Sunday, June 04, 2006

sunday scribblings

someone reminded me that najib would be the next PM because of the RAHMAN thing. so i thought why not RAHMAT, and the T is for TOYO of course. dont tell me cannot because, if i am not mistaken our first PM is tunku abdul rahman, not just rahman. so if the ppl that started all this cock & bull can claim r is for rahman, so can i claim t is for TOYO. since both are also the 3rd name of the person, you see.

tunku abdul Rahman & then mohd khir Toyo.

there has been a lot of talk abt BN paying ppl to vote for them in the last election in sarawak. i'm not really surprise. for the opposition to do so, would be a little hard to believe, since the opposition are not that cash rich, right ? maybe they have backing, then all is fair lah. this reminded me of my 1st time voting when i was 21 years old 3 election ago. i voted at the melawati constitution, i think there is no melawati constitution, but i voted there lah, ampang maybe, anyway, being first timer i was all excited. doing the right thing i thought so. so i went to the voting counter, let them check my ic, then they ask, "kali pertama ka?" i said "ya". they gave me my voting papers and instructed me to go into the voting booth, but just before that, the person that gave my ballot paper had to tell me this, "adik, undi senang saja, adik tengok dacing, mark kat sana", with that he gave me a wink.

a 1st timer voter, and at 21 ? rebellious age. and of course since i was told what to do, i had to do the exact opposite. went into the booth, fuck, all i had was the dacing and that green flag with the white circle. not much of a choice right ? so, my first ever vote was for PAS. great. but what really pissed me off was that man that told me to ticked on the dacing. that was a little too much.

my daughter now 4 goes to kiddy. and they have mid year exams ! anyway, she had A for chinese, B for Bm and C for english. i dont get it. i dont speak mandarin, just abt enough to tell ppl i dont understand . and now my kid got A. i'm a little confuse. i saw her exam papers, and wallah, she dont speak that well apparently. then i realised she actually speaks canton more at home than english. the english is actually to compensate her canton words that she dont know, not the other way around.

come to think of the ipcmc threat by the pdrm, ducky guess they are just playing poker with nothing but the best a pair only. if they actually meant what they said, they would actually had allowed the last sunday protest to proceed without any interuptions just to show brother BN they meant business and they can do that. but since they didnt and looks like they didnt bothered, i hope the opposition dont take their words too seriously, cause they never like the opposition in the 1st place. best thing to do, i just to implement the ipcmc whatever threat the pdrm throw out. all the BN guys need to do, is to tell all the pdrm forces, especially those lower ranks that if any sort of protest exist at all, you can kiss your salary goodbye. you know as well as i do, police salary arent that much, without pay for them hurts real bad. and stop paying bribes, they'll starved to death.

thats 2 birds with 1 stone. not bad for a sunday afternoon scribblings.


angel said...

u dont speaks engrish with your daughter meh?? bad ducky...

Inevitable said...

"i was 21 years old 3 election ago" ---> confirm u uncle lah wei

ducky said...

i got speak but she always reply in canton, somemore her babysitter is seelai, my 4 year old actually became a chee char poh at 2 year old.

i always say i old mah, never lie, even my profile say so.

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