Friday, June 09, 2006

clash of the titans

old tun vs pak lah

well the word cup is starting. in malaysia, another cup is brewing , its the dabate team of noisy old tun vs the quite pak lah.

lets get ready to RUMMMMMMMBLEEEEEEE !!!

in the red corner we have the current premier, with no records of being knocked down before, "ahmad abdullah slow talking badawiiiiiiiiiiiii" and the contender, the former premier of the boleh land, with an impressive record of 22 TKOs, the king of the cronies, i give you " dr dont fuck with mahathir king of cronies mahathirrrrrrrrrrrr"

in the beginning it would seem that the old tun was concern abt the pak lah administration, subsequently it appeared liked he was more than concern but unhappy with pak lah decision on certain matters. now the old tun decided not to talk in peribahasa/flowery language but to lash out in common english words. "he was not my first choice"

if you had watch 8TV latest offering commander in chief @ 9.30pm on thursday night, you might find much similarity. first women president that wants to change how the president administration works after so many decades. like wise our pak lah, the so call god fearing man, wants to change all this bad umno practices with good clean honest administration. not to say that pak lah is all so squicky clean, that's another story altogether . lets say it appear to be squicky clean.

so like our 8tv show, the old tun here is like donald sutherland, unhappy with the newcommander, he decides to take things into his own hands and start rallying old comrades for support. as a norm for all crooked politicians they will show support for their current premier but actually carrying the old tun flag. even his protege is putting up a good show.

but that is the drama minggu ini that is being shown to the rakyat. so what is the main purpose for all this gung ho activities ? ducky doesnt know. money is my main guess.old tun & his buddies coffers are not that full anymore. proton is not making much money.mas is losing out to airasia. many glc are being dragged out 1 by 1 to show their cow epf coffers are also running low. development activities are being strongly rejectedby the rakyat. rakyat are now more aware of their rights. rakyat wants more changes to benefit them instead of the umno gang only. anwar is also back. sarawak election disaster.

or maybe there is no hidden agenda & the old tun is losing his mind.

whatever the reason, all ducky can say is "Gajah sama Gajah berjuang, pelanduk mati ditengah-tengah" and who is the pelanduk ? maybe its khairy, lets wait and see.

more indian temples demolish

it looks like more indian temples are being demolish as we speak. we understand that most of this temples are centuries old and have significant historical value. and furthermore, if the gamen ever notice, tourist are rather attracted to the structures and carvings of the temple structures. but unfortunately, our dickhead gamen has no eye for historical value. only talland big mega structures that have no significant importance to the rakyat will be establish.old rusted centuries old building and structures that were illegally built 100s of years ago will be torn down to facilitate for malls and mega projects.

funny thing i didnt see or hear any damn masjid being demolish to make way for any projects.personally ducky would prefer seeing a masjid being torn down rather than a indian temple. as the former is rather noisy 5 times a day.

i think the gamen is trying to say something here.

1. sammy, please get the fuck out of here, you have overstayed your welcome in BN.
2. we dont like indians.
3. we dont give 2 fuck about indian temples.
4. islam is dominant, we cant convert the chinese, but the mamak is easier.

well its friday, what do you expect, its gamen bishy-bashy day.


Din said...

"4. islam is dominant, we cant convert the chinese, but the mamak is easier."

didn't anyone tell you that mamaks are already muslim?

ducky said...

yes i know.
must have been a miscommunication from the brain to the hand ! should have been "... but to convert an indian to a mamak is easier"