Tuesday, June 27, 2006

more ugly world cup

more ugly world cup finals continue as team kangaroo was cheated off by the pundek referee, by allowing a penalty on the last 5 second defeating their chance to enter the 1/4 finals. once again the fifa officials shows no mercy to the underdogs. usa was shown similiar treatment when their goal was disallowed. then the south koreans were also denied a place in the last 16, by allowing another bad referee call that overruled the linesman.

it is apparent, that fifa has no liking to the the underdogs. and fifa always shows favourable treatment to the establish european & south americans teams. yes i always support the underdogs, as they are the real winners of the world cup, compared to the fuck-up star players of the europeans and south americans, the underdogs played with everything they got, always giving their 110% to the very 90 minutes. not just jog around the field waiting for a beautiful ball, so that they can create another historical goal.

tomorrow i'll be rooting for ghana. and i do hope the africans beat the shit out of the high nosed brazilians. but i wont be surprised, when the referee starts giving favourable treatment to brazil.

in my books team usa beat italy 2-1, south korean drew with the swiss 1-1 & the aussie beat the italians 1-0.



xazuru said...

haha... I was cheering for Italy.

However, I do think that the ref tonight was favouring Italy by giving that penalty kick.

angel said...

I'm also gonna go go ghana!
Oi, lu ada puak boh?

Bankman said...

It wasn't a penalty! Aussies were robbed! Sadly this World Cup will be remembered for the dubious standard of refereeing.

ducky said...

well abviously you cheered for the winning team at the end. actually i think the ref got tired already and he didnt want to have any extra time or any 30 minutes added. he just want to end it then.

ok, thats 2 for ghana, ghana is gonna trashed the samba boys. no lah i dun puak wan. i just like to see the best team win.

yes thats what i was also thinking of bankman. every world cup theres sort of like a theme.
1982 - the italian connection
1986 - the hand of god
1990 - the boring cup
1994 - the statistic game
1998 - the french connection
2002 - the brazillian 4R's
2006 - the shitty ref
2010 - the lions roar back ?

come to think of it, the lines man assist the ref, the ref overrule the linesman, but who overrules the ref when he makes ??? calls ?

Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

That was a dodgy call indeed. The Aussies were unlucky.

2010 - the lions roar back? Puh-lease...