Wednesday, June 07, 2006

if you are earning anything other than RM, you should shut up.

many a times ducky has read many post by malaysian bloggers complaining about the continous price increase in basic necessities and services to bad services from the gamen dept.

and most of the time, this post will have good hits as it is a very interesting and debatable topic. most of the time, malaysian that are living abroad will say we complain too much about every under the sun in malaysia. and they will cite pointless things like they miss the nasi lemak & roti canai.

ducky feels this is so, because those that complain like ducky are medium income earners, who dont have much additional disposal income after paying for everything under the sun. what is left is just enough to go for a movie or 2 with popcorn maybe. so every single cent increase in any damn thing affect us one way or another. this is evidence whenever this topic is debate with family and friends during reunion and gatherings. those that are richer will not complain too much, as all this changes does not affect them that much. at most they will cite what our dpm has said before, change our lifestyle. dont believe ? go check out richer bloggers and see what they blog about ? if it is not abt them, then its abt some latest fad or whatever that is happening. ducky is not going to mention any names here.

lastly, let ducky remind those not in malaysia, we do not earn USD or Euro$ or even SGD to come home and enjoy the cheap malaysian food/goods, we earn RM which doesnt get any bigger any time soon. our employers do not like us to take long holidays unlike your american/european counterpart. we put in many long hours just to earn what you may think is wages only. as much as we are not happy here, we are rather stuck here, as we do not have that many opportunities to leave the country for better prospect. we have parents we need to take care off. our parents do not have fat pension or epf to live on. they virtually changed their life style after they have pension.


Inevitable said...

Well said!
And bro, you blog for yourself, need not worry about what other people have to say

pm said...

well, if we follow what our dps says then we have to cut down on our cinema going and watch more pirated DVD at home and make our own popcorn from our kitchen. And no more astro as too more tv1 (prayers channel)...

ducky said...

well commented inevitable.

the only way i know to change my lifestyle.

1. ride a motorbike/bicycle
2. skip b'fast, eat bread (from home)for lunch, eat maggi mee for dinner.
3. no tv/radio/pc, spent time with kids or read a book.
4. sleep naked - no need aircon & fan.
5. at nite use candle.
6. buy nothing & spent nothing

then we'll see how the country economy goes !