Wednesday, April 05, 2006

hi-5 chicks are hot

hottest kids show chicks

ok politics aside, lets do something else.

do you watch hi-5 ? or any kids shows for that matter.

my kids watch the purple dinosaur and hi-5. i do watch barney occasionally. it's ok, not that bad, but i cant watch it everyday like my 1 year old.

but hi-5 is different, not to be confused with the high5 bread. which by the way taste so much better than gardenia, and its cheaper too, my sundry shop sold it for rm1.30, fantastic. it seems to be less milky compared to gardenia.

anyway, hi-5 is an aussie kids show. the interesting abt hi-5, is the chicks on the show. yes there are 3 hot chicks in the show. i think my 1 year old boy knows that too. as he now prefer hi-5 to barney, who cant blame him, 3 hot chicks beat 1 purple dinosaur anytime.

if you have not watch hi-5 before, this is a good time to get some for your kids, and its a good excuse to say you want to spend extra quality time with your kids.

the hot chicks ? here they are. charlie, kathlee & kelly, and of course there are two other guys not worth mentioning, timothy & nathan. why dont they have hot chicks like that when we were growing up, i would have learn my a,b,c,d much faster then.




now please tell me, they are not hot for a kid show host. ok they are not as hot, as lets say jessica alba, but for a kid show host, they gotta be hot. so what you waiting for, go get your copy lah, in cd or dvd. but unfortunately, i dont think you can get from the pasar malam. they sell tulen one only. want pirate ? i burn for you lah. rm3.00.

and lastly, yes they dance and jump in the show. go enjoy.


5xmom said...

LOL, my older sons used to fixed their eyes on the bouncing boobs whenever the youngest watch. So, now no more Hi5. Gimme a five!

angel said...

at last, something more interesting other than politics!

love the girls!

walski69 said...

I'm glad your kid prefers Hi5 to Barney.. Barney will eventually turn his brain to mush!

Inevitable said...

They dance and jump? just like in Baywatch? *drool*

Yodaddy said...

if you noticed carefully, all kids show have hot chicks. Be it kids show from HK or Sg and english language shows.

remember the mickey mouse club? where britney and christina was in?

i think a hot chick is always easier on the eyes and it could sell kid shows. Sex sells, even at this young age!

ducky said...

5xmom - now i fixed my eyes on the bouncing boobs whenever my son watches. So, Hi5 all the time.

angel - you love the girls ? not the boys ah ? you bi ah ? nice !

walski69 - the only part i like of the show, is when they start to sing "i love you, you love me..." then i know it's my turn on the tv.

inevitable - you didnt watch hi-5 ? cepat-cepat go see, i think it's still on tv3 sunday morning, dont know what time though.

yoda - i didnt catch britney nor christina then. but i think malaysia mickey mouse club got a hot chick as well. if i remembered correctly.

i think it is not sex sells to the kids, but instead to the father, which father doesnt want to share a tv programme with his kids while watching bouncing boobs the same time. it's spending quality time with your kids and for yourself. it's killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

angel said...

ducky, i'm surprised u didn't watch emm-ai-see-kay-eee-whyyyy emm-ohhh-youuu-ass-eeeee... mana boleh??

and yoda, i'm surprised you KNEW abt this club...that time u born already meh??

ducky said...

eh angel, that time i got watch m-i-c-k-e-y, y ? because we like u, m-o-u-s-e. but that time where got host one, somemore more than 20 years ago, how to remember.