Wednesday, June 21, 2006

dato' and royalty tai sai ah ?

if you have read malaysiakini this few days you would have notice there seems to be some field day going on for the search of the malaysia speed king. this speed king are not your regular petrol head. this kepala minyak are you datuks & datins to royalties.

and if you read those articles, this ppl have more than 10 summonses, mostly for speeding. i had a summon once. and it was for not wearing the safety belt. fine was Rm300 no discount. didnt pay in the beginning, but when i wanted to renew my road tax, chau cheebai, cannot. have to quickly go settle the saman. and that summon was only 1 year old the most.

now all this big shot muthers have summonses for years and yet they still can renew their road tax ? and with discounts for more than 60% ? what the kannineh is this ? and somemore nobody go knocking on their doors with a warrant for arrest. how abt that royalty with 89 saman backdated from 2000, are they driving around with no road tax ? cause every malaysian knows that if you dont pay your saman you cannot renew your roadtax. and do you know royalties dont pay toll ? there was another muther royalty sped by car and went pass the toll, as they lift the barrier for it. i stop by the toll and ask the operator, why that bugger dont pay toll, she told me royalty dont pay toll. my guess if they dont pay toll, they dont pay any taxes as well lah ? chau cheebai kannineh.

lets no compare countries and just concentrate in malaysia.

89 samans backdated from year 2000. with discounts as much as 70% for settlement. can you swallow that ? ducky cannot. not that i'm surprised. just that it is something so wrong but nothing is being done about it. its just fucking wrong lah. personnaly ducky thinks any countries that still retain all this hocus pocus royalties shit like top shit mr. gong are hopeless other than those selected few countries. like thailand.

dont you think its a waste of fucking money just to maintain this suckers. its not like the olden days when states are fighting with each other for land & commodities lah. now they just sit down and look pretty. wasting money on luxury cars and mansions. do they actually contribute any economical gains or benefits for the rakyat ? shit none right ? then why want to retain them ? history said so ? since when does boleh land care abt history. dont get me started with the indian temples again.

89 samans backdated from year 2000. with discounts as much as 70% for settlement. cannot lah. ducky feels it is totally unacceptable. nevermind, i'll print that 89 saman statement out and when i have a saman i will demand for a 70% discount and i will pay it in 6 years times.


Vad3r said...

u dunno royalties no pay tax 1 meh ??


damn hai lat right?

anyway I dun hv anythg agst them cuz that is their privilege, but the cb latuks must pay la, c'mon oledi make so much money so kiamsap & still wan FACE ?!?!

ducky said...

yes lah all the datuks /tan sris / tuns must pay lah. being leaders of the communitties, they have to set an example for other to follow. excuses like they were rushing for some appointment or attending parliament seatings are just BS. you think we are not rushing for something lah. sent wife to work, sent kids to school, sent kid to baby sitter, sent mother to hospital. these datuks ? got drivers somemore. stop making excuses and pay the saman lah.

actually i kinda think they pay some kind of tax lah. so no lah i dun know. so stupid of me hor ?

where can say they got privileges? this is the 21st century not the midieval times lah. you also said it is damn hai lat. and not forgetting last time they help the japanese during the WWII ? talk abt loyalty ? royalty my ass.