Monday, April 03, 2006

local daily got no balls

did you see, the star headlines today ?

Strong boycott in Thai polls dents PM's likely win

last sunday, we had the klcc fuel protest, and as ordered, no local newspaper put it on their front page. but when a riot or any demostration happen in another country, sure enough, it will on the headline. i wonder if other countries especially aroud the region put last sunday fuel protest in any of their front page headline. my guess is no lah, right, or maybe yes lah. i dont know.

what i'm getting to is, if the govt dont want us to protest on the street, and if they dont want the whole nation to know by of course not putting it in the paper, then dont show other ppl's country ugly side on our local daily. how fair is that ?

and do you know how effective is it ? very. tell naive ppl that there was a fuel protest last sunday in klcc, and they wont believe you. they we'll tell, since it was not on the Tv nor the paper, then it did not happen. the country is full of naive ppl. ppl that still believe what the govt tell them is all the truth and nothing but the truth. i know that. because i work with such ppl ! they ask me who i voted for in the last election, i said dap, and they gave me an astonish look. like i'm some sort of communist to them.

and the worst part of all this, is that the local daily have NO BALLS at all. if you lift their dick up, you dont see any balls there. it's just not there. and they still have the balls to print "THE STAR, the people's paper" or "THE MALAY MAIL, the paper that cares"

yes like yoda mentioned before, i have very little knowledge of politics and how actual politics work in this country. i'm not ashamed to say it aloud, but i do know what is basically right or wrong. to not inform the people of what is actually happening in their own country is as good as lying.

i suggest the star change its slogan to "the govt's paper" and malay mail as"the paper that dont give a rat ass"


Ah Pek said...

not no balls.
their balls in somebody's hand. talk oni, kena squeezed.

ducky said...

could not have said it better than you lah ahpek.

Inevitable said...

The thing is we can rant and rant and rant but at the end of the day, they still get the votes!!
Even my manager voted for BN, seesshhh!!!

desiderata said...

The papers topguns owe their loyalties to Other cuntries, or to business/corporate haeds as highlighted by Business-Media Nexus .. I gave details over there how one GEIC is hiolding PR in Oz...conflict of interests yes?

If you're keen to orgainse a demo in front of thie People's People, I'm game! Organise a sundae picnic?

My email is all sprinkled over my Blog.

desiderata said...

oops, left out after Business-Nexus -- at JeffOoi's several posts...

Yodaddy said...


The theory of being loyal to any country would be too much for those newspaper topguns. As if they are capable of such things. Look what they did to Msia. How can Aust. accept such persons with dubious loyalty?

As to where their loyalty lies, please have no doubt that it is with those that holds the power of life and death over their career. (remember Sarawak Tribune)

To give them the excuse of conflict of interest is to give plausible deniability to the existence of a puppet master pulling the strings behind the scenes.We all know who they are.

Ducky whens the next demo? i am gonna bring along my DV along with my DC.

ducky said...

how i wish too i knew the next demo, so far nobody has given me any secret handshake or encrypted msg to decode.

loyalty to another country ? man i really have no clue what i'm posting here do i.

Anonymous said...

ever thought about what will you do...if you are in their position...yeah like ah pek said...squeeze the balls and the eyes pop out..sometimes guts is about keeping quiet for the sake of others...who knows what things were at stake for the journalists...I am not dismissing the idea that it could have been bribery as well.. But then there are always several issues..Malaysia wants to cover those issues to avoid any further havoc..But the ultimate q is what can we do..We all talk..We are not in progress to become politicians.. We voted for them to manage the country and it is our fault for trusting them...

Yodaddy said...

Anonymous, 'we' voted for them? or you voted for them? Safe to say that many of us here voted with our conscience.Some of us like me, the conscience that voting for the opposition would make msia a better country, some of us might vote with the conscience that by voting BN we will avert the bloodshed that they drum into the people days before the votes. Yes basically the BN is trying to say that if you do not vote for them, be prepared for bloodshed.

Well maybe it just takes 1 or 2 of us to stand up against this and others will follow. Not necessary by demonstration but maybe will follow something less direct like boycotting the print media.

ducky said...

since i believe i'm being tracked by some govy agency, i guess i have to answer in a little more pleasant manner.

we should not have anymore demo, but instead we should write letters to our beloved pm, to inform him of our displeasure. we are told to write to our respective representative, but my representative is dap, and i am worried the pm wont listen to her.

so lets get our pens and paper ready and lets start writing to him. dont swear, just simple english, so everyone can understand. shit no, you have to write in malay, since it's going to be an official letter. cause all official letters have to be in malay.

so tommorow, i'll write my first letter and i hope some of you will follow suit. one question though, do i need to write my real name ? or can i sign off as ducky ?

Yodaddy said...

tomorrows post should read local blogger got no balls. like todays post

Inevitable said...

huh, you mean your real name not ducky?

ducky said...

why your name is inevitable meh ?