Friday, June 02, 2006

khir toyo for PM ?

my my our current PM is definitely not one that qualifies to sit there. for once i would think najib might even be better even if he is the old tun main man. being an idiot is fine, but being an idiot and the PM is a definitely a no-no. never a good combination.

in a very democratic country our PM would never be re-elected for a second term. who in the right mind would want a leader that has no balls, cannot make decision, has no authority over anybody and cannot convince any of his ppl ? right now i would go for selangor Mb as the PM. why not, lets put the corrupt practice aside, cause the moment they sit on that PM throne, is all about the money. imagine, thousands of contract to be awarded, billions of ringgit to be disbursed, hundreds of ppl calling you for favours, another hundreds of ppl showering you with gifts and undisclosed donations. you can resist ? even the pope also cannot lah.

yes why not the selangor Mb, the man got supporters, plenty, not mistaken the whole selangor. the man got influnce, the man knows royalties, the man got balls the size of durians and the man is a dentist (thats why got dr.) and also the mother is damn cocky and arrogant. ever see him on tv, ever cool, ever cocky and ever arrogant. the man has a iceman face. any allegations towards him on tv is like biasa only. so why not, defy him, i bet you'll find his sorry foot on your ass very soon. and being a dentist, this man is use to covering holes and pulling out bad tooth that are burried deep in the roots.

you read that memo the pdrm sent to the gamen ? as far as i understand, the pdrm is like the atm, to serve and protect, since when can they get all personal and emotional. there is only one way to describe this kind of action. pengkhianat negara, death by treason. how can you blackmail or threathen the gamen like that one, vote for opposition and let crime rate rise ? too much. and what the PM said ? minority. yes minority but these are the ppl in blue and white and black. their job is to make sure we are safe walking on the streets & sleeping at night. the least the PM can do is give them a raise and some BIK, a blowjob or two, + some karaoke & urut, sure can work one ah, this is malaysia, every authority got a price wan.

as far as i can see, pak lah political career is more or less over, dont expect to see him being re-elected next season. cause no way that man with no balls should be allow to sit there and make us look bad. and i'm quite sure he knows this as well. the only thing he can do is to make good with the rakyat. not his members anymore. create all the enemy for all that matter, cause if he wants to be reelected as the PM, its going to be through the rakyat. win the heart of rakyat, you'll get re-elected one way or another. wait this is malaysia, all election are rigged, so cannot also lah. but anyway, as far as malaysian are concern, pak lah is already a failed PM, so he might just as well do some good for the rakyat for a change and maybe the rakyat can remember him as the PM that cares for the rakyat.

iceman the dentist dr. toyo for PM

this is another 1+1=3 from ducky.


Yodaddy said...

actually the PM doesnt get elected. it is passed on. from tun to AAB. and now it must be from AAB to whoever.

and what is next season vote?? is this a singing contest? you mean the next

and who says idiots cannot be the paramount leader? GeorgeBush anyone?

maybe we should ask the tun to come back........

aweblogs said...

Not a bad selection...but i guess they are still following the RAHMAN thingy
Rahman,Abdul razak,Hussein Onn,Mahathir,Abdullah Badawi...and N=Najib..hahahaa :P

ducky said...

yes yes i know they are not elected, elected was a much nicer word to described other than pass on, pass on sound more dead like.

yes yes the GE. not idiots in malaysia lah. the Mp are already a bunch of idiots, if the leader also an idiot, then the idiot leading the idiots ! where can.

can ask the tun to come back meh ? can u-turn wan ? if can u-turn why not anwar or razaleigh.

come on lah, other than the dentist, who else is qualified ? oop forget, malaysian politics have nothing to do with qualified but rather obedience. then of course the protege najib.

so if toyo change his mohd khir toyo to nohd khir toyo then can lah. simple only mah.