Friday, April 28, 2006

my american idol 6 prediction so far

i dont really like to brag abt it, but my prediction so far, seems to be correct. lets see so far i have 3 other post on AI, what-does-american-idol-have-to-do, what-i-tell-you-see-what-i-tell-you & american-idol-final-6 .

as you know by now, AI is like our MI has nothing to do with the ability to sing. it's the package that counts. and so far chris and katherine has the perfect package. chris is a natural rocker, and kat is just plain hot. by themself without the singing, they already have fans out there creating fan site after fan site devoting to their idols. cause at the end of any contract deal, is whether the artist is popular enough to increase sales, dollars and cents.

how about elliot, paris and taylor ?

elliot is weird, paris is way too young ad my idol taylor somehow dont just have the image, imagine they would need to dye his hair, lose some weight, change the way he dresses, its like his entire image. it would be too troublesome.

if they actually wanted someone who really can sing, then the clear winner was mandisa. she was even better than taylor. she somehow potray an aretha franklin, anita baker & tina turner combine, strong and powerful.

* arguments you might conclude.

1. kellie is as hot as kat.
yes, but she has been voted out. so that means american thinks kat is hotter than kellie, when kat has been in the bottom 3 more than kellie. so that part itself is evidence that the ability to sing well is not important.

2. taylor hicks has not been in the bottom 3 before compared to kat & chris.
yes that is true, but neither has kellie and other than taylor, mandisa was the best singer and she got eliminated as well. what didnt work for mandisa and kellie, wont work for taylor as well.

well enough said, lets wait for next week result.


Anonymous said...

Mandisa isn't that good a singer. She basically just yells. Also, she pissed off many, many people when she openly insulted homosexuals when she sang "Shackles".

Katherine and Elliot are basically excellent singers. Paris Hilton (sorry, couldn't resist!) is a good vocalist - however she likes to choose songs that are so grown up the audience simply can't connect with her because she doesn't look the part.

This is especially true when she sang "Fever" in the Songs of the 50s theme night. "Fever" is basically a song about sex. For a 17 year old girl to sing about sex is a little disturbing to say the least.

ducky said...

i dont feel mandisa was yelling, loud yes, but not yelling. elliot excelent singer ? cant agree. kat ? you must be dazzle by her looks. paris, you are right, too young for AI material.
reason i like taylor is he enjoys singing, and it should not matter to him if he lost, cause i'm going to buy his album if there is one, one day.

angel said...

i'm intrigued by Anonymous' to 'reveal' yourself?

ducky ducky...mai keep quiet ah neh ku liao, ok? sia kha cheh mik kia lai hor ka liao lang thak...

yoda mana?

ducky said...

i'm not very sure kha liao lang ai thak ducky anymore.

yoda ? maybe in dagobar systems !