Friday, June 02, 2006

forget abt the tanah runtuh

saw the tv3 8pm news today, main story was on the tanah runtuh. everybody making noise, blame all kind of authorities for not doing their job. nearby developers also stop work. houseowners claim they complain many times but only fell on deaf ears. all this authorities and developers do is take pictures, nothing more. lip service.

well personally i would suggest everyone to forget about the whole damn issue because its a waste of money and time. this is not the first time that a land slide has happen and claim lives. this is the 5th fucking time ok. if heads was roll during the last 2nd or 3rd time, you think time no. 5 will arise ah ? never right. tv3 can screen as much damage as it like, the media can blame everyone if they like, the rakyat can express their frustration and anger, but let ducky tell you, dont waste your time, just move on.

this tanah runtuh happen in selangor jurisdiction, so it is under the care of the selangor mentri besar, this man cannot be taken down, you know why and i know why. so if this man cannot be taken down who is going to be blame ? lets recap a couple of things that involved him, but now much forgotten already. i think it is on going broga, then the trees felling in shah alam taman pertanian, those pig farms, selangor develop status, abandon housing projects and more illegal trees felling. any outcome ? did any head roll ? no right. like i say, the man is invisible and he has many supporters and friends in very high places. and further more the tanah runtuh involves illegal housing and indonesian, who is going to care ? the selangor mb ? dream on lah.

so dont get upset as tanah runtuh no. 6 might be just around the corner. oh yes if this tanah runtuh no. 5 gets enough media attention, you know lah, pak lah will get another committe set-up to look into this matter and will come up with some kind of report in 3 weeks. by that time tanah runtuh no. 6 might just have happen already.


Inevitable said...

Normal la... we have a reactive gomen meaning they only react when something bad happened.
A good gomen should be a preventive gomen, prevent bad thing from happening. And one thing I noticed, everytime when unsual thing happen, AB will setup some committee to investigate and the result of the investigation tak ada orang tau... BAHHHH!

Balajoe said...

It is sickening to see MPAJ getting away with blood on their hands each time there is some tragedy in the area. It is likely that they will get away with this too since Khir "Toyol" was quick to blame the developer (even before investigation started). Let's wait for the 6th landslide!

ducky said...

biasa lah, they always all gung ho in the beginning to show they care, then say will come out with a report in 3-4 weeks time. i think by 2nd week, they bungkus the case oledi and furthermore since nobody also ask for the report also, maybe LKS only lah.

what to do toyo is one of the selected ppl that are untouchable.