Tuesday, June 27, 2006


the man of steel. till this very day, i dont think the porn industry has actually made a porn flick on superman or any other super hero for that matter. strange right ? who wouldnt want to see wonder women, or cat women or supergirl get laid. and of course how does the man of steel fuck, is he fast like lightning ? or can he last the whole night. does he has super cum, does his supercum also shoot like a speeding bullet ? can he masturbate ? will the masturbation friction cause his dick to be lighted like a fire ? so where did all this started ?

well, this guy was a superboy, the he graduated to superman. well this is way before my time, i think you would need to be a senior citizen by now to know who this guys are.

then this chap came, which ppl my age group knows him very well. we have his pencil box, playing cards, etc, but no toys, toys back then were not made in china, all usa made. very the expensive.

then came tv series superboy, to gayboy and back to superman in a way, the farm boy was somehow to poor to get a costume and cape and had to resort to body painting, hence the S on his upper abdomen.

then there was much hoo-ha as to who was going to be the new superman, i believe in the beginning, they even had nicholas cage as the man of steel. that would be way cool, with his cowboy accent and his facial hair.

cage would definitely be the first swearing superman. if all fails, the action figures and the marvel character has been a fav all time long.

then they finally found superman, as they realised, to be a superman, like robinhood, you need a british accent and be gay.


Inevitable said...

wah lan u also got hit by superman fever eh?

angel said...

He very gay meh??

. said...


ducky said...

no lah not hit by superman. want to make fun of him only.

all superman/boy are all gayish lah.


Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

Dude, I don't think Christopher Reeve was gayish as compared to the other losers....