Friday, June 02, 2006

saaya irie again ????

this girl is very hard to resist. one look at her and your heart melts. just in case you like her so much and you want to watch her on a video, there is a torrent here , a blog here and a myspace here.

i've watch the video, there is absolutely nothing to see. ok. i know it is pointless to tell you, cause you are going to want to watch it as well. its like if i tell you that pammy video is also lousy to watch. but that paris video ? RECOMMENDED. especially that last bit on the bj. SUPER. see if it is good, i will definitely recommend it.

let me explain in detail why there is absolutely nothing to see. first of all all those pictures, like the one below is not there. secondly all you see is an 11 year old girl trying to pose like a kid and sometimes like an adult, which actually look rather silly. thirdly, because in the video she look 11, not any older, which makes you feel, eew, why am i looking at a 11 year old. so if you have not seen it, trust me, not worth your download time. not to say there arent enough seeders, download speed is ok, no complain. the size is abt 700mb.

my my i'm hypnotized by your b00bs

ok enough of this childish pictures, lets see some wrestling b00bs,


abe said...

haha. i thought u were over saaya irie. omg, what is ur intention of posting big boobies of wwe diva wrestlers?? is there something behind this??? hmmm.. =p

ducky said...

no reason, weekend mah, see some b00bs better then gamen bashing right ? was looking for F1 babes but stumble upon wwe divas, can also lah.

walski69 said...

abe - it's difficult to get over someone so cute, so alluring, so... 11. Or is it 13, can't remember... And now she's got a blog, too.