Monday, June 26, 2006

the world cup is not for asians & i had vegetarians

it was a good world cup so far, until now. koreans lost to the swiss and the french made it to the top 16. and to top it off, england beat ecuadar for the 1/4 finals.

if you realised, the british commentator is rather pro for any fucking europeans country and of course england. asians and africans countries are regarded as 3rd world to them and the south americans are the fleas they cant get rid off. they feel that football rightfully belong to the god damn queen. and they and they alone should be the lone winner of this prestigious cup. but fucking boo-hoo this is not so.

personally the referee made a very bad call by allowing that 2nd swiss goal. the linesman had its flag up for a off side and that swiss fucker has been there all night long, trying to curi ayam. just because 1 korean guy had his foot touch the ball last, it was not an offside. comeon lah, all the koreans stop playing, and the cheebai referee still allows that. fucking unfair. how abt that handball swiss made and nobody saw it at the penalty box ? the koreans was demoralised by that goal and after that being 0-2 down, things werent just the same. i guess they had it coming. since they won a much controversial 4 years ago. what goes around comes around.

and that cheebai england 1-0 win over ecuadar. not deserving at all. and after that goal, there was a non stop repeat of beckham's goal just like that previous goal against the sweedish. then the fans couldnt stop singing god save the ass.

i might not know much abt football or maybe fifa fairplay, but it would have been better, if the koreans walk out of the stadium when that cheebai goal was allowed. officials might not have liked it, but at least the south korean pride was intact, and i'm quite sure, the red devil fans would understand as well.

some ppl are a little too sensitive to words i must say. yesterday at church, the speaker was saying that he was offended once when his colleague exclaim "jesus" like a swear word or an exclaimation. i guess he hasnt heard a women shouting "oh my fucking god" or "oh my god, oh my god, oh my god i'm coming" while fucking. i guess if he had heard that, he would have stop fucking and ask, "is god coming now?" god damn idiot.

i'm a certify meat eater, and personally i dont like vegetarians. i remember when i was in college back then, and in the class was 2 vegetarians, the lecturer used to make fun of these 2 veggie ppl. since they were a little dumb, so the lecturer made a conclusion that veggie eaters are stupid. i agreee 100%, much to the disapproval of 1/2 of the class. and during the whole term the lecturer would make fun of the 2 veggie ppl.

i find veggie eaters as bad as muslim eaters. we used to have all meat eaters in the office and ordering food was so easy. then later we had some malays, and we had to ordered food from 1 of the malay colleague so it is halal. then now we have a bunch of veggie ppl, so when we order food is halal & veggie. that is actually insulting my diet. i dont attend veggie dinners, weddings or whatever occasion. i persoanlly dont give face for all this shit. since you made it a point not to serve meat and alcohol, i dont need to go. like wise, if i had a dinner and its all meat, and for sure you wont come along for obvious reasons. so its the same.


Inevitable said...

tiu, then don't eat in the office lor... or order mcdonald lor... hmmm... talking of mcD, i am feeling a bit hungry le... gonna grab a burger after this...

angel said...

Then how cum nobody protest wan? Against FIFA I mean.

ducky said...

tak kan every time miss office makan. next time no naik gaji susah lah.

protest ? to fifa ? funny lah you.

Keropok said...

Bah, I hate England too... The only team who sing their anthem again and again....... tak bosan ke!


You and I fren long time, brudder!