Wednesday, June 14, 2006

i think brazil is going to LOSE

Ok, time for some 1+1=3 crappy shit.

Walski claimed some indian bugger did some numerology analysis, and claim that brazil will win the 2006 world cup.

But after last night croatia vs brazil, I start to feel like 1998 world cup in france. Last night 1-0 victory might actually be in favour for the bookies already.

Brazil won in 1994, and was the hot fav to win in france 1998. but they lost. Now brazil again the winner of the last world cup 2002 and hot fav to win the 2006 world cup. With bets escallating to billions, maybe trillions ? in favour of brazil, Who do you think Is going to win?

Its clear as a crystal for ducky. Brazil to play in the final with germany, england or argentina and LOSE.

Footballs fans angry, bookies around the world happy.

From how I see it, unlike their europeans conterpart, brazillians are rather hardcore poor, most of the football players are poor before all this glamour. So money is money in brazil. as much as they loved the beautiful game, money is still the order of the day. yes i know football players are rich but they are no way near billions like gates, warren, ellison, to the wallmart family.

so dont tell me i didnt warn you first. better to take bets against brazil.

i was checking the world cup odds, i didnt quite understand it, anyone mind to explain to ducky ?

to win world cup

1. brazil - 3.65
2. argentina - 7
3 england - 7
4. germany - 9

are this like payout ? if brazil win, you win 3.65 times ?
but this are todays bet, so when we are nearer to the finals, brazil odds will be lower right ?


ShaolinTiger said...

Yah that'd be the odds, we'd call it 3.65 to 1.

So if you bet $5 and you win, you get back 3.65*5 + 5 (you get your original stake back).

walski69 said...

Well, Ducky, Brazil was somewhat disappointing... losing sleep over the damn game, too!

But I'm sure they'll make it out of the group stages, at the very least. And maybe their lacklustre performance was just a ploy to get their real opponents off-guard?

Another 3 weeks to go, and I guess we'll all find out by then...

ducky said...

thanks mr. tiger. but isnt that easier to win other than our local 1/2, 1, 1 1/2 ball culture ? i tried googling for this kind of bets and found its called asian handicap ? is this what it is called ?

yes another 3 weeks and all this excitement will end. and we will need to wait for another 4 years. boo-hoo-hoo. yeh germany won 1-0.

Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

Not really. The above are the odds for Brazil to win the World Cup. Period. RM10 would get you RM36.5.

The 1/2, 1, 1.5, those are Asian Handicap....these are for specific games while the above odds are for the whole tournament...

Well, though Brazil were far from convincing, 3 points is 3 points...


ducky said...

ok daniel, thanks for the tip. i notice betting sites give odd such as eg, netherlands vs ivory coast as 5/6 (win) 9/4 (draw) & 100/30 (lose), isnt that easier than our asian handicap that require a certain amount of goals to be won ? with such odd, a win is a win right, only diff, payout is less, so with a netherlands win, if i bet 10, i would make 10+8.3.