Thursday, June 15, 2006

i think the haze is coming back, but i hope not

if you wake up in the morning this past few days and find yourself looking outside your window blurly, its not because you are still sleepy from lack of sleep or too much world cup marathon. it's just that i think the haze or jerubu is making a come back, after a year of absence.

if you remember correctly, last year port klang was declared a state of emergency as the haze level rose dramatically high to hazardous level. kuala lumpur which was also high but not as high as port klang was not declared a state of emergency, even though schools was closed for a day or 2. my theory then was because it was the dead line for the company tax submission due in middle of august, which means a lot of tax money to be collected. Lhdn is not going to closed it coffers just for some bad haze day.

and if you remember last year, our gamen promise to talk to the indon about all this. it looks like no talk has been done yet. and it is about that time of year again when the indons burn their vegetation for replanting. and if you didnt know any better, malaysia gamen loves the indon gamen, as it is the closest islam country around, also the largest islam population in the world and also boleh land main import of islam individuals.

doe website is currently only giving yesterday api reading. so i guess it has not gone into alert mode yet. yesterday api for KL was 54 at 11am & 57 at 5pm. highest reading in the country was bukit rambai at 78 in the morning and 75 in the evening. and as usual you can bet the doe will not give acual reading as it is also the time of year when the country has a big influx of middle east tourist. i think today's sky look worse than yesterday, so the reading should be more than yesterday, but when the doe updates its site and the reading is lower than wednesday then you know they are fucking with us again.

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Inevitable said...

A bit hazy these few days and I can even smell the burning in the air.