Friday, May 19, 2006

why da vinci code not banned huh ?

Today is Friday, so its gamen bashing day. From now own, Friday is going to be ducky bash gamen day.

Current showing which is getting ppl all hoo-hah, da vinci code. Personally I have not watched it, just waiting for a good copy to appear at bitcomet. Yalah yalah, software piracy and all, no worries ducky is all for piracy. Long live piracy ! don’t argue with me on piracy cause like din, I will shred your comment to pieces also.

Ok, gamen bashing.

Don’t you think it is ironic, that the same gamen banned the movie the passion of Christ (yes, later showed on the cineplexes but with strict restriction) and schindler’s list cause they felt it didn’t show an accurate picture of islam and further more the passion was deem unfit of fear of muslim might want to convert to Christianity ! (just by watching the film ! goodness, and I thought it was all abt faith !)

And now the same gamen didn’t even whisper a word to even proposed the banning of it, if you are a Christian, you would know, that some churches, in the country has been trying to convince their members not to watch the film. Why should the gamen be concern abt the show ? why not ? I’m no expect in the da vinci code, so don’t bash me on it, its telling of another story of bible, that’s why. Its like all through the years you read the bible, and now some ppl is telling you that, the bible is not very accurate, like some hidden points have been left out, what would you feel ? betrayed ?

What if the da vinci code was about revealing the truth in quran ? and claims that that same quran that you have read since a kid, is a hoax, untrue, what would you do ? most importantly, what is the gamen going to do ? banned it of course, since it is telling tales abt quran.

So why isn’t the gamen banning da da vinci code, did they get the opinion of the Christian councils (is there is such a council !) in Malaysia, as to their concern abt the reaction of the malaysian Christians. No right ? what does this tell you ? I believe some members of the parliament has said this before, “ini negara islam, kalau tak suka, boleh balik tong san” or something like that.

Call it whatever you want, I see it as super double standard. Anything that touched islam a bit, banned. Indian temple in the way of development, flatten, no apologies, no consideration and no sympathy. chinese cemetery smack in the middle of the city, bulldozed and built highway. something very big that oppose to the teaching of Christianity is being publicise, fucked care just show the fucking movie.

You be the judge.


Inevitable said...

One word sums it all - DOUBLE STANDARD!!!!!!!!!

vincent said...

its impossible to make idiots like you happy.

ban it and you say that they are close minded and conservative.

dont ban it and you say they practice double standards.

what's wrong with people like you?

Inevitable said...

vincent - It is more like consistency. If they want to ban, then ban all, not some... get it, idiot.

ducky said...

dear vincent, it is not that we want the film to be ban, it is just that like inevitable said, there must be a standard set of rules that must be applied to the same subject matter.

my opinion is always not to ban any damn thing, but to let the masses make their own decision.

but unfortunately our information minister claimed that all of us have third world mentality and we cannot value our own opinion.

Din said...

Long Live Piracy!

vincent said...

You gave a stupid example of Schindler's List. THAT MOVIE IS ABOUT AS OLD AS ME! They banned it BACK THEN.

Nowadays, things are getting better. V for Vendetta was shown, NOTHING CENSORED.

My issue is with people like you - like you said it in your own words - "GOVERNMENT BASHING" for no apparent reason.

Ask For Fun said...

if got movie something bad on Islam , will the BAdai go over to hollywood and demonstrate ?? hahahaha... i guess .. why ?? Jaguh Kampung maa

Jee said...

Where got double standard? I thought we got no standard at all..

ducky said...

long live din !

figure of speech only. fun.

jee, you are quite right oso hor, no standard at all.

ducky said...


why lah schindler list stupid example, back then and now whats the difference ? because we now watch less censored movies at the cinema ?

i've seen the light vincent, you have just showed me the path to my righteousness, now i know i am "ppl like you"

oklah, i'm trying to see your logic here, hmm, so if take the word gamen bashing out, then i'm no longer "ppl like you" right ?

Robin said...

haha.. because it not the u-know-which religion it is talking about.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Yodaddy said...

you have attracted a govt apologist i see.

on da vinci code and the christians who protest, i see them as no different than the muslims terrorists.

1 question, why should the christians protest when a different interpretation of the bible is shown? is their ability to believe what they know is untrue (faith)challenged?

btw schindlers list was banned because they potrayed the holocaust and the BN govt was afraid the film would generate compassion to the jews(their perceived sided thing. ask the jews, they wouldnt even know who or what is a malay)

passion of christ? refer to my question above.

ducky said...

the u know i know caricature religion right ?

ok lah my shindlers list eg was way out of line lah, i see that show like ages ago, and it wasnt like a fantastic show that i wanted to watch it over and over and again, other then 1 fuck scene, somemore its in black & white.

i wonder if vincent has a BN bumber sticker on his car like that astro 1, "i cant live without it"

yahoo, DAP win in sarawak ! congrat rocketman and team.