn product can boost sales meh ? cannot be right ? this chap must be laughing all the way to the bank lah with all sorts of endorsement and advert fees.

So can he really sing ? I only heard it once, while searching for that peter pan song. Which is rather a catchy tune. If I cant think of any other song, I might think that peter pan song should be the song of the year. Yes mawi, I heard 1 song, and he sounded rather like a jamal abdulllah or that other chap in puteri gunung ledang, which by the way was a crappy shitty show. Too damn long in the beginning and just forward to finish the show. The only person I thought was acting rather well was that once sports commentator datuk rahim razali, I hope I got his name right. You know, if my mind serve me right, local shows aren’t allowed to have fantasy scenes, all those flying fighting scene with magic spoofs seems to have twisted finas arms right ? you know lah, as long as it is national pride, what shit also can go along. That’s Malaysia for you.

Ok the man can sing, but he aint no peterpan. So whats his catch ? why are ppl so crazy abt him ? and do you know there is a website called mawi friends community ? that has actually more hits than Kenny & screenshots combined, actually you can take maybe malaysian top 20 bloggers and add it all up, you might just be level with friends community !

Saturday, June 24, 2006

more meme

i think i'll do a 3some instead of a 4some.

3 jobs I would stink at :

1. salesman - i cannot sell anything i wont buy my self
2. company secretary - current job
3. tax agent - current job

3 nicknames I made up for myself/or other people made it up for me :

1. duck
2. 4 hamsup low
3. 4 fei chai

3 movies I can watch over & over :

1. top gun
2. armageddon
3. wallstreet

3 things I love to do on weekends :

1. wake up early and enjoy my whole 24 hours
2. sleep late to enjoy my whole 24 hours
3. dont sleep at all to enjoy my whole 24 hours

3 alcoholic beverages I enjoy from time to time :

1. beer
2. beer
3. beer

3 fantastic destinations I would like to go to on vacation before I pass out :

1. rio de janeiro
2. las vegas
3. carribean

3 celebrities I would go on a Big Date with :

1. denise richards
2. shu qi
3. marion of 8tv

3 objects I could not live without :

1. toilet bowl
2. reading material while sitting on the toilet bowl
3. water

3 gadgets I do not have which I would quite like to have :

1. money making machine
2. ps3
3. high end pc

everybody has been tagged, so no need lah.

Friday, June 23, 2006

fucking stamp duty office

do you know what a stamp duty office is ? its a sort of a dept in the tax office (lhdn) that does stamp duty function. they put a red chop on your document to effect/legalize it, something like that lah. imagine a red colour stamping machine that has value in the hands of the chopper. i also want.

ok, and since this is friday, it seems very correct to post about it.

you see the fucking stamp duty office, like many other govt dept, close for 3 hours on friday. so they tutup at 11.45am and re-open at 2.45pm. but do you know what time does the fucking stamp duty office closes ?


what the fuck can you do in 15 minutes ? ducky send his warmest regards to the stamp duty office.


sabah & sarawak

damn the italians beat the czech. i was hoping for the czech to go 1 nil and ghana wont dissapoint, then it would be the czech & the africans lions to the top 16. nevermind, there is still hope in the tonga vs france. hoping tonga would do an upset and beat the french since they have nothing to lose now. never like the italians and french, they seem to play sissy football. touch them a bit they fly a mile away just like those tamil/indie fight scene. then they lie down there moaning and grumbling.

i think 1 of the few races in this country that does not get any recognition or support from the local council and federal govt are the bumi folks of sabah & sarawaks. their fates are just like the red indians of the american nation. owners of land without land. the natives sabah has already been conquered by foreigners with malaysian ic. and the natives sarawaks are battling corporate giants that are tearing up their backyard forest. what amuse me the most is the fact that foreign ngo are more willing to help then any of our local ngo. even top nature society, Mns top contributors are japanese and americans. why are locals not interested in helping ? i guess i should not talk too much as well, as i'm not doing anything as well.

it's not surprising kl is the 3rd rudest city in the world. i mean if you dont care about nature or native rights and lands or their ancestral lands or any historical landmark that is not islam for your concern how can you not become rude. demolishing a temple at 5am in the morning ? thats a fucking rude awakening. with so many influx of cheap labours which are fucking rude most of the time, can foreigners distinguish between locals and our cheap labourers ? the issue of sabah and the foreigners are a blardy shame. for the sake of ensuring Bn wins, lifes are gambled with. everyone knows all this indon and filipinas are trouble makers. they actually bring in more problems than benefits. tell you what, why not shift putrajaya to kota kinabalu, then they know what kind of shitty situations this sabahan are facing,

how about sarawak ? how i see sarawak is that the state is practically covered from head to toe with forest. and by cutting a small portion of it, no one knows. so if no one knows who knows ? the natives lah of course. the natives stays inside the jungle wan mah, so of course they know lah. what do they care if the state make like Rm700 million a year. these natives dont benefit from it. maybe they dont even want it. like all malaysian so call conservation project, is doom to failed. 50 years from now, sarawak might be half fill by forest only. and the natives ? lost cause, sure lose wan. as long as its a Bn govt. sorry a malaysian govt. want to reserve it ? put Mns in it. remember a couple of years ago, when 2-3 helicopters crashed into the sarawak forest ? and they couldnt find it ? some sarawakian told me that it was the forest spirit upset with these ppl. that was why some were found and some were not. those that seek help peace with the forest spirit found their love ones, those didnt, were swallowed by the forest. lets put our hands together and summon the forest spirits and hope these tractors and bulldozers will be swallowed by them as well.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

