Friday, April 14, 2006

my gi joe

i find parents nowadays are very over-protective of their kids.

if you have been to the public playground, you would notice, some parents, would practically behave like a guardian angel. standing where the kid is playing, making sure he/she never fall flat on the face or on the bum or anywhere else that matters, if some kids get a little too rough, they'll take their kid away, cause it's deem too dangerous !

some richer one, got their kakak to take care of their kids, this are even worst, as the kakak has to make sure absolutely nothing happens to the kid, thus a double over-protection.

me and the other hand, is trying to train my 1 year old son to be like a g.i. joe, the all american hero. currently it seems to be working fine. if he is going to climb up some chairs and tables at home, by all means, climb and sooner or later you'll fall. hoping that falling and hurting him somewhat would deter him, how wrong i was, as g.i. joe started scalling the tables & chairs again.

out in the playground, i just sit down to make sure my son behave himself. he climbs the stairs well enough, and slide down the slide well enough, to the amazement of some parents, that were so worried that he might hurt himself.

that's what i get most of the time from other parents, they stare at me, as if i have no idea how to take care of my kids, they gave me the stare that actually means " what kind of parent are you, letting your 1 year old, climb the stairs all alone and then slide down unsupervise", even the kakak gave me that kind of stair ! some even shook their head in disbelieve and shock.

has my kid ever fell down while playing in the playground before ? yes, plenty time, and all the time, he just pick himself up and continue to play. that's my boy. he seldom cries. only when he wants something, like "nen-nen" or he wants to bath longer, something like that, then he'll beat the floor crying, which is very amusing.

maybe, you think my kid is big in size, no he is just the average size 1 year old.

when one fine day, your kid grows up to be a little sissy boy, you can blame yourself, while i continue to play with my g.i. joe.

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