Monday, May 29, 2006

fucked my team lost

what a fucking cheebai weekend it has been.

1st i realised i've forgotten abt the klcc fuel demo, so i wasnt there, so there is no report here. i read there was a lot of fru brutality. you saw the picture of that guy that got wounded on the head ? that guy aint small, he look quite well built and still he turn out like that. if it was you and me, my guess we be lying there passed out.

2nd school holidays are here, fucking boo hoo. yes there are less cars on the road, juat a fraction less, but hawker food now taste worse because of the volume, shopping malls are fill to the brink of explosion and there are extra idiot drivers on the road. you have idiot kampung drivers for holidays, idiot holiday drivers and your usual idiot drivers, that is triple idiot drivers driving up my patience.

3rdly, my team lost to malaysia. after watching the monaco grand prix for an hour, i've decided to watch my team vs malaysia, which was more interesting than the monte carlo grand prix. i dont care what you said, but i think what i said was true. the pengadil was bought, the linesman also, many time i thought it was off side, even the commentor reflexly said it was off side, and the fucking tv3 commenter was supporting team malaysia. the commentor was going on and on about the illogicalness of a bunch of amateur wannabe playing with malaysia. it was just rubbish ramblings, trying to convince those watching the match via tv that fam is doing a good job, bla bla blas BS.
whatever the comentator was rambling about, it was biased, the national team moves were praised and celebrated, while my team tactics was called surprised, terkejut, agak terperanjat, etc. the commentor even said that on the first half the national squad had 60% possesion of the ball. i thought my team was out playing the national under 20 during the 1st half. all i could see on the 1st half was the national disgrace scared and shitting in their pants played the game like a bunch of kids with brutality as hard as the fru during the klcc fuel protest.
come second half, my team started to play differently. as the national team are more composed now, relax and calm, they started to attack. but my team defence was rather strong. keeper was quite good also, but my team slowed down. it was only the second half and my team slowed down, why ? isnt it obvious, what i said was true, FAM talked to shebby, and shebby's 11 had to take the dive on the second half.
the first goal by malaysia was rather questionalbe, all of the sudden, the keeper was too lazy to move, it was just a hand away, but he didnt bother. how strange. the second goal ? look much more convinced, but they didnt covered that part of the post ? i'm not convinced. and the dying minutes, ball hit the post, well you said tough luck, i said it hit the post intentionaly. remember when they were in MU, and they practiced hitting the goal post. and if you have seen a football clip on ronaldinho praticing by hiting the goal post continously, you know it is possible. and just before the dying minutes a bunch of my team was standing at the penalty box, but they didnt even bothered to try to scored, that was a little too obvious to me.
well thats my say on yesterday match, yes you might add that i know little abt football, better still malaysia football or i saw what i wanted to see. whatever the reason you might tell me, i'm not convinced. i thought i have seen it all, referree, linesman and players told to close 1 eye, but the commentator ? looks like the gamen has wide spread their close 1 eye practice to even on the football field.


Ah Pek said...

it's reality show mah.

Anonymous said...

How the fuck in the end it was the government's fault?

Dont' rant for the sake of ranting la.

Ducky is a paedophile said...

Ducky and Shebby are the same: both n00bs with a mouth bigger than their brains.

Anonymous said...

What the f*ck is wrong with you? MyTeam lost, so? Yeah, as usual blame the referee, blame linesmen, blame Government, blame FAM, blame the field, blame the ball, heck blame the Agong for all I care, but it is people like you who only know how to bitch-complain rather than doing anything that makes Malaysian football goes down.

ducky said...

yes you are absolutely right ah pek its a reality show, everything has been plan.

ducky said...

now i see why BN keep on winning every election. thanks to ppl like anom and friends incredible support.

every thing in this country can be pin pointed back to the gamen, as long as you wish to acknowledge it.

wow i didnt know i was at the same league with shebby, somemore my mouth bigger than my brain, i thought i was writing not talking.

blame the a_u_g ? my balls are not that big as yours, mouth maybe, but definitely not my balls. blame the field, maybe, poor maintenance of course. blame the ball ? how to blame the ball ?

yes i like to bitch complain abt malaysia football, cause there is nothing, i REPEAT NOTHING they are good at. no i dont watch local football, i bet you dont either, you know and i know malaysia cannot play football, but just because, a bunch of ppl like to play the game, we have to continously support it ? for whose benefit ? that one day we can qualify for the World Cup ? dream on lah.

whether i bash FAm or not it is still going down the gutter and it was already there before i came. they can use the best coach in the world, hell it wont make any difference.

we all know why this match was played, to proof a point, now point proven, what is next ? i hope something, but malaysian standard prevail - nothing.

KY said...

myteam players were lacking match fitness, they didn't have the time to train up. still they gave a pretty good performance imho.

Yodaddy said...

anon 9.40 - its their fault. trust me.

paedophile, anon 11.11 - Hi Vincent!

Dragon City said...

i agreed with u...myTeam played like crap on second half... And the tv3 comentator was bullshitting the whole match saying if malaysia kalah, them malu...Some more, during the first half, alot of malaysian team player should be given yellow/red cards as they always crush into the keeper.. DAMN MATCH!!

ducky said...

ky - for a bunch of amateurs, they did pretty good, and that the national team actually had to sweat it out to beat them.

dragon city - at least i wasnt the only one that heard the commentator rambling on nonsense.

Inevitable said...

Machau hai really. Jammed kau my place. I want to balik rumah also stuck in 30 mins jam...
Anyway as expected MY TEAM has the individual skill especially that Fairuz, damn fast and skillful but as a team, they lacked good passing. Guna should have score... but then again

Anonymous said...

For me, Shabby should change myTeam goalkeeper after the first half.
Here in my opinion after this match-To make a Good National Team, All Malaysian Players must have a combination of Good Speed
( below 12sc 100m ), Good Individual Skill and Good Teamwork ( passing and understanding )