between world cup & sex

it was 3 in the morning and i was comfortably slouching on the floor watching the world cup final. with peanuts and beer i was contended. eyes on balls and cold sweet taste of lager on my lips. then from the corner of my eye i notice a figure appearing from the bedroom door. automatically my eyes roll over to the new picture present before me. she was leaning against the wall, hair all tangled up, she had a thin layer of clothing covering her top she call her night gown and a very short shorts that hardly cover her ass. fingers on her lips then toying with her tongue. her other hand was caressing her exposed naval while slowly moving towards her bosom. i gulped down my 5% and tossed it a side. while trying to keep one eye on the ball and the other one on the live ball, my eyes started to look like a cockeye.

while looking cockeyed, i notice she is now on all four crawling slowly towards me. from the frontal view i could see her her valley between her breast and started to feel some camping activity below my waist. i looked at the valley, i look at the 29", i look back at the valley, it was too closed now, no valley, just her head, slowly, she pulled my boxers down and heaven, eye on ball, beer in my mouth and a Bj at 3 in the morning, what more can you ask for ?

then she started to kiss upwards from navel, to my chest, then to my neck, now i knew what is going to happen next. hot fucking. and very soon. not that i'm not in the mood. i'm very in the mood, but this is the world cup. it doesnt happen every year. its a once in every 4 years thing. and this is going to be a super match. do or die. what is it going to be ? sex or world cup ?

soon her lips found my lips and she was slurping beer out of my mouth. i tried to keep my eye on the screen, but found it difficult to keep up with her. she took her top off and pushed my face into her bosom. now my view is completely block. and i cant see a damn thing. damn all of a sudden i heard goallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. fuck i miss a goal, i pushed her aside and open my eyes, damn its 5am already and i have slept through the entire world cup final !

hahahaha, i guess this is what happen to you if you are married with small kids and you dont have regular sex with your wife. you can only dream about it. hahahaha. this reminds me, i would need to apply leave for the world cup final on 9 july.

but if i had to choose, between sex or world cup final, i'll go for the sex. yes world cup 4 years once and there is always the repeat. wife feeling all horny and wanting to fuck me, once in a very long while with no repeat. choose wisely.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

dato' and royalty tai sai ah ?

if you have read malaysiakini this few days you would have notice there seems to be some field day going on for the search of the malaysia speed king. this speed king are not your regular petrol head. this kepala minyak are you datuks & datins to royalties.

and if you read those articles, this ppl have more than 10 summonses, mostly for speeding. i had a summon once. and it was for not wearing the safety belt. fine was Rm300 no discount. didnt pay in the beginning, but when i wanted to renew my road tax, chau cheebai, cannot. have to quickly go settle the saman. and that summon was only 1 year old the most.

now all this big shot muthers have summonses for years and yet they still can renew their road tax ? and with discounts for more than 60% ? what the kannineh is this ? and somemore nobody go knocking on their doors with a warrant for arrest. how abt that royalty with 89 saman backdated from 2000, are they driving around with no road tax ? cause every malaysian knows that if you dont pay your saman you cannot renew your roadtax. and do you know royalties dont pay toll ? there was another muther royalty sped by car and went pass the toll, as they lift the barrier for it. i stop by the toll and ask the operator, why that bugger dont pay toll, she told me royalty dont pay toll. my guess if they dont pay toll, they dont pay any taxes as well lah ? chau cheebai kannineh.

lets no compare countries and just concentrate in malaysia.

89 samans backdated from year 2000. with discounts as much as 70% for settlement. can you swallow that ? ducky cannot. not that i'm surprised. just that it is something so wrong but nothing is being done about it. its just fucking wrong lah. personnaly ducky thinks any countries that still retain all this hocus pocus royalties shit like top shit mr. gong are hopeless other than those selected few countries. like thailand.

dont you think its a waste of fucking money just to maintain this suckers. its not like the olden days when states are fighting with each other for land & commodities lah. now they just sit down and look pretty. wasting money on luxury cars and mansions. do they actually contribute any economical gains or benefits for the rakyat ? shit none right ? then why want to retain them ? history said so ? since when does boleh land care abt history. dont get me started with the indian temples again.

89 samans backdated from year 2000. with discounts as much as 70% for settlement. cannot lah. ducky feels it is totally unacceptable. nevermind, i'll print that 89 saman statement out and when i have a saman i will demand for a 70% discount and i will pay it in 6 years times.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

chinese or malay school ?

One of the few things that occasionally pops into my head, whenever education is concern, is Chinese or Malay medium schools. As far as I can see and read in any issues in regards to this issue is that the children attending Chinese schools perform much better than those that are not, of course private schools are not included. Performance wise, I’m sure that is not a surprise. But what is always not mentioned or maybe I have not actually read it before, is the child characteristic that is being mold in the Chinese schools. I’m quite sure you know what I meant.

