Monday, April 10, 2006

more klcc fuel pictures

i dont know why, but i only posted 2 pictures of my kl fuel protest event.

never mind, here are some more pictures.

these riot police, seems to be sound activated

water canon truck, up close, seem to be manned by 3-4 ppl

i dont know why, i just like to take pic of the horses

see ! there are chicks in there as well

this guy was distributing free t-shirts quietly !

the fru is actually holding a video camera

our own local bad boys

eyes in the sky

my obsession with horses

just count the number of fru trucks

and this as well


Ah Pek said...

oi, i only see the riot police and fru and water cannon. where are the protestors? all hiding ah?

ducky said...

oi, ahpek, when the water canon was displaying its power, we all lari lintang pukang lah. somemore when the fru gave chase, everyone run lah, protestors or not protestors. the fru seems to whack kau first, then ask question later. i only dare to take pictueres after the initial out burst was over. next time i practice, my running and taking snap shots at the same time.