Thursday, May 18, 2006

yes yes elliot is out

finally american came to their senses. elliot is out.

final showdown katharine & taylor.

if i had made a bet right in the beginning when taylor was picked to go to hollywood, i guess my odds would be something like 1000 to 1.

does it matter who wins now ? rightfully it should have been chris, but AI say no rockers.

ppl that like katharine boobies, hope that she losses, so she'll pose for playboy or fhm or maxim, the least.

if taylor wins, it would be a record in the making. simon actually told cbs that his picked was either chris or taylor. and since chris has been eliminated, his top choice is now taylor.

if we put it on statistically, taylor should win, since he was never in any bottom 2 or 3 or anything, wherelse, katharine has been there a lot of times.

my choice from the very beginning, taylor hicks for american idol 6. go taylor.


angel said...

*pray for taylor*

ducky said...

pray ? vote lah, no wonder your elliot got eliminated, you prayed instead of voting.

how come i didnt hear ryan seacrest said "now america pray for your fav idol, just kneel down and pray 1-800 your fav idol"