Somehow kids that attend Chinese schools, (ok I left out tamil schools, sorry I dont have any friends that went there) somehow dislike malays and indians on first impression. My theory has always been that somehow the Chinese schools brainwashed this kids from the beginning of primary 1. but of course that theory was never proven.

But I guess they behave that way, is because they only mix with the majority Chinese, (yes I know nowadays malays and Indians also attend Chinese primary). But of course this is not a general imprint of all Chinese school kids, just a majority. One point to mentioned here is also, if the parents were also from Chinese-ed, this would greatly compound their child disliking to the malays, compared to parents that went to malay medium schools. But then again, there are always exceptional cases.

I attended Tar college, for 2 years, for that 2 years I must say I felt a bit cold by how my fellow Chinese mates look at and think of malays (once again this is only from my experience), since majority of Tar kolej students are Chinese-ed. Friends even told me that I had a problem since I don’t speak mandarin nor canton.

dont you find your fellow mates that attended chinese schools up till primary 6, are a little wierd, but not as strange as those that attended all 12 years in chinese schools. my experience, friends that attended chinese schools till primary 6, then convert to malay schools, difficulties adjusting in the first year, remain distance from malays and indians, but slowly adjusting later on. friends, complete education in chinese schools, public and private, totally has no liking to the other races. malays are always refered to as "too-ko" and indians "or-ko" to them chinese is the ultimate race in the country, and they must reap as much resources as early as possible from the nemesis. but of course this is all from my own experience.

but some chinese that attended all 12 years in a malay schools, do behave like that. from my experience, this kids have different background. mostly influence by their business community parents. somehow these unfortunate kids saw the ugly malaysia before they actually joined the real ugly malaysia at their adult life.

i have decided that my kid will be attending chinese primary school but i hope i can retain her openess to all races and only to see the ugly malaysia when she is older and wiser.

* this post has no intension to discriminate any races but hopes to have an open idea why some kids turn out such way when others dont. main reason, what influence them. or is there actually a brainwashing machine actually used !

Sunday, June 18, 2006

i'm not done fucking free tv yet

last night while watching a very exciting Us / Italy match on rtm2, i had to hold my so call antenna to bumi it for a better reception. better reception here does not mean crystal clear dvd9 copies. i'll be more than happy if i get 2 shadow instead of 3 shadow per palyer. before i continue with my tiuing rtm & ntv7, i just want to comment a little bit on last night matches.

ghana & czech, already did here, Us & Italy, fantastic match. but i felt Us should have won. great goal keeping by the Us side. i guess this is what inevitable meant by my post on off side. its the inaccuracy that sometime affect the game. it was that Us goal that was called offside by the linesman. i believe the referee & the italian players has had accepted the score, but the linesman had to think otherwise. he must be a italian fan. from how i saw it, the 9 men Us team actually out played the cry babies 10 man team of italy. and to deny the Us that goal its sad. they deserve it. they were the underdog, but they played as the overdog, 10 man or 9 man. they showed great class and i didnt mind standing and holding the antenna for the whole 2 hours because it was worth it.

ok, back to fucking free tv. since not all matches are live, there are some delayed matches. but do you know what time do they show this delayed mathces ? STUPID FUCKING TIME. thats what time it is. eg, the delayed match of argentina vs serbia & montenegro was showed on ntv7 at 12am when rtm2 was showing live holland vs ivory coast !, last week, delayed match of england vs paraguay was played 1pm on monday ! apparently we no need to work lah. and tonight brazil vs australia will be fucking delayed at 2.30am, when france play korea at 3am. WHO THE FUCKING LANCIAU FIX ALL THIS DELAYED MATCHES ? HOW ABOUT REPEAT MATCHES, WHY NO REPEAT MATCHES! CCN-KNN-PUKI-MF-ASSHOLE. stupid or what . i believe rtm said they paid fifa 48milion to bring this much live telecast. why not all live telecast ? dont tell me no money, the gamen can pay compensation 100million to gerbang perdana. and that is to the benefit of 1 company only. this is live telecast for the whole nation. ccb stupid gamen, stupid rtm, stupid media prima, fuck you, fuck you. fuck you.

fucking bad reception on rtm 1 & 2

blardy hell, with all the world cup excitement, i forgot my bash the gamen friday ! i know its a bad excuse to blame the world cup, but i forgot wah ! lucky shadowfox reminded me. nermind. this one 1 day late. shit now 2 day late.

unlike most of you, i dun have astro, so i cant watch all the live matches of the 2006 world cup. we did have astro some time ago, but decide not to watch so much tv, so we cancelled it. and that was like 2 years ago.

so when ntv7 & rtm announced that they will bring live telecast of the matches, i was happy lah. last sunday my friend told me that not all matches will be aired live, and most probably will be the 9pm matches. i said ok lah. too much football also no good. then by tuesday i realised that even some 12 midnight matches will not be shown live. i began to get a little pissed by now. so i ran through all the matches that will be shown live on tv and blardy hell, preliminaries i can swallow. but 2nd round ? 4 out of 8. and quarter finals 2 out of 4 ! where can, chau cheebai !

