Thursday, April 20, 2006

malcolm comes to and end

Do you know reese, dewey, francis, hal, lois, Jamie & malcolm ?
Of course you do, these are the 7 main characters of Malcolm in the middle
From 2000 to 2006, there has been 7 season altogether, and this season end will be the last episode of Malcolm.

Like most family oriented sitcom, its life span depends solely on its children un-ability to grow up, such like once ago child actor gary coleman. Hahaha.

I think Malcolm has already hit a snag from season 6 onwards, Malcolm its not like 12 anymore, when Malcolm start to talk to the camera, he seems a little odd, imagine you’re 16++ years old and you still talk to your self. reese is pretty grown up now and his bullying tactics seems a little childish. and dewey its not that adorable anymore he is even smoking now.

Even malcolm’s friend stevie, that black asmathic cripple boy, is still talking at 1km/h is not amusing anymore. The only ppl worth watching is dad, hal and mom lois. Which stills bring out the original flavour.

Overall, Malcolm was very entertaining all this years until the kids grew out of their characters. The script was well written and very original most of the time, especially in the 1st 2 season. Like all good thing comes to and end, like cheers to friends and now to Malcolm.

We salute you.


walski69 said...

Poor, poor Ducky... ah well, as they say, all good things must come to an end at some point... MITM was a good series, and a run of 7 seasons is good, by any measure.

Well, let's hope Frankie Muniz can make that difficult transition to adulthood acting.

My favorite has been Dewey... apart from Mom. Dad was a little too goofy...

ducky said...

i actually downloaded up till 4 season of malcolm, have been watching up till season 2 1/2, great stuff. the things they do to drive their parents up the world, juat hope our kids are not like that. kalau tak, susah lah.