Monday, June 05, 2006

i dont understand indian politics

ok, this is another edition of ducky talking about thing he has absolutely no knowledge off. needless to say, ducky is just looking for trouble on a monday afternoon.

the coming MIC election.

if there is 1 political party that no one ducky never took any bother is the MIC. no one i cannot be bothered, because you dont see any MIC brother standing up in parliament to say anything and when samy talk, it is all the time senseless and downright ridicolous. i cant think of a time he actually said anything that made sense. that is why i guess the gamen dont send him out for any overseas PR. and furthermore, the way he talk, the man really sound like he came from the village and never been to sekolah and everyday lepaking at the projects ! and plus his super obvious fake hairdo, the man resemble a clown lah.

what i dont understand is, why this bugger subramaniam, just keep quite and let samy tembak him all the time and keep on saying he is loyal and all, why not just kick the boss ass. it is a known fact that this samy fellow is a dumb ass, so how in the world can he sit in that president chair for sooooooo long without being oppose ? it must be some kind indian politics nobdy understands. ducky feels this subra guy should just challange samy for the top dog position. how you knows, he might just win.

and lastly, why isnt samy wanting to retire ? coffers not full yet kah? no candidate ? i bet my balls any candidate is far much better than samy lah. maybe he got like some 100s sob in india to feed ? he should have left when his other brother in arms left, somemore they got tun. if he dont go now, i can bet when he goes, it wouldnt be in nice terms. kicking and shouting maybe. even humiliation.

samy, do us a favour lah, go get a tun lah.


Anonymous said...

Do you know that PundekVellu is a head of an Indian mafia ?

That pundek can just order anyone to be erased just like that for challenging him.

Most of these bozos including MCA and UMNO have their own private mafia and armies to do their dirty work.

Inevitable said...

Ducky, u just said what is in my mind. I also don't fvcking understand why the hell he is still in the helm. The fella is a joke and there's even a joke on him on the Internet.

Samy Vellu was visiting India when he fell and broke his jaw. He was unable to speak. Being the great leader that he is, he continued his grand tour. On the last week of his visit, the RTM crew was present for his press conference.

Although unable to speak, Samy insisted on sending a message home to his Cabinet colleagues. Samy caught a chicken and showed it to the camera. Next he took a goat, and showed it to the camera. Finally he took a bag and displayed it in front of the camera.

Dr Ling was the first to see the video clip. He said, "Samy is telling us that India has insufficient food because he showed us a chicken and a goat, and he wants Malaysia to donate bags of rice."
Mahathir watched silently then said, No lah....what Samy is trying to say is HE IS COMING BACK. The whole cabinet was puzzled and look to the old man for an
explanation. Mahathir reasoned, "AYAM KAMBING BAG." ("I am coming back" in Indian accent).

ducky said...

i'm surprised that he is even the head for any damn thing. must have a poker face i think. show the world he is an idiot, but actually the indian underground mafia boss. scary.

funny one there friend.

Anonymous said...

It's not a joke. If you've read mggpillai's article before, you'll know it's true. These bozos, mic, mca and umno, have their own private armies and mafias.