ok, ok, thats not what the title meant. i cant figure out why rtm1 & rtm2 receiving frequency is so fucking bad one. i can get tv3, ntv7 & tv8 but not rtm & tv9. i believe rtm transmit on vhf ? since i receive tv3, ntv7 & tv8 on uhf. or isnt some other bandwith, what ever it is i get bad transmission on rtm. it never bothered me, since no chinese in malaysian watches rtm1, rtm2 maybe for the news. so the other day, whcile watching brazil against croatia on rtm1, instead of 22 players on the field, i saw 66 players ! yes i player plus 1 shadow infront and 1 shadow behind. great huh ? rtm2 ? dun bother, blue screen, no transmission.

in the love of god, why cant fucking rtm transmit better transmission. dont tell me no money. they sent 3 mother to the fucking russia for space training. shit money down the drain. epf is going to buy bank utama stake in rhb. so dont tell me no fucking money. cheebai.

ok yes i forgot, now i subscribe back to astro. but have to wait for a week because we do that 50% thing. and they say must merge account and what bullshit lah.

you know why i no tiu the Pm today or not ? since the old tun is tiuing him, what for i want to tiu somemore. better let them tiu each other until mah tong khiaulah.

wah 2am already. forgot also ghana game just now, fantsatic, outplayed the 10 man czech. the score should have been 10-0 at least. and have nothing to do with great goal keeping. if they had kick the ball at the net instead at the keeprs hands that would help a lot.

now have to go and adjust the stupid areal so i can try to watch the us vs italy match.

Friday, June 16, 2006

world cup fans photos

One thing I love about the world cup is the fans photos. Ppl dressed up in all sorts of colorful dresses, headgear, traditional gear to tons of painted faces and bodies of their respective countries and not forgetting those hot babes of football as well.

the jester and the clowns are the fav

swedish meatballs abundant and swedish twins

darth maul ? and flightless birds ?

everybody wants to take a picture with hot babes

more birds

and more babes, some in pairs

and some in groups

and this 2002 banner. i'm still puzzle by the banner.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

ferrari babes

if there is one thing ducky will share with the whole world, is when ducky got hands on pictures of hot chicks. got this through email, as you already know, i seem to be the last person on the earth to receive email forwards. anyway enjoy.

i think the haze is coming back, but i hope not

if you wake up in the morning this past few days and find yourself looking outside your window blurly, its not because you are still sleepy from lack of sleep or too much world cup marathon. it's just that i think the haze or jerubu is making a come back, after a year of absence.

if you remember correctly, last year port klang was declared a state of emergency as the haze level rose dramatically high to hazardous level. kuala lumpur which was also high but not as high as port klang was not declared a state of emergency, even though schools was closed for a day or 2. my theory then was because it was the dead line for the company tax submission due in middle of august, which means a lot of tax money to be collected. Lhdn is not going to closed it coffers just for some bad haze day.

and if you remember last year, our gamen promise to talk to the indon about all this. it looks like no talk has been done yet. and it is about that time of year again when the indons burn their vegetation for replanting. and if you didnt know any better, malaysia gamen loves the indon gamen, as it is the closest islam country around, also the largest islam population in the world and also boleh land main import of islam individuals.

doe website is currently only giving yesterday api reading. so i guess it has not gone into alert mode yet. yesterday api for KL was 54 at 11am & 57 at 5pm. highest reading in the country was bukit rambai at 78 in the morning and 75 in the evening. and as usual you can bet the doe will not give acual reading as it is also the time of year when the country has a big influx of middle east tourist. i think today's sky look worse than yesterday, so the reading should be more than yesterday, but when the doe updates its site and the reading is lower than wednesday then you know they are fucking with us again.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

world cup a side lets tiu the gamen again

if you live long enough in malaysia, you would realised apa-apa pun boleh jadi.

you know that BOK mansion along jalan ampang, sort of opposite the british council and the grand maya hotel ? the bandaraya band of bandits will soon be tearing it down to make way for more development. that mansion if you read abt it, had some nice historical story attached to it. and it is approximately 80 years old. it is one thing for the bandaraya to demolish it, but it is another thing for a developer to wish to demolish it and to built more concrete jungles on top of it. is money all that matter to you guys, doesnt you ppl have a little sense of historical value to want to preserve it ? lets put it in another scenario, i go to your parents house in some kampung, which you have live much as a kid. and during long holidays you go back to enjoy the peacefulness. now i'm the developer, and i'm going to tear your mama house down, because we need to built a highway across it. you can cry all you want to me abt your childhood memories, but fuck i care abt you, i'll tear it down the very next day with my bandalaya hooligans. how would you feel ?

i notice the highway project along jalan kuchai lama, somewhere near the ajinomoto, there is a umno branch office which have yet to be demolish while all construction works are currently being done all around it. i wonder if it was an indian temple, would it share the same fate ? my question to BN, "BN tai sai ah ?"

if the gamen had paid gerbang perdana their 100m compensation, most ppl would also have forgotten abt it already. because it is already quite a lapuk story. but now, things seems to have taken a different twist. from not building that Rm1 billion bridge, now the similiar cost of Rm1 billion would need to be fork out as well, to built other alternative structures and routes. i dont know how you guys see this, but ducky is smelling a rat here. do you smell one ? lets see, Rm1 billion scenic bridge scrap. somebody is standing to lose some Rm1 billion project deal here. with the old tun the most powerul voice being heard on this issue, most probably this is his own pension plan. so what do you do when your pet project is being scrap ? make up stories and at the same time, create new structures that will cost the same of more from the original plan. this way you dont lose. brilliant ideas huh from our country cronies.

apparently 5 ppl had already died while attending NS. and now they are going to teach them to shoot with a gun/rifle. if i had kids going to NS, i would ask for a guarantee that my kids wont get injured from using a gun, neither would my kid be accidentally shot with a rifle. if they cant or wont, i wont sent my children there. it's just a matter of safety. which i dont think we have yet to attend that standard just yet.

i think brazil is going to LOSE

Ok, time for some 1+1=3 crappy shit.

