Friday, April 28, 2006

genting city of sin & sex

i havent been to genting for some time now. last weekend we took a trip there.

1st time i actually drove all the way there, and i was worried my tin can wont make it. along the way there were a handful of tin can casualty, so i wasnt at ease. the funny thing about driving up to genting especially after the skyway section, it get steeper and narrower. it felt like monaco. and there was this particular sharp up hill turn, which reminded me of the loews in monte carlo, 1st gear turn at a slope that looks somewhat 45 degree. fun !

it sure must have been sometime since i was up there. genting now looks more like a cross between a miniature sunway lagoon and berjaya times square. rode some lousy rides in the indoor team park, as i have 2 kids with me. the only ride i actually enjoy was the flying coaster. you are strap onto this metal cage, and you all stretch flat on your belly, as you coast around like a roller coaster but lying flat down. the best part is when they rotate the cage 360 degrees 2-3 times before taking a curve. felt like in a fighter jet doing spins. the only set back was the speed. it was cruising. it should have been faster, then we can feel the Ggggggggggg force kicking in. and to make it more interesting, there shoud have been joystick for you to aim and shoot.

but you know and i know, that all this theme parks are just window dressing, together with all that shops and eatery. window dressing to cover the ultimate aim anyone that goes up to genting for, gambling.

one thing about window dressing is that it only works with non food items. because unlike merchandise, food need to have a taste and genting should try to improve on the eatery outlet. the food taste bad and they cost a bomb. my 2 dish chap fun of curry chicken and veggie cost me rm12. my relative had fried rice, all they did was fried the rice with an egg, it cost rm12. McDonald cost a whopping 40-50% more. my advice, eat maggie mee, they are cheaper and taste much better.

even the hotel's breakfast buffet was fucking bad. the last time i came there was like a million choice to choose from but cost more. now there is like 10 choices and slighty cheaper. lets see if i can remember what they had. white porridge with see-yau !, salad bar, some kind of soup noodle, veggietarian fried noodle, sausages, nasi lemak, bread and butter/jam, cereals, roti canai & beef bacon ! the only edible thing was the salad bar and sausages. the only eggs available was hard boil eggs for the nasi lemak.

now the casino, genting actually tried to make their casino look more classy. now they have 2 side of monte carlo casino, the other side is called latte monte carlo ! here they serve coffee, tea, snadwiches, cakes, just like your starbucks ! they even having sittings for those to watch football !

since now there is no more rm1 coin, the machine dont go to the sound of coins dropping anymore, but instead stored in your genting card, just like atm machine, some machines dispense receipt ! for you to collect your winnings at the cashier.

there are even virtual gambling now, some tables dont have groupier, but instead large plasma screens of an animated groupier dispensing you animated cards. one ingenuine idea was the roulette table, instead of squeezing ppl into 1 table, they put the roullete at one end with a camera pointing to it and shown on a big screen, and ppl now sit on their individual table at their own comfort and press their touch screen monitors to make bets.

but with all this modern technology to make the place more classy and sophisicated, you cant bet the chinese factor. whenever you see table full of chinese, you can bet you can hear this. "picture, picture, picture", "blackjet, blackjet", "knn boh picture" and idea of classy and sophistication just goes down the drain.

genting now even offer "sar kee pai" or 3 cards. saw this guy on his losing streak. lost 3 times in a row with cards of 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock & 3 o'clock. then he changed rm1,000, bet rm500, lost, bet another rm500, also lost, sat there looking at the ceiling for a while, took out another rm1,000, lost both time as well. friend genting dont work or probability. it work on winning. if there is one game ppl should not play is roulette. cause there is only 1 winner, 1 winner and 20 losers.

genting city of sex.
in my younger days, this was what genting mean to me, too young for the casino, sex was all there to it. and till today, that is how i still see it.
you will see what i mean as well. you can see many young couples, the guy will be in long jeans shirt and a jacket, the chick will be in a short skirt, tube top or something small just to cover her tits or something like that. you be the genious. oh my fucking god, this is genting, malaysian coolest place, and there you are dressed up like a whore like in the middle of the sahara dessert. my imagination is going wild here, please tell me i'm wrong.


Uncle Ed said...

not to mention rampant prostitution ;)

ducky said...

yes you are right uncle ed, there seem to be an over supply of chinese immigrant in genting, legal or illegal.
i believe the person that sold me my chap fun was a chinese.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It's not going to a more sophisticated/classy look like how you put it.

It's just an effort of moving forward together with other technology, cutting down on manpower(i supposed) and targeting younger market.