Wednesday, April 05, 2006

chun chicks !

since i remembered, that kelab disney malaysia, had some hot chick, i decide to google her for some pictures, but first i need to get her name!

Syahreezan Johari thats her name. her picture ? a handful of her pictures seem to appear in some dude named Victor Chen . all this pic below belongs to him. so dont fark me mr. victor, cause this photos are too good not to be shared. i dont know who he is, but he sure took a lot of hot chicks pictures.

how in the world can someone so hot be a kelab disney host ?

we all like to oogle at jinjang girls or chicks that dressed up like jinjang girls, but the funny thing is, how do we clasify a chick that is hot looking and dressed to kill, is dressing up like a jinjang chick or not. lets borrow more pictures from Victor Chen and decide shall we ?

i'm more confuse now.


angel said...

can find chun blokes for me to oogle next? *shows puppy face*

Inevitable said...

confused no, nose bleed yes ... brb, go toilet

ducky said...

chun blokes ah ? oogle at my face lah.

brother, the first picture of that chun chick in black top is hannah tan lah.

how come nobody comment on jinjang or not ah ? i think make no different right ? as long as it's little cloth will do.

Syahreezan said...

Hi Ducky! Well, little or many cloth does make a difference, what one wears on an occasional basis is merely a reflection from the truth as oppose to their daily attire. Guess I may have suggested the wrong first impression which was inevitable apparently ;)