Tuesday, June 20, 2006

chinese or malay school ?

One of the few things that occasionally pops into my head, whenever education is concern, is Chinese or Malay medium schools. As far as I can see and read in any issues in regards to this issue is that the children attending Chinese schools perform much better than those that are not, of course private schools are not included. Performance wise, I’m sure that is not a surprise. But what is always not mentioned or maybe I have not actually read it before, is the child characteristic that is being mold in the Chinese schools. I’m quite sure you know what I meant.

Somehow kids that attend Chinese schools, (ok I left out tamil schools, sorry I dont have any friends that went there) somehow dislike malays and indians on first impression. My theory has always been that somehow the Chinese schools brainwashed this kids from the beginning of primary 1. but of course that theory was never proven.

But I guess they behave that way, is because they only mix with the majority Chinese, (yes I know nowadays malays and Indians also attend Chinese primary). But of course this is not a general imprint of all Chinese school kids, just a majority. One point to mentioned here is also, if the parents were also from Chinese-ed, this would greatly compound their child disliking to the malays, compared to parents that went to malay medium schools. But then again, there are always exceptional cases.

I attended Tar college, for 2 years, for that 2 years I must say I felt a bit cold by how my fellow Chinese mates look at and think of malays (once again this is only from my experience), since majority of Tar kolej students are Chinese-ed. Friends even told me that I had a problem since I don’t speak mandarin nor canton.

dont you find your fellow mates that attended chinese schools up till primary 6, are a little wierd, but not as strange as those that attended all 12 years in chinese schools. my experience, friends that attended chinese schools till primary 6, then convert to malay schools, difficulties adjusting in the first year, remain distance from malays and indians, but slowly adjusting later on. friends, complete education in chinese schools, public and private, totally has no liking to the other races. malays are always refered to as "too-ko" and indians "or-ko" to them chinese is the ultimate race in the country, and they must reap as much resources as early as possible from the nemesis. but of course this is all from my own experience.

but some chinese that attended all 12 years in a malay schools, do behave like that. from my experience, this kids have different background. mostly influence by their business community parents. somehow these unfortunate kids saw the ugly malaysia before they actually joined the real ugly malaysia at their adult life.

i have decided that my kid will be attending chinese primary school but i hope i can retain her openess to all races and only to see the ugly malaysia when she is older and wiser.

* this post has no intension to discriminate any races but hopes to have an open idea why some kids turn out such way when others dont. main reason, what influence them. or is there actually a brainwashing machine actually used !


Kamigoroshi said...

I went to a chinese medium primary school before I went to goverment high school and I can tell you this, it's not that primary schools brainwash you into all these things, it's because at the end of it, the culture is too dissimilar between say malays and chinese. There are different limitations and advantages that both cultures do not see eye to eye on a lot of things especially in ways of studying and extracurricular activities. I couldn't adjust because of that same reason and I am a malay.

Then again, I felt right at home when I went to TARC after high school and it's just the whether you can get a long with the culture. I might not like pure traditionalistic chinese where they have a limitation to many things and keep to themselves, but at the end of it, as long as my friends saw me as a person without limitations of culture, everything was cool.

Adam said...

Didn't have much problem when we were in Univ. Malaya doing our MBA. However, came across some really racist guys who were complete hypocrites. Smiling when when other races were around but start cursing them when their backs were turned. And they were of all races.

ducky said...

kamigoroshi, emmh, never thought a malay would feel comfortable in Tar college. maybe times have changed for the better. culture, yes i think that is what it is. and i would presume each school would each have their own distinctive cultures. i remembered my school sang the school song before singing the negaraku. and of course, acceptance the key society factor.

adam, i know what you mean. maybe its that culture thing kamigoroshi mentioned abt. being unable to adapt, they put on their smiley face when approach, and vice versa.

angel said...

duckyliu, i liu-ed u... cum check it out ;)

ah pek said...

sending your kids for 6 years of chinese education is a wise move. you won't regret it.

Anonymous said...

The problem with those who went to Chinese school, they also have a knack for looking down on OTHER Chinese, who did not attend Chinese schools.

They just love name-calling other non-Chinese educated Chinese as bananaman.

No doubt they're academically more competent but they have serious attitude issues.

ducky said...

that is quite true shadowfox. i remembered in form 6, when most of our malay mates couldnt make it or had gone for various bumiputra programmes, the gap was filled with many chinese school leavers. for us guys who has spent all 11 years of our education with the majority malay, we kinda spoke a english-hokkien-malay lingo. which was not liked by our new friends. claimimg why doesnt a chinese speaks chinese ? we felt hurt a bit, as it is quite true, why dont we speak chinese that much, i think that brings us back to what kamigoroshi mentioned, culture, with majority being malay, the spoken lingo is malay+english so we dont offend our malay mates.

in Tar college i was known as the banana boy until i found a northen group of friends that spoke hokkien as their 1st language.

and lastly that is what i feared most by sending my kid to chinese school. yes the quality is top notch compared the Srk. but the culture and attitude that will be instilled into their young minds. thats a scary thought for me.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know, Chinese Chauvinism is very strong and alive among the Chinese educated.

They're taught to excel academically and also to respect their elders.

Unfortunately, very little is emphasized on human to human relations.

Therefore I feel the typical Chinese educated and traditional Chinese family places much less emphasis on respect for fellow human beings of similar levels.

These chauvinists tend to end up with contempt for people whom they view not of equal academic performance or as ethnically pure.