Saturday, May 06, 2006

mr. king

kids really see things for what they are. i think sometimes because of the innocence they do teach us a thing or two.

when my girl was abt 1-2 years old, we used to take her to the lake gardens nearly every week at the big playground. thats what she called it because its quite big, from afar it look like a castle.

so this particular week when we were there there was a function happening there. is was somekind of flower parade /show/exhibition. they had booths of selling flowers, garden tools and accesories to garden landscaping. and it was going to be a grand ceremony cause the dymm king was going to officially launch it.

so i told my kid that today, she might not be able to go to the playground because there is this special occasion going on and the king is going to be here. and she might be able to see the king. so she asked me who is a king ? so i said somewhere very important and special in this country. funny she didnt asked again, like she undrestood what a king was. so i let it be.

so we walked through that flower parade, it nearly covered the whole lake gardens. there was quite a lot of things to see with landscaping and all. then all of a sudden, my daughter said "look pa mr. king" i look confused, i look around, there was no king. then she said again " pa pa look mr. king over there" and she run towards mr. king. as she run towards mr. king, i realised it was not the king but a colourful clown !

not to deliberately labelling a king to a clown/court jester, just that my daughter understood that a king was someone special and to her mr. king (later on mr. clown) was someone special enough to be called mr. king. there he was making a bunch of kids laughing with his tricks and funny antics. yes indeed he was entertaintning and he was doing something. and special enough for a kid to label him mr. king.

thinking abt that, even if my kid were to actually see the real king, she would not even have notice him, as there would not be anything special of him to be called a king.


Yodaddy said...

wah ducky. good lah u. luckily you are in the right era. a few centuries ago, this would be high treason and you would be sentenced to death. Now, they dont even care. luckily

Inevitable said...

woah... got maksud tersirat one eh

ducky said...

where got treason, its just like that cerita dongeng on the emperor's new cloth, the kid see things for what it is, not hidden, just with the naked eyes.

of course lah got maksud tersirat, after ppl say i treason and sold the national sovereignty, susah lah.

angel said...

*scratches head*

encik itik, apa maksud yang tersirat/tersurat itu? encik king = badut?

ducky said...

shhh, u know i know, we all shhh, after my head get separated from my body.