Friday, June 16, 2006

world cup fans photos

One thing I love about the world cup is the fans photos. Ppl dressed up in all sorts of colorful dresses, headgear, traditional gear to tons of painted faces and bodies of their respective countries and not forgetting those hot babes of football as well.

the jester and the clowns are the fav

swedish meatballs abundant and swedish twins

darth maul ? and flightless birds ?

everybody wants to take a picture with hot babes

more birds

and more babes, some in pairs

and some in groups

and this 2002 banner. i'm still puzzle by the banner.


Robin said...

so cute.. I like the bog boobs one..


Inevitable said...

There is a reason why the korean put up the banner 'corea'. The last world cup in asia was hosted by japan and korea. Korea want to have their country name in front of Japan(alphabetical order) therefore they named their country Corea...

Anonymous said...

Oi cipet, friday wor, where's the govt bishy-bashy ?!! ;)

ducky said...

bog b00bs ?

oic for that corea explaination. i thought it was a huge printing error!

aiseh man, i did that on wednesday oledi mah. now world cup mah, pang chance ok or not ?

Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

Babes galore!! OLE!!

ducky said...

football babes fan to you as well daniel.
thats a same post like your. ole !