Tuesday, May 09, 2006

elliot should be the next to go

ok tonight they are going to sing ala presley in graceland.

so far my predictions has been pretty 100% accurate, lets see, now we are left with taylor, chris, katharine & elliot.

tomorrow at 4pm elliot will be out. if i'm wrong, i'll stop blogging abt AI 6, the least i can do. why ? its obvious right ? they have to sing ala presley. chris will sing some rock and roll or a slow number song to suit his rocker image, katharine can sing anything she likes, cause nobody cares, as everyone is only ogling at her breast. so am i. taylor cant go wrong with this. but eliot, will go wrong. elliot is not elvis material. his voice is not elvis. the only numbers he can try to salvage his chances are with the slow numbers, else is bye bye.

so who will be the bottom 2 ? elliot of course, with taylor, as much as i want taylor to win, i dont think america will allowed that.

we'll see.

for your ogling pleasure


Ah Pek said...

for her boobs alone, i'll make her my idol.

Inevitable said...

yayayaya *saliva dripping*

ducky said...

alamak wrong day lah my post, should only post today not yesterday.
you see even ahpek will vote for her without even hearing her sing before. i gues lah since i dun think ahpek watches AI.
inevitable, i hope your keyboard is saliva proof.

angel said...

yalah, make me like blur oni when i read it yesterday...