Saturday, April 22, 2006

city hall demolish century old Malaimel Sri Selva Kaliamman Temple.

there goes another milestone for our bandalaya, they seems to be in the mood of tearing up premises. latest victim, the century old Malaimel Sri Selva Kaliamman Temple.

while a much debated topic is still going on like the no kiss-kiss and hugging law, the Kuala Lumpur's city hall sent in bulldozers to flatten the sacred site. being a century old temple apparently does not hold any water at all. unless of course its a century old mosque of course.

and what are they going to erect in place of the temple ? shoping malls of course !

what i dont understand is why our local authority does not recognise a century old landmark, and further more its a temple of the hindu religion, its not some unlawful religion or sect of deviant teaching, its one of the religion that is embrace by the 3rd most majority race in the country, is city hall saying who the fuck cares ?

this one of the idiotcy of this country that i cannot understand. historical buildings that promote british colonial style will be demolish and be replace by sub-standard building of no historical value. its surprising they didnt tear down that temple when they built mid valley, its somehow still there, and very oddly place. my guess its days are numbered as well.

just look at malacca town, sooner or later all those deem "historical shoplots" will be down one day to make way for brand new shoplots. even historical town like my kampung are not spared, slowly those pre-war building will be tear down and replace by brand new shoplots and of course much to the delight of the local council, higher rates.

so thats it lah, money and cents. money and cents is more important than our historical value that can never be replaced by any damn thing that is built in replaced of it.

let me ask you a simple question, do you actually go visit a country that boast to have the biggest and tallest this and that, and they were all just built in the last 20 years or so ? no right. ppl rather go to scotland and marvel at the castles, or rome and paris, even japan for that matter. not forgetting our neighbours thailand and indonesia.

"City hall officials were not immediately available for comment."

my guess, tomorrow (saturday), city hall is going to say something in the line of they didnt know that the demolishing was done and the orders did not come from them and they will investigate the matter. and those guily will be brought to justice. what justice ? a century old building has been demolish.

the indians in the country are actually very powerful ppl and i'm not quite so sure they realised their full potential. if these indian were to react in the same manner the french postal reacted, this is what going to happen tomorrow.

1. only malay and chinese daily will be published . all the indian writers for the english daily and indian daily has gone on strike.
2. unfortunately there are no one to deliver them to, as the indian control newspaper vendors are also on strike.
3. only mamak stalls left.
4. no roads can be tar .
5. minimal trucks will be plying the road.
6. rubbish will not be collected.
7. the country will be short of lawyers and doctors.
8. will not be transmitting.
9. other happening radio station will also be effected.
10. shortage of dj in malls.
11. shortages of factory workers.
12. no rubber will be tap.
13. catholic churches closed.
14. old folks home closed.
15. brickfields closed.

* i dont see this as a discrimination, but if you do, you are not being honest with yourself.


5xmom said...

13. catholic churches closed.

Apasal catholic churches closed pulak? Indians and Hindus are two different things wor. The temple is a Hindu temple. Indians can be Buddhist, Taoist, Sai Baba, Bahai, Christians, Muslims, Ayah Pin-ist.....

ducky said...

i was actually refering to indian community in general, not particularly of the hindu religion.

Inevitable said...

i saw a couple of banners around condemning the demolation... just too sad

walski69 said...

Yeah, what DBKL did is shameful...

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ducky said...

fragged, comment also got spam. dont need to click, also u know what it is oledi. giant cock ? not interested.