Wednesday, May 31, 2006

recent police brutality

i wish i could say more on this but unfortunately i wasnt there to witness the recent police brutality on the peaceful demonstrators in klcc last sunday.

lets not talk about the photos, as that already has been over publicised.

lets look at it from a logical point of view

during the last fuel demo in klcc when i was there, i noticed, the police unit actually had a video camera recording the whole or part of the event or maybe whatever shots it wanted. furthermore, the rally being held in klcc, i would presume the klcc had some kind of video survelience around that recorded such incidence. can anyone request that klcc video recording and the police video recording ? of course this being malaysian and we all being very ignorant of our rights would not know how to get our hands onto those stuff. but if you are someone that is wanting to take legal actions against the authorities, then by all means such information would be very useful, right ?

lets look at logical sense.

you went to klcc to protest. when the police instructed you to leave you refuse. the police used their water cannon, you still stood your ground. the police came after you, you lift up your hands to show the police that you are unarmed, when they are right smack in your face, they whack-kau you with their batons, you fell down, they kicked your stomach.

the chief police said this when asked by malaysiakini.
"If you stay on, and go against the instruction, the police have got a job to do, (and) they were merely doing their job. I defend the action of my officers and men."
"It is most unfortunate that the police have to resort to use minimum force - that was minimum force - it was never their intention to cause harm. Never."

so what the chief is saying, is that if you obstruct the police even if you are unarmed and motionless the police will use minimum force on you. does that sound logical to you ? fucked no ! but our police force seems to think so. and if the gamen dont open their fat mouth soon, they are going to be bashed as well not only by ducky but more influential ppl i hope.


earl-ku said...

True, true, true

Yodaddy said...

you know how we could stop the police brutality in future demo?

give them RM 20 and they will leave you alone.It works like a charm.

Remember not to carry RM 50 notes. It would also work, but you waste RM 30.

Some fru's would haggle with you, but dont give in to their talk of dressing up especially to whack you. Insist on RM 20 and they would settle.

ducky said...

never thought of that lah, might just work. i can imagine...

fru : bersurai, cepat pegi balik rumah tidur
crowd : wa talak takoot
fru : guna water cannon
crowd : tala takoot lah, lagi baik lu kencing !
fru : ok ! kita guna "minimal force"
crowd : chup ! bang boleh settle ?
fru : apa settle settle ?
crowd : kau tim lah
fru : oh, kau tim, Rm50
crowd : mahai loh
fru : u mau kepala pecah
crowd : tak mau, kulang sikit boleh
fru : u ingat ini pasar kah, mau discount ?
crowd : sini manyak fru, nanti lain mau bayar, pokai lah saya.
fru : berapa u mau bagi ?
crowd : wa kawan yoda cakap Rm20 boleh kau tim.
fru : cepat cepat bagi
crowd : ten kiu ah latuk
fru : apa latuk, saya fru lah !
crowd : solly solly flu.