Walski claimed some indian bugger did some numerology analysis, and claim that brazil will win the 2006 world cup.

But after last night croatia vs brazil, I start to feel like 1998 world cup in france. Last night 1-0 victory might actually be in favour for the bookies already.

Brazil won in 1994, and was the hot fav to win in france 1998. but they lost. Now brazil again the winner of the last world cup 2002 and hot fav to win the 2006 world cup. With bets escallating to billions, maybe trillions ? in favour of brazil, Who do you think Is going to win?

Its clear as a crystal for ducky. Brazil to play in the final with germany, england or argentina and LOSE.

Footballs fans angry, bookies around the world happy.

From how I see it, unlike their europeans conterpart, brazillians are rather hardcore poor, most of the football players are poor before all this glamour. So money is money in brazil. as much as they loved the beautiful game, money is still the order of the day. yes i know football players are rich but they are no way near billions like gates, warren, ellison, to the wallmart family.

so dont tell me i didnt warn you first. better to take bets against brazil.

i was checking the world cup odds, i didnt quite understand it, anyone mind to explain to ducky ?

to win world cup

1. brazil - 3.65
2. argentina - 7
3 england - 7
4. germany - 9

are this like payout ? if brazil win, you win 3.65 times ?
but this are todays bet, so when we are nearer to the finals, brazil odds will be lower right ?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the great italian orgy team

ducky pay tribute to the great italian football team.

the magnificent 2006 italian world cup orgy team

the italian team all ready for their great orgy

some are more eager than others. "come on lah, cannot wait already"

here we go the great italian moving orgy position

the ultimate italian orgy including reserves for that extra oomph

"oh ya i'm cumming". pls dont come on my face !

mother fucker i said dont cum on my face, now i'm fucking blind !

come, lets join us mozilla, no-no, mozilla prefers white pussy, not white ass.

ok, ok, he is down, take his pants off

my arse hurts real bad

nah, take this you mother fucker.

Monday, June 12, 2006

the forgotten grand prix

I notice with the world cup fever, there is not a single post on pps about the british formula 1 grand prix. Not that I watched it. Neither did I watch last night football, I guess my old body couldn’t take it another night, after Friday & Saturday nights.

I didn’t realized it as well, until my friend told me that free tv don’t cover all 64 matches. Most probably not the 9pm slot. Well I guess it s quite ok, since I would still want to watch without a trace, prison break, reunion & commander in chief.

Anyway, the british grand prix was won by, as you would have already guess it, alonso. Here are the winners.

1. alonso
2. schumi
3. kimi
4. fisichella
5. massa
6. Montoya
7. heidfield
8. villeneuve

championship standing wise

alonso – 74
schumi – 51
kimi – 33
fisichella – 32
Montoya - 26
massa – 24
button – 16
ruben – 13
heidfield – 10

constructors pula,

Renault – 106
Ferrari – 75
mcclaren – 59
Honda – 29

My, guess is alonso is going to win again this year, and maybe next year for a hatrick. Well what do you expect, I didn’t watch the race either.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

ducky take a look at word cup.

its that time of year again. every 4 years once. that beautiful game. everybody must be sick of reading football blogs. personally i dun read any football blogs as fifa site is more than enough for me.

i remember back then when the internet was non-existing or maybe not easily available, you have to actually watch the match to know the results. else you ask your friends lah. or check out the tv news for latest results. another alternative back then was to get teletext/britext, you know those additional news you get from your selected tv models, like many years ago. a lot of ah sow got it then to get on-line stock prices. when thats many years ago.

the 1st world cup that i watch was the 1982. i remember back then there was like some ovaltine sticker book for you to stick all 24 teams sticker in that book. so we be like gulping ovaltine everyday, so we get to buy a new tin every week !

but the first world cup that i actually sat down and watch was the 1986. strangely but the only 3 memorial world cup to me was the 1986, 1990 & 1994. 1986 being one of the best world cup ever with the atmosphere and maradona. i believe that was then the mexican wave was born. and also the first time i ever heard a goal by a commentor that sounded like goallllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

the 1994 world cup was great because it was hosted by the USA. the statistic country. every single match was fill with statistic. who had the most this and that. and the best part of it, while the matches was getting bored, players' profile pop up on the tv screen, to keep audience entertaint and informed.

and 1990, not because of the game, but that comical stunt between rijkaard and voeller. where rijkaard spits on voeller and they had a bash in and out of the stadium.

