Friday, June 30, 2006

old tun is doing the bashing, what else is there for me to bash abt ?

actually this past few weeks i had very little gamen bashing to do. well since the old tun put on his armour suit, together with his jousting stick and riding his gajah, poking every single minister with it, there is nothing really much left for us to do.

the only bashing left to do, is the local councils and one royalty state.

i guess most of us get our news from malaysiakini. as to how authentic the news are, i guess we should all use our own discretion, like anyone would when reading the harakah. i actually read the harakah many years ago, which i find most of the news totally absurb and outrageously funny and senseless.

bandaraya wanted to senseless waste Rm100k to sent some 31 of its officers for some courses for i cant remember what, but was backfired by the public as it was told that such courses could be done for abt Rm40 per person. so the sum would only come to Rm1,200, lets round it up Rm2k. as to how such amount can be escallated to Rm100k is not that difficult to understand. what was not disclosed, would be where the function would be held. my guess it would be at a hotel, with that they would need a small hall to accomodate 31 idiots. and somehow it might run for 2 days. and since it is 2 days, and they didnt want to trouble their big fat asses officers, all 31 of them will get a night stay at the hotel. then if you get this fat asses to stay a night, they will one at least a dinner & breakfast, not to mentioned the lunch the day before. and to attend these courses, this fat asses wants to be properly attire for the fucnction, so tuxedo seems to be the order of the day. 1 suite comes for around Rm2k, so if you add up all these expenses, it will come around close to Rm100k.

still remember those electronic signboards dbkl bought which cost Rm millions ? which they claimed can reduce traffic jam ? the signboards are there, sometime they work, sometime they dont, but the jam is still there, everyday. good job dbkl.

i dont really like to go pj, as i am not familiar with the roads. but last week, i went to the A&W by the amcorp mall. took a turn before amcorp mall, so had to drive around there before i manage to reach the A&W entrance 30 minutes later. reach the entrance & kadawaleh, what do you know, its a fucking no entry. with cars all honking at me, i somehow manage to drive upwards and i turn on my 1st left, fucking no, its the train station. came out again. go forward, only 1 road to go, thats another 10 minutes wasted. drove by this and that again, lucky i got some sense of direction and turn left after epf building i think or someother building. past some hotel or club and damn finally reach A&W. now this town wants to be a city. i dont know what does it boast itself of, but the traffic direction is not very impressive especially the whole assunta till mppj side. the one way road seems to get ppl that are unfamiliar with it go round & round. i actually passed the mppj building twice. but what to do, khir toyo said that selangor is a develop state, so for pj not to be a city would be unappropriate. and we havent even talk abt the amount of money wasted of all this and that.

this, i felt a little too much. the johor state zoo cannot return one of their protected primates to the indon forest as the johor state royalties objected to it. the zoo authorities, said their hands were tied as they cannot go against the orders of the sultan. remember what i said about royalties in my previous previous post? you see ? redundant bunch of ppl that has nothing better to do.

now the old tun. what the fuck is wrong with the old tun nowadays ? why is he fucking everyone left & right, here & there? whats the logic, whats the purpose ? ppl dont go for retirement and all of a sudden come running with guns blazing in all directions. ducky think there is something happening more than meets the eye. its like a distraction. while all this is going on plus the world cup fever, the magician will work his wonders, and leaves before everyone realised what had happen. what the trick and whats the distraction for ? ducky has no idea, but ducky is very the suspicious. lets just wait & see.

tonight germany plays argentine, who will win ? the referee of course. how about italy & ukraine ? the referee again lah. the italian must be one of the fav with the ref, first it was the US, then the aussie, tonight the ukraines. goooooooooooooooool ukraine! someone taught me this, kill kill kill italy. ukraine kill italy!!!

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