Monday, May 01, 2006

my team vs might of malaysia

i'm quite sure you have heard this before on the tv, our own reality football show. where shebby singh will lead a group of malaysian hand picked football diehard from all over malaysia to play against the might of malaysia.

the funny thing about that sentence is the word "might", if you were to described the malaysian badminton team, yes we can call it the might of malaysia, but malaysian football team ? no way man. maybe that is why this is what shebby is doing. he is taking on the so call mighty malaysian football team in a 90 minutes match.

you know what ? i'm going to predict the score here. in ducky just like i predicted for this year 2006 world cup winner. so here goes, but before that, as usual my disclaimer,

this is ducky 1+1=3, my somewhat outrageous comment that sometime can be true.

this is how the match is going to be, ok ?

as soon as my team hit the field, and the whistle blown, they are going to get ragging from this mighty malaysian football team. they are going to be psyche out. the so call might malaysian football team is going to be saying things like, "you want to play with the big boys ? this is how we play in the big leagues, if you cant handle it, i suggest you balik rumah" this kind of abusive. but of course all this while shebby will shouting from the sideline to tell them to concentrate on playing football and to press on. with their hardwork, they are going to score 1 nil up.

the mighty malaysian will continue their abusive bahaviour, as they felt that was a fluke shot. nothing to worry abt, they will catch up in second half. at the end of half time, the score will be 2 nil. cause 1 nil can be a fluke shot, but 2 nil, is a statement. so after 2 nil, mighty malaysian begin to realised that they are in no position to play against my team, and start to panic, playing bad passes to bad shots. my team would have been able to put in another 3-4 goals, but all 11 players were guarding the goal post !

so half time, my team high spirited, back in the locker room, full of praises from shebby, but still some shelling from shebby on parts where they can be better, when all of a sudden, shebby is called out to meet the FAm vice president and this conversation was said.

FAm vice president : ok shebby you made your point
shebby: what point ? you mean my 2 points
FAm vice president : no, you know what i meant,
shebby: no sir, what do you really mean
FAm vice president : cut the charade, you know what i mean. you want to prove your point, point proven, now go back in the 2nd half and lose that match.
shebby: what ? you wany my team to lose ? no way man. my point is proven , because everybody in malaysia expected this match outcome, every malaysian out there knows there is no mighty malaysian, it does not exist anymore. it only exist in your bubble head. we are not going to lose !
FAm vice president : i see. this order came from the very top, unless you like your head to be still attached to your body, i suggest you call it off. do i make my self clear ?
shebby : you threatening me ?
FAm vice president : this is not a threat, its a death warrant. win and die, lose, you live another day, the choice is yours.

so that day, mighty malaysian, beat my team 3-2. when they interviewed shebby, this was all he had to said, "we did our best, but somehow luck wasnt on our side, everyone sacrificed a lot to reach this far, but sometimes, things just dont go your." and when they interviewed FAm vice president, " my boys did a good job today, yes we were slacking a bit, but thats just adjusting to the way they play, thats all, we have to be a little easy to these my team, as they are still very raw, and we didnt want to behave like a big bully, thats all."

in malaysia politics are every where.


Inevitable said...
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Inevitable said...

The latest news is that MY Team will not take on Malaysia National Team, instead FAM instructed MY team to play against the Malaysia Under 23 team ... what a fvcking sore loser! FAM scare and they KNOW their players suck, and are not even confident enough to let them play against a bunch of amateurs coached by a crap pundit
Fvck FAM!!! especially that cunt at the helm!

ducky said...

better save the embarrasment for a international meet than with some local wannabe.
malaysia under 23 ? better yet now the score can be 5-nil.
as much as my team are a bunch of amateurs, ppl with nothing much to lose always perform much better than ppl that are paid to do a certain specific job.
just take a look at the japanese gp, every year they can have some young jap riders giving rainey, doohan, gardner, lawson, capirossi, harada, biaggi even rossi a run for their money.

no4 said...

maybe My Team can have a better game with Malaysia under 23. If u ask me Malaysia National Team cannot even beat the secondary school girls state representative. Maybe they can score draw with the 'pondan' team. That is if they try hard enough.

ducky said...

my my no. 4, how on earth can you remember you were anom no. 4, or are you really no. 4 ?
anyway, what was the main purpose shebby wanted to train a bunch or amateur local footbal players, is it really to proof a point or is it for something else ?
secondary school girl state rep ? not that bad lah, since our local national girls football team are pretty bad as well. remember they lost with some 23-0 score.