Wednesday, June 14, 2006

world cup a side lets tiu the gamen again

if you live long enough in malaysia, you would realised apa-apa pun boleh jadi.

you know that BOK mansion along jalan ampang, sort of opposite the british council and the grand maya hotel ? the bandaraya band of bandits will soon be tearing it down to make way for more development. that mansion if you read abt it, had some nice historical story attached to it. and it is approximately 80 years old. it is one thing for the bandaraya to demolish it, but it is another thing for a developer to wish to demolish it and to built more concrete jungles on top of it. is money all that matter to you guys, doesnt you ppl have a little sense of historical value to want to preserve it ? lets put it in another scenario, i go to your parents house in some kampung, which you have live much as a kid. and during long holidays you go back to enjoy the peacefulness. now i'm the developer, and i'm going to tear your mama house down, because we need to built a highway across it. you can cry all you want to me abt your childhood memories, but fuck i care abt you, i'll tear it down the very next day with my bandalaya hooligans. how would you feel ?

i notice the highway project along jalan kuchai lama, somewhere near the ajinomoto, there is a umno branch office which have yet to be demolish while all construction works are currently being done all around it. i wonder if it was an indian temple, would it share the same fate ? my question to BN, "BN tai sai ah ?"

if the gamen had paid gerbang perdana their 100m compensation, most ppl would also have forgotten abt it already. because it is already quite a lapuk story. but now, things seems to have taken a different twist. from not building that Rm1 billion bridge, now the similiar cost of Rm1 billion would need to be fork out as well, to built other alternative structures and routes. i dont know how you guys see this, but ducky is smelling a rat here. do you smell one ? lets see, Rm1 billion scenic bridge scrap. somebody is standing to lose some Rm1 billion project deal here. with the old tun the most powerul voice being heard on this issue, most probably this is his own pension plan. so what do you do when your pet project is being scrap ? make up stories and at the same time, create new structures that will cost the same of more from the original plan. this way you dont lose. brilliant ideas huh from our country cronies.

apparently 5 ppl had already died while attending NS. and now they are going to teach them to shoot with a gun/rifle. if i had kids going to NS, i would ask for a guarantee that my kids wont get injured from using a gun, neither would my kid be accidentally shot with a rifle. if they cant or wont, i wont sent my children there. it's just a matter of safety. which i dont think we have yet to attend that standard just yet.

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