Monday, June 12, 2006

the forgotten grand prix

I notice with the world cup fever, there is not a single post on pps about the british formula 1 grand prix. Not that I watched it. Neither did I watch last night football, I guess my old body couldn’t take it another night, after Friday & Saturday nights.

I didn’t realized it as well, until my friend told me that free tv don’t cover all 64 matches. Most probably not the 9pm slot. Well I guess it s quite ok, since I would still want to watch without a trace, prison break, reunion & commander in chief.

Anyway, the british grand prix was won by, as you would have already guess it, alonso. Here are the winners.

1. alonso
2. schumi
3. kimi
4. fisichella
5. massa
6. Montoya
7. heidfield
8. villeneuve

championship standing wise

alonso – 74
schumi – 51
kimi – 33
fisichella – 32
Montoya - 26
massa – 24
button – 16
ruben – 13
heidfield – 10

constructors pula,

Renault – 106
Ferrari – 75
mcclaren – 59
Honda – 29

My, guess is alonso is going to win again this year, and maybe next year for a hatrick. Well what do you expect, I didn’t watch the race either.

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Inevitable said...

I seriously forgotten abt it...