Tuesday, May 09, 2006

what a load of crap !

i have been trying to avoid to write anything on gamen particularly but this current topic, is impossible to let go.

first time i heard it was when najib said "...BN MPs cannot support a motion by an Opposition party ..", which was when MPs, Mohd Aziz (Sri Gading) and Bung Moktar Radin (Kinabatangan) supported the opposition motion.

then recently by nazri "...The motion is too general and usually, we don’t support a motion tabled by the opposition,”

then today finally by our PM

"Barisan Nasional (BN) parliamentarians do not have the liberty to vote based on conscience on the motions tabled in Parliament"

"All party members have rules must be understood and followed. Every party member has discipline...there is no leeway or freedom to do as they like,”

you know when the najib or nazri say this things, we can understand, but when the pm said it himself, wow, i'm speechless.

its like the god damn military ! you obey or ppl die ! all BN motions are god and oppostions motions are the devil. this is my understanding.

i think we the ppl (those that voted for BN) that voted for them into the parliament should be crying for justice. we didnt elect a yes sir no sir man, we elected somemore that was going to look after our welfare. someone that is going to act with conscience, someone that knows what is wrong and what is right, and if that someone cannot perform up to that required standard, we ask that that elected representative stepped down from its current position and be replaced by someone that can.

so what if the opposition party cheekily motion that the opposition parties be dissolved, and all the Bn components parties cannot consciously agree to it, what a load of crap.


Inevitable said...

Don't cha loves this country...
we are soooo fucking unique and best of all, we are voting for the same clown again and again...

Yodaddy said...

Come on ducky, what the PM says is not for us, the insignificant rakyat. It is a warning for his MP's to play by his rules or else. If it was for the rakyat, he would have said that the rakyat is not matured enough to understand the fucking parliament or some shit like that.

Inevitable, what makes you so sure that anyone voted for BN at all? For all we know, 100% people voted for BA but still SPR 'close one eye' and announced that BN won. Really think about it, my friends voted for BA, everybody i know voted for BA, but yet, BN won by a big margin. Now thats fucking unique!

Inevitable said...

Yoda - so what u are saying here tell me that there is no point voting for the BA in election because BN gonna win it? Then wtf we have election for?

Yodaddy said...

we have election for the same reason that we have 'open tender' for projects. It is to give an impression that it is free and fair.

Not no point voting BA but rather no point voting BN. They will win no matter what. no bullshit. Dont believe, try in the next GE.

Inevitable said...

No need becase the rocket team has been retaining their seat at my area as far as I remember. The last few forts where BN has no chance...

ducky said...

its like box office movies, before the movies are premier, there are lots of promotions, contests and advertisements. then the movies are shown, we each buy individual tickets to whichever movies we so choses. but when the movie ends, we wonder whether we had paid good money for it. whichever way, the cineplexes has collected the money from you whether you liked the movies or not.
the same goes for an election. lots of campaigns and rallies before the election. then when election comes we are given voting ballots to choose our candidates, once that ballot paper goes into the ballot box there is no telling the outcome of the results.
but in this country, we know for sure, in places where the results might be a 50%-50%, then the winners will be BN, as votes are rather equally spread and it is easily to weight it heavier on one side. places such as KL where rocket team has been rulling since day 1, rigging votes there might create suspicious among the voters.