one thing i dont understand abt football, is why after so many decades of football. they cant get electronicaly gadget to monitor off-sides. many times lines man make mistake and spoil the whole game. many times also when a playes that knows that he is off-side and he score the goal, the repeat will show him actually not celebrating just yet until there is no whistle blown for off-side. that is cheating lah. you know and you do it.

why not let the replays and camera angles decide whether it is off-side or not. i mean if you need to decide who wins in a 100m dash by checking the replay why not football ? if the lines man is memang buta, then get more lines man lah, why must there be 1 referee & 2 lines man ? if they are so buta, then it should at leats 3 referee & 10 lines man. and this would also avoid all those football actors. run here run there, suddenly missed his shot in the penalty box, fall down ask for penalty. if the referee dont come over, he'll still be lying down there. when the referee comes over, miracle, the pain is gone. same goes for those pushy players, push here push there, tarik baju, tarik seluar, elbowing, kick here kick there. when someone falls down, they pretend like nothing ever happen. and the time wastage. fifa should implement something like the shot clock in basketball.

look at high speed games like tennis and squash, already has buzzer when the ball is out. badminton should also follow suit. i believe there was this argument some years back, but somehow someone got to convince it is beautiful game that needed a human touch. bull shit if you ask me. get the angles in, the replays, the 20 lines man & referee and you can bet, what you'll get is pure football with no room for acting.

Friday, June 09, 2006

clash of the titans

old tun vs pak lah

well the word cup is starting. in malaysia, another cup is brewing , its the dabate team of noisy old tun vs the quite pak lah.

lets get ready to RUMMMMMMMBLEEEEEEE !!!

in the red corner we have the current premier, with no records of being knocked down before, "ahmad abdullah slow talking badawiiiiiiiiiiiii" and the contender, the former premier of the boleh land, with an impressive record of 22 TKOs, the king of the cronies, i give you " dr dont fuck with mahathir king of cronies mahathirrrrrrrrrrrr"

in the beginning it would seem that the old tun was concern abt the pak lah administration, subsequently it appeared liked he was more than concern but unhappy with pak lah decision on certain matters. now the old tun decided not to talk in peribahasa/flowery language but to lash out in common english words. "he was not my first choice"

if you had watch 8TV latest offering commander in chief @ 9.30pm on thursday night, you might find much similarity. first women president that wants to change how the president administration works after so many decades. like wise our pak lah, the so call god fearing man, wants to change all this bad umno practices with good clean honest administration. not to say that pak lah is all so squicky clean, that's another story altogether . lets say it appear to be squicky clean.

so like our 8tv show, the old tun here is like donald sutherland, unhappy with the newcommander, he decides to take things into his own hands and start rallying old comrades for support. as a norm for all crooked politicians they will show support for their current premier but actually carrying the old tun flag. even his protege is putting up a good show.

but that is the drama minggu ini that is being shown to the rakyat. so what is the main purpose for all this gung ho activities ? ducky doesnt know. money is my main guess.old tun & his buddies coffers are not that full anymore. proton is not making much money.mas is losing out to airasia. many glc are being dragged out 1 by 1 to show their cow epf coffers are also running low. development activities are being strongly rejectedby the rakyat. rakyat are now more aware of their rights. rakyat wants more changes to benefit them instead of the umno gang only. anwar is also back. sarawak election disaster.

or maybe there is no hidden agenda & the old tun is losing his mind.

whatever the reason, all ducky can say is "Gajah sama Gajah berjuang, pelanduk mati ditengah-tengah" and who is the pelanduk ? maybe its khairy, lets wait and see.

more indian temples demolish

it looks like more indian temples are being demolish as we speak. we understand that most of this temples are centuries old and have significant historical value. and furthermore, if the gamen ever notice, tourist are rather attracted to the structures and carvings of the temple structures. but unfortunately, our dickhead gamen has no eye for historical value. only talland big mega structures that have no significant importance to the rakyat will be establish.old rusted centuries old building and structures that were illegally built 100s of years ago will be torn down to facilitate for malls and mega projects.

funny thing i didnt see or hear any damn masjid being demolish to make way for any projects.personally ducky would prefer seeing a masjid being torn down rather than a indian temple. as the former is rather noisy 5 times a day.

i think the gamen is trying to say something here.

1. sammy, please get the fuck out of here, you have overstayed your welcome in BN.
2. we dont like indians.
3. we dont give 2 fuck about indian temples.
4. islam is dominant, we cant convert the chinese, but the mamak is easier.

well its friday, what do you expect, its gamen bishy-bashy day.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

dont they use credit card ?

Did you ever notice that kwai lou in Malaysia buy things with cash ? I’ve never seen one that buys with a credit card.

Don’t believe, go over to ikea in the morning, just when they open, why, don’t you know the expatriate in this country go to our shopping malls early, before the KL mad rush starts. If you visit jusco at 10.00 in the morning, chances are there will be a lot of Japanese there doing their grocery shopping. Same goes for ikea.

Anyway, you might think it’s a few hundred RM, maybe 100-200. no I tell you. I saw a man bought things worth up to Rm800, the man paid in cash. In carrefour, I saw a man took out a stack of 100 bills to pay for Rm600 worth of beers. Maybe you say hundreds only. I say no again, I saw a man at ace hardware buying a bbq stove, you know those big one the size of a kancil, it was like RM3,000++, the man paid in cash.

