Tuesday, June 06, 2006

vision 2020, mission impossible

after reading walski post, i wanted to comment more, so i wrote a post instead.

how far is malaysia from reaching the 2020 vision ? if you ask ducky, ducky will tell you, never. never will malaysia ever achieve that 2020 vision to be a fully develop country by then, not by another 100 years, make that 1,000 years. well maybe in a thousand years malaysia might be a sort of develop country, but not by its own will, but because that's the only lowest status available by then. but knowing malaysia, like our dear state of selangor, which declared itself a develop state. by 2020 malaysia will declare itself a develop state by a big wasteful celebration by inviting diplomats from less develop countries like the middle east, south americans & africans. and of course the british. why ? dont you know, just to show them we did it. and of course the ever polite british will say that malaysia has gone a long long way from the days of rubber and tin.

but first of all ducky would like to know by whose yard stick malaysia is going to use to measure its develop status ? by comparing to the filipina ? indonesia ? myanmar ? vietnam ? as you know malaysia dont like to be measured by the kwai lou system. as malaysia always deem kwai lou measurement are not suitable for us. well so how is malaysia going to fair up to this 2020 vision ? well if you let khir toyo be the next PM, he'll declare malaysia a develop country in 5 years time, like what he did to selangor !

does ducky even need to explain why we cant reach a fully develop status ? i'm quite sure every not so naive person in malaysia knows that for sure, but just for argument sake, ducky will just briefly bull shit on it. every single nations' interest project was/is/will be started for the very purpose for someone to make a profit. then only the interest of the rakyat is taken into consideration. and when building all this projects, profits for the builders are the main concern not the quality or the safety/worthinees of the stcruture/building is being concern. if projects fail, the builders will be compensated accordingly. why the project fail is not anyones concern. the gamen work is done. project proposed, closed tender given to cronies, project fail, cronies make money. thats all.

have you ever been into a low cost flat ? those that are being occopied by squatters and poorer ppl ? if you have time go visit some of the finish blocks. you'll be surprised of how the quality and workmanship of the flats are. i've seen them. yes they are much more spacious and comfortable than the squatters & rumah pamjang. but do you know that it was build with the cheapest material available. the walls and the floors are uneven. the piping and the wiring are ridicolously placed. just because it is a low cost flat, does that mean it has to be built with the cheapest materials ? even medium price apartments are not spared nowadays. the size of the toilets are ridicolously small. the layout stupidly moronicly plan. only the rich bastards of this country can enjoy quality homes, those that cost 1/2 million & above. how fucking fair is that.

ducky sidelined ? fuck no. thats the whole point. every single thing that is built has to be profitable. if it is not profitable there are no takers. if forced into it, then the builders will source for cheapest materials to try to make a profit at all cause.

i have a friend that was an accountant in this listed developer company. he couldnt tell us the actual figures but he said it was dirt cheap to built a house in malaysia and the profits they made were so huge it was stagerring. not to mentioned all the approvals by the relevant authorities is just a cheque away. the money was good but he left after a year as he felt he couldnt be part of an industry that is so corrupted.

i believe i saw a documentary in the discovery channel once on motor vehicle in the states. it claim that the US school bus are special built motor vehicle. it is built with the highest quality stuff and it is also one of the safest transport in the world. as it is ran through vigorous test to ensure its road worthyness and safety. why all this ? because the school buses are carrying the future of their country !


walski69 said...

Good point on what yardstick will be used. To me, the day that the KL integrated public transport system is really integrated in a real-world sense (interconnectivity between lines, feeder systems properly running, etc.) then we would have come one step closer.

And no, I personally don't think we will achieve Vision 2020 by 2020. Unless someone rewrites the vision to water it down. Otherwise, we can say that hindsight is 20-20...

ax said...

i'm a m'sian but now residing in s'pore. i read quite a lot bout m'sia's progress . what you said really proved some points. i do agreed m'sia is completely hopeless. how irony!! i'm intending to move back to kl due next year

ducky said...

yes thats the ultimate test in kl walski, the transportation systems. remember dbkl bought some million RM systems that they hope can solve traffic woes in klang valley ? is it all the electronic signboard hanging over our heads ? ducky feels that anyone that can truely solve the traffic problems in kl to 80% perfect should deserve a TUN. i mean truely deserve a TUN.

visi 2020 ? by our own yardstick as usual.

welcome back to the 20th century then AX.