Thursday, June 01, 2006

malaysian so call 40 richest

forbes just compiled malaysian 40 richest ppl. i think the top 10 is about the same, but the rest some i've heard off, some i dont even know of. but ducky think this list is shit accurate, only malaysian knows where other malaysian keeps their money, unlike the americans and europeans, malaysian orang kaya keep their money under the mattress, inside the tea pot, inside milo tin, some kept with pawn shop (apparently interest rate very high wan) and some invest in illegal 4d.

since usd not that heng in malaysia, i thought i convert into rm, i took an easy forex of 4x.

1. robert kuok (83) - Rm22.4 b - kuok group
2. ananda krishnan (68) - Rm18.4 b - astro/maxis
3. teh hong piow (76) - Rm8.4 b - public bank
4. lee shin cheng (67) - Rm8.2 b - ioi
5. quek leng chan (65) - Rm8 b - hong leong group
6. lim goh tong (88) - Rm6 b - genting
7. yeoh tiong lay (76) - Rm4.4 b - ytl corp
8. tiong hiew king (70) - Rm4.2 b - rimbunan hijau group
9. syed mokhtar albukhary (54) - Rm4 b - malaysia mining corp
10. lim kok thay (54) - Rm1.76 b - genting
11. azman hashim (66) - Rm1.62 b - ammb
12. vincent tan (54) - Rm1.42 b - berjaya
13. kua sian kooi (54) - Rm1.14 b - kurnia asia
14. lim wee chai (48) - Rm840 m - top glove
15. anthony fernandes (42) - Rm820 m - air asia
16. vinod sekhar (37) - Rm800 m - petra group
17. g. gnanalingam (62) - Rm680 m - wesport
18. kamarudin meranun (45) Rm660 m - air asia
19. chong chook yew (84) - Rm580 m - selangor properties
20. hamdan mihamad (50) - Rm560 m - ranhill group
21. jeffrey cheah (??) - Rm500 m - sunway group
22. mustapha kamal abu bakar (57) - Rm480 m - mk land
23. abdul hamed sepawi (56) - Rm480 m - ta ann
24. ahmayuddin bin ahmad (50) - Rm460 m - westport
25. syed mohd yusof tun syed nasir (59) - Rm440 m - former southern bank (cash-out)
26. lee hau hian (53) - Rm400 m - batu kawan/kuala lumpur kepong
27. lee oi hian (55) - Rm400 m - batu kawan/kuala lumpur kepong
28. lee soon hian (49) - Rm400 m - batu kawan/kuala lumpur kepong
29. tiah thee kian (58) - Rm380 m - ta enterprise
30. tan teong hean (63) - Rm380 m - former southern bank berhad (cash-out)
31. lim thian kiat (47) - Rm380 m - former multi purposes holdings
32. yaw teck seng (68) - Rm360 m - samling group
33. lim tong yong (56) - Rm340 m - pantai group
34. john chia (57) - Rm320 m - unisem
35. rozali ismail (50) - Rm320 m - puncak niaga
36. ong leong huat (62) - Rm300 m - osk group
37. lau cho kun (??) - Rm300 m - malaysian mosaics
38. william cheng (63) - Rm280 m - lion group
39. shaari ismail (51) - Rm280 m - puncak niaga
40. kasi k.l. palaniappan (48) - Rm260 m - mk land

as you can see, the no. 40 guy has Rm260 m, dont you think your rich neighbour has more than that ? or khairy or the old tun or daim for that matter. so it is obvious the list is just to fool us, but nevertheless still interesting enough.

notice 1 women only, no. 19. chong chook yew of selangor properties. oldest is 88 uncle lim of genting and youngest is 37, vinod sekhar of petra group, the rest seems to average at 50++, so it also means, if you have not become a millionaire, it is ok, because apparently malaysian millionaire average at 50 years old !

no. 35 & 39 are the puncak niaga brothers. this are our water providers in kuala lumpur under syabas. please tell me i'm wrong but why are these 2 fellows here when our tap water is still brown in colour ? am i to understand that brown tap water is a-ok ? i begin to think so, since these 2 buggers are malaysian top 40 richest byselling brown water to consumers.


Yodaddy said...

puncak niaga story......

CGE now known as Vivendi was the sub con of puncak niaga in managing the water treatment plant a few years ago. the thing is that all CGE did the water treatment, made a tidy profit.(10 mil net profit from 60 mil sales per year)

they sell the water to puncak niaga at 20 sen per M3. and then puncak niaga sells to PUAS at 1.4

Puncak niaga easily made about 360 million per year doing NOTHING.

at 20 sen per M3, do you expect the water to be edible without further treating it? lets just be thankful it is at least not threateningly hazardous.

Anonymous said...

These two are the scabs of society who gained their fortunes by political pull, by having government grant those favors and franchises at the expense of their fellow-men.
Just like the chinese saying, put up a lamb's head (clear water) and sell dogmeat (muddy water)

Inevitable said...

Where's my name?
1 week no mandi, I should be up there with the gang

Anonymous said...

The list is definitely suspect. Daim is easily up there in top 3. Mahathir family should also be.

Yodaddy said...

but how sure is the figures correct in the above list? Without even going to the likes of mahathir and Daim as anon mentioned, me thinks at least one tenth of BN leaders can easily beat the 250 million mark. but i might be wrong.(there may be more)

ducky said...

one good thing abt the old tun now is that he is somewhat pissed abt his beloved bridge, that has turn him into a canary of sorts and sings all kinds of tune. someone should pissed him even more strategically and he'll be singing more than a canary then we can see heads roll in BN.

easily, all the mentri besar should be there + all the tun & tans sri + all those ppl living in bukit bandaraya and jalan jelutong area.

this is forbes first take in malaysia richest. i remember the last time forbes did a first take in china, most of the chinese denied they had such wealth as the income tax were knocking at all their doors, later that year some even file for bankruptcy ! will our lhdn do the same ? my guess would be a few selective scapegoat for show.