Friday, June 23, 2006

sabah & sarawak

damn the italians beat the czech. i was hoping for the czech to go 1 nil and ghana wont dissapoint, then it would be the czech & the africans lions to the top 16. nevermind, there is still hope in the tonga vs france. hoping tonga would do an upset and beat the french since they have nothing to lose now. never like the italians and french, they seem to play sissy football. touch them a bit they fly a mile away just like those tamil/indie fight scene. then they lie down there moaning and grumbling.

i think 1 of the few races in this country that does not get any recognition or support from the local council and federal govt are the bumi folks of sabah & sarawaks. their fates are just like the red indians of the american nation. owners of land without land. the natives sabah has already been conquered by foreigners with malaysian ic. and the natives sarawaks are battling corporate giants that are tearing up their backyard forest. what amuse me the most is the fact that foreign ngo are more willing to help then any of our local ngo. even top nature society, Mns top contributors are japanese and americans. why are locals not interested in helping ? i guess i should not talk too much as well, as i'm not doing anything as well.

it's not surprising kl is the 3rd rudest city in the world. i mean if you dont care about nature or native rights and lands or their ancestral lands or any historical landmark that is not islam for your concern how can you not become rude. demolishing a temple at 5am in the morning ? thats a fucking rude awakening. with so many influx of cheap labours which are fucking rude most of the time, can foreigners distinguish between locals and our cheap labourers ? the issue of sabah and the foreigners are a blardy shame. for the sake of ensuring Bn wins, lifes are gambled with. everyone knows all this indon and filipinas are trouble makers. they actually bring in more problems than benefits. tell you what, why not shift putrajaya to kota kinabalu, then they know what kind of shitty situations this sabahan are facing,

how about sarawak ? how i see sarawak is that the state is practically covered from head to toe with forest. and by cutting a small portion of it, no one knows. so if no one knows who knows ? the natives lah of course. the natives stays inside the jungle wan mah, so of course they know lah. what do they care if the state make like Rm700 million a year. these natives dont benefit from it. maybe they dont even want it. like all malaysian so call conservation project, is doom to failed. 50 years from now, sarawak might be half fill by forest only. and the natives ? lost cause, sure lose wan. as long as its a Bn govt. sorry a malaysian govt. want to reserve it ? put Mns in it. remember a couple of years ago, when 2-3 helicopters crashed into the sarawak forest ? and they couldnt find it ? some sarawakian told me that it was the forest spirit upset with these ppl. that was why some were found and some were not. those that seek help peace with the forest spirit found their love ones, those didnt, were swallowed by the forest. lets put our hands together and summon the forest spirits and hope these tractors and bulldozers will be swallowed by them as well.


Vad3r said...

and u know who owns/related to those money-making big companies in Swk rite?

i think it doesnt matter anymore who was first huh, as long as its I came I saw I conquer cheebai kinda thg ;)

anyway, its Friday, so chill man and watch how England get trashed by Ecuador!

Inevitable said...

Yea! it is bash the gomen day.

ducky said...

yes non native sarawak ppl. rite ? only if the natives were still cannibals head hunters, then all this developers will be too shit scared to go into the jungle to log.

yes ecuador kick england ass ! last hope for mankind.

i didnt want to dissapoint anyone.