Are this kwai lou telling us something that we don’t know yet ? my guess is they felt the Rm is junk, and they have no intention of keeping any of it.

if you are earning anything other than RM, you should shut up.

many a times ducky has read many post by malaysian bloggers complaining about the continous price increase in basic necessities and services to bad services from the gamen dept.

and most of the time, this post will have good hits as it is a very interesting and debatable topic. most of the time, malaysian that are living abroad will say we complain too much about every under the sun in malaysia. and they will cite pointless things like they miss the nasi lemak & roti canai.

ducky feels this is so, because those that complain like ducky are medium income earners, who dont have much additional disposal income after paying for everything under the sun. what is left is just enough to go for a movie or 2 with popcorn maybe. so every single cent increase in any damn thing affect us one way or another. this is evidence whenever this topic is debate with family and friends during reunion and gatherings. those that are richer will not complain too much, as all this changes does not affect them that much. at most they will cite what our dpm has said before, change our lifestyle. dont believe ? go check out richer bloggers and see what they blog about ? if it is not abt them, then its abt some latest fad or whatever that is happening. ducky is not going to mention any names here.

lastly, let ducky remind those not in malaysia, we do not earn USD or Euro$ or even SGD to come home and enjoy the cheap malaysian food/goods, we earn RM which doesnt get any bigger any time soon. our employers do not like us to take long holidays unlike your american/european counterpart. we put in many long hours just to earn what you may think is wages only. as much as we are not happy here, we are rather stuck here, as we do not have that many opportunities to leave the country for better prospect. we have parents we need to take care off. our parents do not have fat pension or epf to live on. they virtually changed their life style after they have pension.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

vision 2020, mission impossible

after reading walski post, i wanted to comment more, so i wrote a post instead.

how far is malaysia from reaching the 2020 vision ? if you ask ducky, ducky will tell you, never. never will malaysia ever achieve that 2020 vision to be a fully develop country by then, not by another 100 years, make that 1,000 years. well maybe in a thousand years malaysia might be a sort of develop country, but not by its own will, but because that's the only lowest status available by then. but knowing malaysia, like our dear state of selangor, which declared itself a develop state. by 2020 malaysia will declare itself a develop state by a big wasteful celebration by inviting diplomats from less develop countries like the middle east, south americans & africans. and of course the british. why ? dont you know, just to show them we did it. and of course the ever polite british will say that malaysia has gone a long long way from the days of rubber and tin.

but first of all ducky would like to know by whose yard stick malaysia is going to use to measure its develop status ? by comparing to the filipina ? indonesia ? myanmar ? vietnam ? as you know malaysia dont like to be measured by the kwai lou system. as malaysia always deem kwai lou measurement are not suitable for us. well so how is malaysia going to fair up to this 2020 vision ? well if you let khir toyo be the next PM, he'll declare malaysia a develop country in 5 years time, like what he did to selangor !

does ducky even need to explain why we cant reach a fully develop status ? i'm quite sure every not so naive person in malaysia knows that for sure, but just for argument sake, ducky will just briefly bull shit on it. every single nations' interest project was/is/will be started for the very purpose for someone to make a profit. then only the interest of the rakyat is taken into consideration. and when building all this projects, profits for the builders are the main concern not the quality or the safety/worthinees of the stcruture/building is being concern. if projects fail, the builders will be compensated accordingly. why the project fail is not anyones concern. the gamen work is done. project proposed, closed tender given to cronies, project fail, cronies make money. thats all.

have you ever been into a low cost flat ? those that are being occopied by squatters and poorer ppl ? if you have time go visit some of the finish blocks. you'll be surprised of how the quality and workmanship of the flats are. i've seen them. yes they are much more spacious and comfortable than the squatters & rumah pamjang. but do you know that it was build with the cheapest material available. the walls and the floors are uneven. the piping and the wiring are ridicolously placed. just because it is a low cost flat, does that mean it has to be built with the cheapest materials ? even medium price apartments are not spared nowadays. the size of the toilets are ridicolously small. the layout stupidly moronicly plan. only the rich bastards of this country can enjoy quality homes, those that cost 1/2 million & above. how fucking fair is that.

ducky sidelined ? fuck no. thats the whole point. every single thing that is built has to be profitable. if it is not profitable there are no takers. if forced into it, then the builders will source for cheapest materials to try to make a profit at all cause.

i have a friend that was an accountant in this listed developer company. he couldnt tell us the actual figures but he said it was dirt cheap to built a house in malaysia and the profits they made were so huge it was stagerring. not to mentioned all the approvals by the relevant authorities is just a cheque away. the money was good but he left after a year as he felt he couldnt be part of an industry that is so corrupted.

i believe i saw a documentary in the discovery channel once on motor vehicle in the states. it claim that the US school bus are special built motor vehicle. it is built with the highest quality stuff and it is also one of the safest transport in the world. as it is ran through vigorous test to ensure its road worthyness and safety. why all this ? because the school buses are carrying the future of their country !

