Sunday, June 11, 2006

ducky take a look at word cup.

its that time of year again. every 4 years once. that beautiful game. everybody must be sick of reading football blogs. personally i dun read any football blogs as fifa site is more than enough for me.

i remember back then when the internet was non-existing or maybe not easily available, you have to actually watch the match to know the results. else you ask your friends lah. or check out the tv news for latest results. another alternative back then was to get teletext/britext, you know those additional news you get from your selected tv models, like many years ago. a lot of ah sow got it then to get on-line stock prices. when thats many years ago.

the 1st world cup that i watch was the 1982. i remember back then there was like some ovaltine sticker book for you to stick all 24 teams sticker in that book. so we be like gulping ovaltine everyday, so we get to buy a new tin every week !

but the first world cup that i actually sat down and watch was the 1986. strangely but the only 3 memorial world cup to me was the 1986, 1990 & 1994. 1986 being one of the best world cup ever with the atmosphere and maradona. i believe that was then the mexican wave was born. and also the first time i ever heard a goal by a commentor that sounded like goallllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

the 1994 world cup was great because it was hosted by the USA. the statistic country. every single match was fill with statistic. who had the most this and that. and the best part of it, while the matches was getting bored, players' profile pop up on the tv screen, to keep audience entertaint and informed.

and 1990, not because of the game, but that comical stunt between rijkaard and voeller. where rijkaard spits on voeller and they had a bash in and out of the stadium.

one thing i dont understand abt football, is why after so many decades of football. they cant get electronicaly gadget to monitor off-sides. many times lines man make mistake and spoil the whole game. many times also when a playes that knows that he is off-side and he score the goal, the repeat will show him actually not celebrating just yet until there is no whistle blown for off-side. that is cheating lah. you know and you do it.

why not let the replays and camera angles decide whether it is off-side or not. i mean if you need to decide who wins in a 100m dash by checking the replay why not football ? if the lines man is memang buta, then get more lines man lah, why must there be 1 referee & 2 lines man ? if they are so buta, then it should at leats 3 referee & 10 lines man. and this would also avoid all those football actors. run here run there, suddenly missed his shot in the penalty box, fall down ask for penalty. if the referee dont come over, he'll still be lying down there. when the referee comes over, miracle, the pain is gone. same goes for those pushy players, push here push there, tarik baju, tarik seluar, elbowing, kick here kick there. when someone falls down, they pretend like nothing ever happen. and the time wastage. fifa should implement something like the shot clock in basketball.

look at high speed games like tennis and squash, already has buzzer when the ball is out. badminton should also follow suit. i believe there was this argument some years back, but somehow someone got to convince it is beautiful game that needed a human touch. bull shit if you ask me. get the angles in, the replays, the 20 lines man & referee and you can bet, what you'll get is pure football with no room for acting.


Minny said...

Imagine all the wasted time calling for replays whenever there is a contentious decision. Perhaps FIFA could implement a CHALLENGE RULE like they have in the NFL. 3 challenges per team in a match. But this could also be used as a time-wasting tactic if the leading team wants to run down the clock towards the end of a match. However, they should definitely implement some sort of technology to ascertain whether a ball has crossed the goal line.

ducky said...

true true minny, time wastage. but something must be done about judging off-side. the human factor is definitely very subjective here. maybe the actual reason why all this has not been implemented yet is because the bookies didnt approve of it, which if implemented would greatly reduce their influence in match results.

Inevitable said...

Well, THIS is actually part of football. Not that I disagree with your opinion but in football sometimes it is the luck that count. The inaccurate result might seems unfair but this is the reason why this sport is loved by all. People like to argue about this and that and football provide them with the platform to do so. Imagine if every result is decided electronically, how bored will the game be...

ducky said...

the hand of god where got fair.

if the players cannot cheat, wont they all be playing at a much higher standard. like when the USA hosted the world cup and team USA didnt know how to fall down for a free kick ? and when they got tackled down, they'll get up and continue dribbling. what class and show-manship !