Monday, June 05, 2006

i dont understand indian politics

ok, this is another edition of ducky talking about thing he has absolutely no knowledge off. needless to say, ducky is just looking for trouble on a monday afternoon.

the coming MIC election.

if there is 1 political party that no one ducky never took any bother is the MIC. no one i cannot be bothered, because you dont see any MIC brother standing up in parliament to say anything and when samy talk, it is all the time senseless and downright ridicolous. i cant think of a time he actually said anything that made sense. that is why i guess the gamen dont send him out for any overseas PR. and furthermore, the way he talk, the man really sound like he came from the village and never been to sekolah and everyday lepaking at the projects ! and plus his super obvious fake hairdo, the man resemble a clown lah.

what i dont understand is, why this bugger subramaniam, just keep quite and let samy tembak him all the time and keep on saying he is loyal and all, why not just kick the boss ass. it is a known fact that this samy fellow is a dumb ass, so how in the world can he sit in that president chair for sooooooo long without being oppose ? it must be some kind indian politics nobdy understands. ducky feels this subra guy should just challange samy for the top dog position. how you knows, he might just win.

and lastly, why isnt samy wanting to retire ? coffers not full yet kah? no candidate ? i bet my balls any candidate is far much better than samy lah. maybe he got like some 100s sob in india to feed ? he should have left when his other brother in arms left, somemore they got tun. if he dont go now, i can bet when he goes, it wouldnt be in nice terms. kicking and shouting maybe. even humiliation.

samy, do us a favour lah, go get a tun lah.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

sunday scribblings

someone reminded me that najib would be the next PM because of the RAHMAN thing. so i thought why not RAHMAT, and the T is for TOYO of course. dont tell me cannot because, if i am not mistaken our first PM is tunku abdul rahman, not just rahman. so if the ppl that started all this cock & bull can claim r is for rahman, so can i claim t is for TOYO. since both are also the 3rd name of the person, you see.

tunku abdul Rahman & then mohd khir Toyo.

there has been a lot of talk abt BN paying ppl to vote for them in the last election in sarawak. i'm not really surprise. for the opposition to do so, would be a little hard to believe, since the opposition are not that cash rich, right ? maybe they have backing, then all is fair lah. this reminded me of my 1st time voting when i was 21 years old 3 election ago. i voted at the melawati constitution, i think there is no melawati constitution, but i voted there lah, ampang maybe, anyway, being first timer i was all excited. doing the right thing i thought so. so i went to the voting counter, let them check my ic, then they ask, "kali pertama ka?" i said "ya". they gave me my voting papers and instructed me to go into the voting booth, but just before that, the person that gave my ballot paper had to tell me this, "adik, undi senang saja, adik tengok dacing, mark kat sana", with that he gave me a wink.

a 1st timer voter, and at 21 ? rebellious age. and of course since i was told what to do, i had to do the exact opposite. went into the booth, fuck, all i had was the dacing and that green flag with the white circle. not much of a choice right ? so, my first ever vote was for PAS. great. but what really pissed me off was that man that told me to ticked on the dacing. that was a little too much.

my daughter now 4 goes to kiddy. and they have mid year exams ! anyway, she had A for chinese, B for Bm and C for english. i dont get it. i dont speak mandarin, just abt enough to tell ppl i dont understand . and now my kid got A. i'm a little confuse. i saw her exam papers, and wallah, she dont speak that well apparently. then i realised she actually speaks canton more at home than english. the english is actually to compensate her canton words that she dont know, not the other way around.

come to think of the ipcmc threat by the pdrm, ducky guess they are just playing poker with nothing but the best a pair only. if they actually meant what they said, they would actually had allowed the last sunday protest to proceed without any interuptions just to show brother BN they meant business and they can do that. but since they didnt and looks like they didnt bothered, i hope the opposition dont take their words too seriously, cause they never like the opposition in the 1st place. best thing to do, i just to implement the ipcmc whatever threat the pdrm throw out. all the BN guys need to do, is to tell all the pdrm forces, especially those lower ranks that if any sort of protest exist at all, you can kiss your salary goodbye. you know as well as i do, police salary arent that much, without pay for them hurts real bad. and stop paying bribes, they'll starved to death.

thats 2 birds with 1 stone. not bad for a sunday afternoon scribblings.

Friday, June 02, 2006

saaya irie again ????

this girl is very hard to resist. one look at her and your heart melts. just in case you like her so much and you want to watch her on a video, there is a torrent here , a blog here and a myspace here.

i've watch the video, there is absolutely nothing to see. ok. i know it is pointless to tell you, cause you are going to want to watch it as well. its like if i tell you that pammy video is also lousy to watch. but that paris video ? RECOMMENDED. especially that last bit on the bj. SUPER. see if it is good, i will definitely recommend it.

let me explain in detail why there is absolutely nothing to see. first of all all those pictures, like the one below is not there. secondly all you see is an 11 year old girl trying to pose like a kid and sometimes like an adult, which actually look rather silly. thirdly, because in the video she look 11, not any older, which makes you feel, eew, why am i looking at a 11 year old. so if you have not seen it, trust me, not worth your download time. not to say there arent enough seeders, download speed is ok, no complain. the size is abt 700mb.

my my i'm hypnotized by your b00bs

ok enough of this childish pictures, lets see some wrestling b00bs,